The Camarasaurus (Cuh-mar-o-soar-uhs) is a medium-sized sauropod in Dinosaur Simulator. Its name means “Chambered lizard”. It has gotten a remodel with great animations, Camarasaurus can range a lot of dinosaurs. It was hunted by Allosaurus, however, in-game, it can defeat it. It can also outrun Megavore.


Camarasaurus has insane range but you should know some things before engaging anyone in Combat.

Camarasaurus had received a nerf in its attack speed during the 2018 Halloween Event, putting it on par with the rest of the sauropods. When fighting bulky rangers such as another Camarasaurus or Apatosaurus, stay your distance and be patient. If you rush, this will result in the enemy quickly overwhelming you with tons of damage. And finally, do not engage with Diamond/Rainbow/ Eotriceratops, non-Nerfed Triceratops skins, Mammoth, and Movie Brachiosaurus. They are the Camarasaurus counters. Eotriceratops skins will be able to use the hit and run tactic effectively due to the speed of the skins, and Triceratops, Mammoth, and Movie Brachiosaurus can outrange you. If you do get outranged, just charge. Your high attack speed and health should over power them. If you think you can't do that, press the  menu button to get out of there.


The new Camarasaurus model features body proportions much more accurate than the older one. The body is thick and bulky looking, with the main color represented as a grey to green gradient. Its neck is short and grey, with a red throat pouch connecting the neck and head. Camarasaurus’ front legs only have one claw on both, while the hind legs have a total of three claws and five fingers.


  • It once was the only sauropod to not slow down during an attack. It had this powerful advantage for a long while, before it received a nerf in the 2018 Halloween Event.
  • It has recently gotten a speed nerf but a buff in all it’s other stats.


The classic model for the Camarasaurus. It lacks animations and is blocky. Despite this, the classic model, rainbow, and diamond skins have a speed boost of 3. while having a -180 nerf in health and a -15 damage nerf. Surprisingly, it can range a lot of dinosaurs despite its blockiness. W.I.P

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