• Theferretman21

    photoshop, woah.

    February 14, 2018 by Theferretman21
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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    February 13, 2018 by EchoNightmareBlade

    The dumb event that brings half of the world to Brazil to see stupid people dancing with gigantic vehicles.


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  • Theferretman21

    Help me!!!

    February 11, 2018 by Theferretman21

    The sisters are watching the Emoji Movie!!!!

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  • DiscordTheWolf

    the holy grail

    February 10, 2018 by DiscordTheWolf


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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    Theferretman21 is a dank user on this wiki, and it's on the 1,000 points club that speak with not so annoying gardevoirs and swords

    by November he started here.

    He started on the Dark Ages.

    Oviraptor was rising

    so he started rising too

    but then

    In Real Life page

    Dark Ages is now over

    and the Live Chat age started featuring Echo

    But who is Echo?

    A not so dank sword that has an odd obsession for oddities and maps

    and info boxes

    they're friends

    time passes

    Echo calls Ferret for a new wiki

    and they make it

    Who wins?

    Charmander or Ferret?

    Echo is the winner!

    But he struggles to pass them

    IT'S THE 9 10 11 WAR!

    Later on, Shkataplah comes and makes some mess on  some pages (COUGH COUGH SPINO AND TRIKE COUGH COUGH)

    Did they figure out w…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    Get outta here Albino.

    Renamed because your so cringe that not even Chicken likes you

    Defeated by a dumb swimming gigantic gecko

    I am the true king around.

    Get away before you have your neck crushed

    Albino: Who you think you are?

    You're the one that noobs use to say "i am fire"

    Outranged by  everything

    Call your girl Spino to rap here on your place, she is way worth more!

    They named you T-rex cuz mercy

    Your original name is Dumbasaurus Rex!


    What the freak did you say

    Dumb albino thing

    "smart as a raptor" ain't showing it

    So go albino terror away cuz thay what you do!

    Meet my fossil rex!



    You're too dumb to comprehend 

    That this is your end

    You just got T-rekt

    By the wrecker of the rekt!

    I'm the true rex here!

    And I got scientific papers…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    DS World Timeline is a History themed series that "explains" some things on DS (that never really happened)

    This is fictional.

    Stone Age was the time when there were no packs, with the basics for every creature is to survive.

    In Land:

    Technology was very primitive, with the basics being horns, teeth and tails.The home were forests, plains and caves.In this age, the Coelophysis Empire rose, thrived and fallen.It lasted 100 years.

    In Water:

    Technology was more advanced than those on land.There already had strong teeth, strong enough to break clams.In this age, the Megalodon Empire rose, thrived and fallen, being suceded by the Coelacanth Empire.Megalodon Empire lasted 50 years, and the Coelacanth Empire lasted to the next age: The Bronze Age.

    In Ai…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    history of echonightmareblade

    EchoNightmareBlade is  a not so dank anymore sword that talks with ferrets and paleo nerds gardevoirs and metriaphodon and ok anyways 

    by 2016 echo wasnt around yet

    but in april 2017 he was and he started with a comment.

    and then the message in his wall never appeared and maybe existed but vanished then 76 edits misteriously occured and rip.

    he dissapears forever.... nvm in the end of november he comes back!

    he almost never edits so he is a ghost.

    but then a lunatic made the In Real Life page and he starts to edit

    and he copies from wikipedia

    but still

    he starts chatting with people in the live chat and one of those people highlights, it's Theferretman21!

    Is it a man?no

    Is it a ferret?yes

    Is it dank?maybe

    Is it odd?sure


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  • Megavore


    February 6, 2018 by Megavore

    For people who want to talk about megavore or have tips to get a megavore & albino

    i got megavore for pheonix totem and a psycho ;D

                                                                                                                                                                                                      1/2         Hybrid ^  V

    Note-This blog is about mega and Albino nothing else unless you wanna talk about  stuff

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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    February 4, 2018 by EchoNightmareBlade

    An idiot moved the Avimimus page to it's profile!


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  • OnlyCharmanderOrange

    To support the Remove the Mammoth Movement.

    1. Remove the mammoth from the newer maps.
    2. Remove the mammoth COMPLETELY.
    3. Make mammoth weaker than regular Triceratops.
    4. Make mammoth unbuyable in the older maps.
    5. Remove mammoth from trading.

    What do you think?

