Arizonasaurus (Air-is-own-a-soar-uhs) (Arizona lizard) was a medium sized Poposaurid that lived during the Middle Triassic Period 234 MYA in the Moenkopi Formation of northern Arizona. It had a large sail on it's back which served a unknown puropse, possibly used in thermo-regulation, threatening rivals or predators, or for mating display.

It is one of the many other spined or sailed prehistoric animals of prehistory with other animals being Deinocheirus, Spinosaurus, Dimetrodon, etc.

Arizonasaurus is the smallest and not fastest animal in the game. It is really bad at climbing hills even though it looks like it would be way better at it than it's "more croc-like" friends, it is due to the fact that it's model is blocky and it has a bad hitbox and can be really hard to hit if not using AOE.


It is completely gray in color, with a tan sail on its back. It has black eyes with green pupils. Its front claws are brown along with a dot on its snout. It looks like a good model but it is very blocky and has barely no animations.


This dinosaur is the smallest, use it to your advantage. Zip in and out, ankle biting. You have a small hit box, so your only fear is AOE attacks. Grow by eating other peoples kills.

Advanced Stats Board✓©

Max hunger:90

Time before elder:21 minutes


Sprinting Speed:22


Bleed damage:1 Attack rate:1,5

DNA per day after 24 days:8

Counter with: Yutyrannus