Pliosaurus, one of the two apex predators of the sea.

Aquatic Information

The aquatic dinosaur class lives in the oceans, lakes, and rivers. They are unable to fly and move significantly slower speed on land and will dry out if beached or unsubmerged too long. These creatures all have lots of oxygen, capable of swimming and moving through water without any decrease in its speed, making them very suitable for underwater survival. There are currently no sea herbivores. Some examples of aquatic dinosaurs consist of the Carnivore Icon-0Mosasaurus and the Carnivore Icon-0Coelacanth


  • Has lots of Health but not as much as the terrestrial class.
  • Deals lots of Damage.
  • Has great Speed increase while underwater.
  • Can easily find food in the vast oceans.


  • They are unable to fly or glide.
  • For one that can go on land; their Speed decreases.Other creatures can normally escape aquatic creatures once they reach land.

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