Aegisuchus (shield crocodile) is a blue-gray colored quadrupedal aegyptosuchid. It has a gray underbelly, a tail with varying shades of blue on it, and yellow eyes. It also has gray feet with spikes on the edge of its tail changing in colors of blue.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the dinosaurs were not the only large reptiles that were around in the Mesozoic, and the discovery of the partial skull of Aegisuchus is a further example of this. Although incomplete, the partial remains are from a huge skull, but at the time of writing it is not known exactly what form this skull took. Because of this, Aegisuchus has been envisioned as both a more standard crocodyliform, and a gharial-like crocodile with a longer, slender snout.

In-game it is much larger than the Sarcosuchus and far stronger but due to recent updates, it has been nerfed. Aegisuchus is an useful creature to get due to its strength as well as being able to survive on land and water. However its low oxygen amount compared to other aquatic dinosaurs in the game is a problem.


  • There are some players that suffer a glitch that allows them to be able to select Classic Skins and Game-pass skins without actually having owned or bought the game-pass, but they sadly cannot play as it when they spawn in.

Model made by servez_2build.

Advanced Stats Board✓©

Max hunger:450

Time before elder:105 minutes


Sprinting Speed:17


Bleed damage:1 Attack rate:1,5

DNA per day after 24 days:38

Counter with:Machimosaurus


This is the older model of the Aegisuchus, made by hateguestsplease. It has the same stats as the normal Aegisuchus.


It is the same pale blue in color, but with a more blocky and rectangular. It's legs are more skinnier and its snout is like a triangle. It also doesn't have dark blue legs or spikes on its tail like that of the normal Aegisuchus.


This is the golden version of the Aegisuchus. Which are purchasable for 5,000 DNA on the trading map. It has the same stats as the normal Aegisuchus.


Just like all Golden skins, it is golden yellow in color with a slight shine to it. It is the same model as the normal Aegisuchus and has the same animations.


  • This skin is part of the Golden Egg Collection.
  • This skin has a 30% random chance of dropping.
  • Model made by servez_2build.