The Balaur (after Balaur, a dragon in Romanian mythology) is an OmnivoreOmnivore IconOmnivore type of Dinosaur with a small feathery body, proportionally sized wings, average raptor-like legs with sharp claws on its feet, and a feathery tail which is as long as its body. Although it has wings, it cannot fly; but it does have the unique ability to gracefully glide and ungracefully land. The Balaur is the first dinosaur in-game to be able to glide. It had previously been able to climb trees and then make an attempt to jump off to glide.


The Balaur's head, stomach, and tail are a base color of light pink, with dark pink feathers on its wings and back. The legs are a pinkish tan color with grey talons, and it has beautiful aqua blue colored eyes and 2 red feathers coming from its head.



  • Double-tap Spacebar to start gliding.
  • Press and hold E to go into a dive while gliding.

Advanced Statistics

Stats are based on the Balaur being an elder and past day 25.
 Max Hunger: OmnivoreOmnivore Icon 90
 DPS: 30
 Bleed Damage: 1
 Attack Rate: 1.5s
 DNA per day: DNA IconDNA Icon 8
 DNA until Elder: Unknown
 Time to Elder: 21 m
 Counter With: Yutyrannus


The Balaur’s roar is a short, croaking sound.


  • It is a species of theropod dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period. Its full name is Balaur bondoc.
  • Balaur comes from the name of a dragon from a Romanian folklore, and bondoc means “stocky,” thus meaning Balaur bondoc which means “stocky dragon” in Romanian.
  • The first dinosaur to have the gliding mechanic, the other being Avinychus.
  • Nicknamed by players: “The Pink Chicken.”
  • Although research suggests that Balaur was indeed a bird and not a dromaeosaur as previously suggested, it was found to be flightless, making the model’s ability to glide inaccurate.
  • The Balaur’s model in-game is oversized.
  • The Balaur is currently not placed in a family or superfamily.


The American Eagle Balaur is a skin designed to look like the iconic symbol of America the Bald Eagle. It was released in July of 2017 as a skin to celebrate July 4th. It is limited.


It follows a design similar to that of the Bald Eagle. It has a white head and a large white tail. Its body is brown in color, with yellow feet and beak. It has large black talons on its feet like that of the eagle. It has blue eyes with red rings around it. The feathers of its wings are styled after the USA flag, with red, pale yellow, and blue stars shooting out of its wings.

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