Ankylosaurus (Fused lizard) is a small but strong dinosaur. Many players underestimate it due to its size, but it has incredibly high defense along with above average damage and health. It is a good dinosaur to utilize due to its small hitbox. It is the second slowest dinosaur in the game, along with Breviparopus, having only +1 speed than Barosaurus. It also commonly spawns as an NPC. It has the best defense out of all the dinosaurs in game, 75. This is the same as the infamous Megalodon.

Since it has 75 defense, it only has a 25% chance of taking bleed, and takes away a lot of damage from another dinosaur's attack. Although still not many players use it as it is pretty slow and has mediocre health.


It is dark green in base color. It has a dark gray underbelly, with small gray spots around its front legs. It has black claws along with gray horns on its head, and gray beak. It has yellow spotted plate armor around its back, neck, and tail. It has a yellow ball on its tail in which it attacks with. It has very small red eyes with black pupils.

Advanced Stats Board✓©

Max hunger:300

Time before elder:105 minutes


Sprinting Speed:12


Bleed damage:0 Attack rate:2

DNA per day after 24 days:25

Counter with: Megavore


The Plush version of the Ankylosaurus. You can obtain it for 500 DNA by going to the Trading Map of Dinosaur Simulator from the Plush Egg. It has decent animations and is almost similar in size to the normal Ankylosaurus.


It has simplified everything from model to color. It is green in color, with yellow plates, gray horns on its head, large black eyes, and yellow mace ball on its tail.


  • This skin is limited and can only be obtained through the trading map. It costs 500 and is random chance.
  • This skin is part of the Plush Egg Collection.