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  • Theferretman21

    Apparently you can get banned for talking bad about Mister Rogers, on 4CHAN, that's right even 4chan respects the awesome power of Mister Rogers.

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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    January 31, 2018 by EchoNightmareBlade

    Today I tried to enter a private server and it said 

    "Developer has shut down all the servers or game server shut down for a reason, please reconnect"

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  • Mega-malware2004

    I Imagine this a crocodilian leaps out of the water grabs a para by the neck and drags it under or a mosa latching onto a spinos neck this game could really use new mechanics and new grabbing could be the start

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  • Theferretman21

    Prologue: The dinosaurs have been ruling the planet for over 160 million years, and have become the most successful group of creatures on Earth, from the mighty Tyrannosaurus, to the territorial Triceratops, to the smarter ones, raptors, troodontids, and the smartest, the only flying ones, the birds. But all of this changed on that fateful day 66 million years ago. An asteroid knocked of its usual coarse around the sun heads for the Earth, determined to bring the dinosaurs to extinction. It flies past the moon, it's position keeping it from saving life like it had thousands of times before. Smashing through the atmosphere, it races towards the now defenseless planet, slamming into Earth with the force of over a million Hiroshima bombs. T…

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  • Theferretman21

    Goat problem

    January 27, 2018 by Theferretman21

    So, one of my goats has had 2 babies, one was nurtured like a normal goat baby, the other is getting bottle fed because the mother said "screw you" to it.

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    So you're a trike,  juvenile trike, your walking and boom, a gigantic theropod named Albino Terror jumps out of nowhere and your like "WTF" then he destroys you.But how did this happen?

    You got ambushed.It saw you in a another place, silently ran to a good ambushing point and BOOM you die.


    1. No range advantage & no first hit advantage
    2. You die quickly unless your both elder or have more hp than your enemy, but you die of bleeding depending on what dino the ambusher is
    3. You can't run unless you see it before it's late


    1. Keep and eye out for everything. 
    2. Run at it's first sight UNLESS it's weaker than you.
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  • PrimalVortechs

    My Plan...

    January 27, 2018 by PrimalVortechs

    If you know me then you also know that for the past few months I have been trying to think of ways to get Rekkusu. I think it was last night when I came to an idea that is very very simple. Rather than saving 800k for Black Friday and hoping to goes on sale, I'll keep saving after Black Friday. I'll grind non-stop if Rekkusu isn't on sale during Black Friday, until I get about 2,500,000 DNA (it should be around Christmas 2020). Then I'll go to Chicken and cash it in for a buffed Rekkusu. The elder stats I'm looking at are 8,700 HP, 450 dmg, 100 energy (devasaurs have 200), 75 defense, and 12-15 speed, with a GRM of 3. It will not be semi-aquatic like the normal Rekkusu to prevent it from becoming insane killing machine. It would be a carni…

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  • PrimalVortechs

    Lately a lot of veterans for DS have been checking out a game called Prehistoric Earth. The game is actually pretty old, but it has grown heavily in popularity in the past few months due to DS at a low and the devs for PE being much more active. The game isn't too realistis like Primal or Isle, but it's not goofy either like DS, so it's sorta in the middle. I'm going to go over the pros and cons about the game, and if the game can be a success.

    1. Very devoted dev team
    2. Weekly updates
    3. No insanely OP admin exclusive content (There's still devasaurs but it only takes a few mid strength dinos to kill them)
    4. A decent following (Around 40 dedicated players)

    1. Map is very sprawled out and it can be hard to find people
    2. Many Robux costing models (Zamoth and Hy…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade




    ok sorry i m out

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    My devasaur.






    Energy:Same as Thalassodromeus.

    Speed:Same as Albino Terror

    Defense:Same as Machimosaurus

    Size:a bit taller than Rekkusu

    Range:Enough to range both Mega, Albino, Mosa and Plio


    Can fly?Yes Can swim properly?Yes


    Description:Galaxy converted into a dragon.

    Bleed:2(doesn't stack bleed at AOE)

    Historic:Fall near Rome in 117.Then time travel to DS world.

    Aoe:spits galactic fire and appears black holes around it.However, there's no special effect.

    Attack animation:fire laser beans.No special affect.

    Idle animation:Challenging look to where it's looking to,it's flaps it's wings while in air.

