• Da Clorax

    Trike Rant

    July 10, 2017 by Da Clorax

    Eotrike and trike need a massive nerf. They have a fast growth rate, a lot of health, a lot of damage, a lot of bleed, and more speed than rex. They are just op in general. I've seen trikes kill almost every dino in this game. Hell, my gigantoraptor (which was elder, and had 20 speed) couldn't run from an elder eotrike, since it was able to catch up LONG ENOUGH to get my speed down to where I couldn't run away, which is utter bull. Please nerf them, they are tbh the most ANNOYING dino in game.

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  • Ebioul

    1. Play as the dinosaur you need to get an image of. It's best if you get the dinosaur to adult as it'll give you a bigger model to use which will make the image editing much easier.

    2. Go to a place with a solid colour like the ocean. This makes it easier to make the image transparent since you'll be able to delete the whole background with 2 clicks if the colour is solid enough. If the dinosaur you're using is a similar colour to the ocean, try going to a sandy place.

    2a. If you're going to the ocean, make sure to place something like a nest above the water so you can stand on it while having a blue background. Choose either the normal nest or the leaf nest - whichever one contrasts more with the colour of the dinosaur chosen.

    3. Once you've reache…

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  • Da Clorax


    May 28, 2017 by Da Clorax

    This game is bs. Where do I start. MEGA AND TERRORS ENTIRE EXISTENCE IS OP AF, KAIJU QUETZ CAN HIT YOU LONG BEFORE YOU CAN HIT IT, AND IT TAKES SO DAMN LONG TO GROW DINOS, YET IT'S SO EASY FOR THEM TO DIE. ALSO TEAMERS, KOSERS, AND ALL THAT. I'm SICK of all my elders dying. My elder oceanic and elder theri died trying to kill a elder terror because of it's op stats. It didn't get lower than 700 health, absolute bull. This isn't a simulator at all. FFS, YOU CAN GO INTO THE GROUND. 

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  • Annoying Gardevoir342651


    May 24, 2017 by Annoying Gardevoir342651

    Should I create art for this game and it's animals in MS Paint and then post it on this wiki so anyone could see it? And if yes then I will be adding the art in the comments of the topic that I drew so anyone can critisize me since I'm really oppened for critisism. And more about the MS Paint thing: I and anyone else can make good art in MS Paint if the program is used correctly. Tell me in the comments about what you think.....Also here is a drawing that I made with MS Paint:

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  • Annoying Gardevoir342651

    The fast animals of this game are mostly scavengers,letting them escape from predators with ease. And sometimes they have a very small amount of damage (not including Deinocheirus,Ceratosaurus,Gigantoraptor or Achillobator) wich makes them pretty balanced with the "Pay your Health,Damage for Speed" thing. Some of the fast things in this game are scavengers but some are predators! Take Achillobator,Baryonyx or Troodon for examples:they all have good,great or decent speed and are not scavengers but predators hunting in packs or hunting down smaller prey. Tell me, which one is the best one by your opinion! (btw in my opinion it's the Gigantoraptor or the Deinocheirus since one can swim and both of them have good looking models and have decent…

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  • Sniperman22
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  • DiscordTheWolf

    A Gallus Island fanfiction by me :3

    The boat suddenly appeared on the beautiful ocean.

    " It worked! " cried the Captain, shielding his eyes from the bright sun. Some other people climbed out the cabin. Sure enough, on land, they saw hundreds of dinosaurs, all shapes and sizes. They steered to land, talking happily.

    " Years ago, people thought time machines were impossible! " said one. 

    " But now we've got a BOAT that can time travel! " said another, grinning as they moved towards the shore. The air was full of roars and screeches of dinosaurs.

    Suddenly, the water stirred near their boat and everything fell silent.

    Huge, ferocious Baros and Brevis tore away from the water with the rest of the dinosaurs.

    " Heh, we must have really scared tho- " 

    A m…

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  • PeridotIsHot


    May 7, 2017 by PeridotIsHot

    I am not certain where else to ask this within the Wiki, so I will do so here. Does anyone know how to create tabbers and/or could assist me in creating them? A large amount of pages on the Wiki do not have any tabber at all. Every time I attempt to apply one to a page, I fail miserably.

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  • Fabo888

    Hello to the Dino Simulator community, I'm back with an updated tutorial on how to get the most DNA possible with this new system in place. What do I do with the growth rate? For more info on what the growth rate is, look into the Growth Rate Multiplier Chart.

    1. Grow to elder and keep going forever.
    2. Grow to adult and then reset.
    3. Grow to juvenile and then reset.

    On this graph, option 1 is shown in red, option 2 is shown in blue and option 3 is shown in green. From day 1 to day 36, the points show the total amount of DNA you would receive if you were to follow that path.

    This graph is set for a 1x growth dinosaur, meaning any dinosaurs with a 1 by the growth rate. Other dinosaurs will work differently. I'll work on one for Baro since I know people …

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  • Ebioul

    Blog Post For Badge

    March 22, 2017 by Ebioul

    I wish the main map was the default again

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  • Fabo888

    Dinosaurs Worth Eldering

    March 16, 2017 by Fabo888

    This is purely my own opinion. You're entitled to yours as well.

    When you get end level in the game, it's always good to have a couple of go-to eldered dinosaurs to play with, in case you get in a battle or something similar. 

    Good dinosaurs to level:





    Albino Terror (If you've got it)

    Megavore (If you've got it)



    I'll add more later. 

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  • Fabo888

    How to Farm for DNA

    August 30, 2015 by Fabo888

    As of whenever the ROBLOX auto-timeout update came out, this method of going AFK is not as effective. The game itself also was updated since this guide was written. I have no intentions of re-writing a guide for the current map and DNA system as of now. This may still be useful but there are more effective ways out there. 

    Hello, I'm fabo888 and after getting into the mathematical aspect of Dinosaur Simulator I've figured out the most effective method of farming for DNA to get that 2k dino skin you want, or to just unlock the big 750 dinos. 

    If you have any questions feel free to message me on ROBLOX, where I'm under the same name. 

    DNA is the game's regular currency, used to unlock most things. DNA is gathered as follows:

    • 1 DNA every day for …

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  • ParticleAnnihilator

    Scott's Q & A

    August 22, 2015 by ParticleAnnihilator
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