Diet: Herbivore
Classification: Terrestrial
Cost: 2040 DNA
Oxygen and Moistness
Oxygen: 10
Moistness: N/A
Description: Lived during the late Jurassic Period. Recent findings on the Barosaurus's neck, found at 18m in length, estimates that Barosaurus may have been 50m in length overall. The biggest creature to walk the Earth by-far.
Height: ???FT
Length: Possibly 164FT
Weight: ???

The Barosaurus, more commonly referred to as "Baro" is one of the largest animals in the game. It is arguably the strongest herbivore and is the best dinosaur for obtaining DNA.

The barosaurus has a large hitbox, making it a large target to predators. Contrary to its large size, it is an impressive climber, with a high jump height. The hitbox is actually bigger than its attack range, so it is vulnerable to attacks from dinos with large attack range, such as Brachiosaurus, Megavore, and Albino Terror.

It is the slowest growing dinosaur in-game, with a GRM (Growth Rate Multiplier) of 3.0, taking up to about Day 60 to reach Elder stage; although awarding players with a considerable amount of DNA per-day.

The Barosaurus was released to the public on November 11, 2016, along with the Achillobator.

A note to players: If you're a social dinosaur, it's not recommended trying to make friends with this model. Most likely smaller dinosaurs or Terrors will attempt to kill you, so a less OP (over powered) dinosaur is suggested for social interaction.

"Lived during the late Jurassic Period. Recent findings on thuse Barosaurus' neck, found at 18m in length, estimates that Barosaurus may have been 50m in length overall.

Not:There isn't any proof that Barosaurus was the biggest dinosaur

Model made by koekjeszijnlekker

Trivia Edit

-It takes 3 hours to grow a Barosaurus from baby to adult. In this time, you will have earned 3,960 DNA. Should you continue growing it to day 300, you will have earned 21,960 total DNA. Continuing to day 1260, you will have earned a total 89,460 DNA.

-Inorder to earn over 100,000 DNA using a Barosaurus, you will have to grow all the way to day 1,460 to earn 108,960 DNA. this is equal to playing about 70 hours or 2.91667 days

-Similarly, In order to earn over 1 million DNA, you will have to grow it till day 14,060 to earn 1,053,960 DNA.

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