    Walking animation:goes to floor and walks normally like…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    Gross voice and sutff like that

    hi. your in a game called dinosaur simulator.

    pretty cool huh

    some of it it's water

    funk it, actually most of it it's rivers

    i cant get here to there without buing  a pirate ship thalassomedon

    it's sad

    i'm sad

    i miss you

    how did this happen?

    a long time ago

    actually never, also now

    nothing is  nowhere


    makes sense right?

    like i said it didn't happen

    nothing was never anywhere

    that's why it been everywhere

    it's so been everywhere you don't need a where

    you don't even need a when

    that's how every it gets.


    Forget this.

    i want to be something

    do something

    i want things to change

    i want to invent game and life

    and i know it's possible

    because everything is here

    and it probably already happened.

    i just don't know when to…

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  • Theferretman21


    January 20, 2018 by Theferretman21

    Now, I am only hearing anyone talk about sales for Black Friday, but, DS has at least one opportunity for the next 3 years to put on a sale. This year Chicken would be stupid to not take advantage of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom bringing back a lot of people who don't own the any other dinosaur game, or who just want to play one on Roblox. This would be an amazing time to A: resin the movie skins, and B: add new ones, like movie Ankylosaurus, Achillobator, T.rex, Allosaurus, or Baryonyx ( unfortunately for Chicken, the Carno already looks like the one from the movie).

    Now, for the next two years, Godzilla King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs King Kong are coming out, this can easily be exploited to either A: reskin or just plain resell the…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade
    1. Barosaurus - Mongol Empire
    2. Breviparopus - Russian Empire
    3. Diplodocus - Soviet Union
    4. Apatosaurus -Qing Dynasty
    5. Brachiosaurus - Umayyad Caliphate
    6. Sauroposeidon - Xiognu Empire
    7. Megavore - Brazilian  Empire (yooooooooooooooo)
    8. Megavore - Achaemenid Empire
    9. Albino Terror - Macedonian Empire
    10. Spinosaurus - Ottoman Empire
    11. Giganotosaurus - Roman Empire
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  • Shkataplah


    January 20, 2018 by Shkataplah

    For some reason whenever I try to adjust the image in my dino template, like when I copy the link to the image I wanted to, it always turns out into a classic albino terror. How do you fix this? Also it’s possible for other people to edit other people’s profiles, so if you can fix that too, I’d appreciate it.

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  • Theferretman21

    Inspired by the Ark fanfic Instinct. 

    Chapter 1


    The bright in the above rose, and I gave a hiss at a couple others whom had givin small, grumpy growls of waking. My name is green scale, and am one of the normal ranking raptors in my pack, right after red feather. Alpha blue scale gave a hiss of warning from his spot in the center of his nest in the rock opening. 


    We all growled as a stinger saw he was caught in mid attempt to get to the sleeping hatchling. The pack lanched their attack, after a couple of painful stings, the tough hide of the stinger was punctured, and we tore at the flesh. After the hatchlings got their fill, we went out to find prey that could drown the hunger of the rest of the pack. We made it to the wate…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    Pliosaurus.Dominant sea predators on it's time.Went extinct on Late Jurassic.

    Mosasaurus.Biggest mosasaur and strongest of them.Went extinct alongside with pterosaurs, dinosaurs and sea reptiles.

    Liopleurodon.Smaller relative of Pliosaurus.Apex of the sea.Went extinct on Jurassic.

    Coelacanth, hella slow Devonian fish seen everywhere and eaten as free prey, fed on small things.Still alive today.

    Tardigrade, invisible bacteria or something, if not bacteria it's a cannibal, alive today and can resist everything

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  • Shkataplah

    How to grind with a mosa

    January 19, 2018 by Shkataplah

    Mosa’s. One of the strongest aquatic dinos who can earn you a pretty decent amount of DNA. But how to do it the best way? I’ll tell you how!

    Step 1: Turn into a normal Dino, ie, T. rex, trike, n whatnot

    Step 2. Find or form a pack. The members must be loyal and trustworthy, and must contain one or two effective hunters.

    Step three: The pack should trust you now, so get them to move the nest to the cove in the mid lake.

    Step 4: turn into a mosa, and drop down into that small area of water. Stay there, and ask your pack members to bring you some food.

    Step 5: Repeat step 4 until you are a juvie, then swim into the main lake.

    Step 6: Continue asking for food when your hungry. Another pack member may want to be a sea Dino too, it’s okay.

