Aerial Information

The aerial dinosaur class is a type of dinosaur that has the ability to fly; making survival very easy. Flying and its flight speed can be very useful in getting out of tight situations. Any aerial dinosaurs that try to swim are basically asking for a death wish, excluding the Carnivore Icon-0Pteranodon which can swim for a short amount of time. The flying dinosaurs mostly consist of the Carnivore Icon-0Quetzalcoatlus and the unique type of the Omnivore IconBalaur.


  • Has the ability of flight.
  • Because Most aerial dinosaurs are carnivores food is extremely easy to find.
  • Class with the fastest speed in the game, while flying.


  • Has the least Health of the other classes
  • Flying consumes lots of stamina.
  • Most vulnerable while sleeping to replenish stamina.
  • Can easily die from bleeding.

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