Note: This is no longer an independent dinosaur. If you were looking for the skin for Puertasaurus, go here.

In Real Life

The Breviparopus (breh-vee-par-o-pus) is a dubious species of gigantic sauropod that lived during the Cretaceous Period in what is now Morocco, Africa. Unlike most animals in this game, it is only known from footprints which makes it an Ichnogenus (Animal known ONLY from footprints, body traces, grazing traces and etc), making it a very hard to identify species since most sauropods have very similar feet.

In Game

It is commonly known by players as Brev, Brevi, Brevip sometimes even as Oreo due to its design of which it looks very similar to that of the food Oreos. It is known to be the largest animal in the game. It is uncommon to see this dinosaur around as people usually just skip it for the Barosaurus because of how much more powerful it is compared to the Breviparopus and the small price difference between the two, as the only small difference is the small +1 speed for Breviparopus.


The developers of Dinosaur Simulator had said that they will remove this dinosaur because of it being a dubious species, just like Amphicoelias. It has now become a skin for the Puertasaurus.


It's appearance is black with white stripes on its neck and tail. It has white feathers on its head along with gray toes and yellow eyes. It's also the second tallest dinosaur, only beaten by the RakeMother Brachiosaurus skin. It is the second strongest dinosaur as well, only beaten by the Barosaurus. You will achieve 3,425 DNA at elder.