    Step 7: Cont…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    This is a tale of what i remember on the first days on DS.

    It was before I had my 150 day Spino (which is crap compared to Vortechs' 4,600 days Baro) and before i had my elder Eo.Before i had baro, before baro was added.

    Well then. Everything starts as me playing Triceratops.I ran like crazy through what today is Classic Map before it had foliage, until i found a T-rex (Classic V2 on that time).He said hi.I said hi too.He invited me to a pack.It was only me and him.Then we started again our journey and found a large pack.There were a Pteranodon, a baby Giraffatitan and another dinosaur that i don't remember.Now it was a 5 dino pack.They were kind and helped me to not drown ( there were no Q/E to swim up/sink on that time).As spring has come,…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    Orange Empire and Ferret Empire are growing like crazy, idk how i'm close to them on the leaderboard


    Said "Echoed Empire" while eating all positions once above it for breakfast

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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    January 16, 2018 by EchoNightmareBlade

    I made a screenshot with my shant and the "you took a screenshot" was on portuguese!!!HELP

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  • Theferretman21

    I miss the days when blizzards used to happen at least once a winter, now we just get a few inches of snow. I mean I am happy to get some, but still.

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  • EchoNightmareBlade


    January 14, 2018 by EchoNightmareBlade

    It just passed on my mind Haroxua's username is on based on that badass axe-mouth dragon pokemon, Haxorus

    Maybe yes, maybe not

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    Strategies 2

    January 13, 2018 by EchoNightmareBlade

    Here's a continuation of Strategies 1.Those are focused on breaking the pack from inside.

    Civil wars are the most common problem of all empires and nations including today's countries.It can be hard as you will need a super trust on the leader.Now I will teach you step-by-step:

    1. Say this:"I heard you are in a war, can I help?".
    2. If he says yes, stay for a time and help against some things like food protection and stuff.
    3. Make an 1v1 against someone.
    4. If he hits 1 more time after your at yellow, say it want to kill you.
    5. The leader will believe on you and will order everyone to kill him.
    6. Say by private chat to one of your real teammates to turn on a dino the target owns and get the rest of your pack to help him.
    7. Now say to one of your false teammates t…

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  • DiscordTheWolf

    How to Win a War

    January 13, 2018 by DiscordTheWolf

    So, you've come here out of either curiousity, or because you're in a war. Well, here.

    Friend everyone in your pack, and make a private chat, or make a Discord/Skype if you have one/all know each other irl. Begin to prepare. Give each other assignments, such as bleeder(s), tank(s),  ect ect. Discuss a battle plan, and when you're all confident you know what to do, get ready

    You need a wide variety of dinosaurs. Large, tanky baros and brevis should be surrounded by dinosaurs that can help if something is out of it's range. A flier is also needed most of the time, fantasy or kaiju quetz being good ones. Although not used very often, pteranodons and hatz's are also good to pick off the weaker enemies. Small dinos that pack a punch, such as Troo…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    Who would win?

    Cosmorium Romanum or Mandarin Terror?

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    They are on Acre, and we can't go there because theres no way in!

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  • DiscordTheWolf





    W H A T

    Thankfully the feather nazis are on the case raiding them (i think.)


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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    Strategies 1

    January 9, 2018 by EchoNightmareBlade

    Hello!This is a new series I created to help out both experienced and new players in wars, but since this is the basic of all, we won't get too far.

    Before getting into strategy, I will show you some common pack events and it's counters. 

    The leader of the pack thought everyone being a Barosaurus is a good idea, right? Well then, let's prove he is wrong. 1.Get a Movie Brachiosaurus.It can outrange the whole pack but it will take time to kill them,so make sure it have back-up.

    1.1-Due to having a re-sized range, really long long necks have now a gigantic range.Having another Baro or Diplodocus and Apatosaurus is  indeed a helpful choice.

    1.2-Eotriceratops is a very good idea, and even better than Apatosaurus, since it has a bigger range. 


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  • PrimalVortechs

    Ik it's sad, but some people are already thinking about next Black Friday. SO HECK YEAH, LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!

    The big question that people have is what the "big" item would be. Here's a chart from past years:

    2015 - Pitch Black Terror - 10,000 DNA ---> 2016 - Albino Terror - 22,500 DNA ---> 2017 - Blackodile - 100,000 DNA

    With some basic looking you'll probably begin to realize that if the trend continues, we're getting something really frickin big next Black Friday, so I'm here to discuss some theoriesa and my opinions on them.

    Something that's been leaked for years, people have been speculating that they may add in a Sauropod hybrid to go along with the other 2. Personally, I have no issues with this idea if it's stats were reasonable. I wou…

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  • DiscordTheWolf


    January 9, 2018 by DiscordTheWolf


    I reloaded the page and it was back to normal, but still hilarious.

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  • Mega-malware2004

    Uhg...... Those super fast babies usually trikes i got an adult giga killed by A PLUSH REX but chicken is so inaccurate their leg muscles are still developing why is a baby animal able to run at 45 mph? This can get severely annoying when a pack of babies comes and murders your dinos their to fast so chicken should nerf their speed

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  • Mega-malware2004

    All of these dinos didn't live at the same time what happend was a dimensional time rift the skins are versions of the dinosaurs from other dimensions like for instance May be deranged clown rex came from the macroverse(home world of pennywise) these hybrids were the result of people getting their hands on dinosaur dna they could now mix maybe Eoraptor with triceratops(Eotriceratops the KOSer) well all these maps where the result of the dimensional rift  like the galactic map is a different dimensions {note every a.I is a galactic)

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    Volcanic Area: the middle lake is replaced by a furious volcano with some caves leading to it (lava doesn’t damages) and have some canyons round it making a maze.Ocean circles the island with 3 layers (really swallow, a bit swallow , and deep ocean, where is always night).It lacks big forests.

    Nightmare Island: the middle lake is surrounded by both mountains and underwater mountains, but still being possible to acess it by swimming above the mountains,flying, climbing or passing by some cannyons.There is a rainforest that is dark both day and night.The rainforest has loads of caves spread in it.There’s also a massive desert.If you cross the ocean (300 meters to swim!) you will arrive in a small island full of trees and  ferns.The ocean have…

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    Deranged Clown Rex is complete crap at combat and it popularity relies on animations and intimidation.Yet it can't cuz its a skin for a crappy dino that can't be scarier than IT and Slenderman.It can't hit an Triceratops 2 meters away and it's acid saliva won't help because again, can't hit a thing.DS just ruined a good idea of good person that have an awesome mind with IT inspiration (probably, still not sure tho).Thus is also slow because of the pathetic 15 speed Rex has and can be ranged by everything.Buy the skin,intimidate new players and babies, but if yo want to fight, use Domitor.

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  • Mega-malware2004

    Is DS dying?

    January 4, 2018 by Mega-malware2004

    Looks like it is Ds isn't being updated and it hasn't In months probably cause chicken is working on DragonVS and the way this game is (messed up food chain +Kos Kos ) chicken states he will not quit working on it though chicken got alot of hate for his black Friday where barely any skins where in sale and the bait skins he wanted people to buy DNA(The reason why dna was discounted)  also this black Friday was supposed to have way more things also so many things not added were being teased the Halloween event was supposed to happen but never did and many people hated chicken for it also new stuff is what keeps Ds youtubers (silentgamerYT) alive so many new things were anticipated but never added making many people hate chicken and in my co…

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  • Mega-malware2004

    Dinosaur simulator is a great game but some of its players not to great

    Reason 1:mammoth mammoth is limited in the regular map but is able to be purchased in winter map it's a very blocky model making it hard too hit it's mainly used by Kosers i remember months ago a whole server was devastated by 2 mammoths 

    Reason 2: kaiju quetz another Koser dino these guys abuse their range by flying over a player and using its AOE they are able to kill even the most skilled apex hunters like Megavore and Albino terror

    Reason 3: scammers these guys are my absolute worst enemy they include dupers and spinners they lure inexperienced players i remember getting peak spino and my Megavore scammed ( I don't think I'll ever get it back)

    Reason 4: messed up food …

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    try to get some info on a power point 2003 on your aunt's windows 10 computer

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  • Mega-malware2004

    code dinos?

    January 3, 2018 by Mega-malware2004

    I believe chicken should make codes for dinos not just skins although,they will not be OP large carnivores Example: Siats they could be dinos like Eoraptor velociraptor or Dracorex the reason they will not be OP is because chicken would not want the code to get to popular like yutashu

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  • EchoNightmareBlade

    And is already filled with loggers and cowards.

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