List of all current creatures in-game

  • Achillobator- a fast, large, and lethal dromaeosaurid
  • Acrocanthosaurus- a fast-growing, slim, large carnivore
  • Aegisuchus- A crocodile with a triangular snout.
  • Albertosaurus- A smaller, faster relative of T. rex
  • Albino Terror- A unbelievably dangerous hybrid with a extremely high commercial value
  • Allosaurus- a nimble carnivore which uses bleed as a weapon
  • Amargasaurus- a medium-sized sauropod herbivore with a "sail" on the neck
  • Ankylosaurus- a slow, stocky, armoured herbivore with a very strong tail club
  • Apatosaurus- a large, long-necked herbivore, yet equipped with a powerful neck
  • Archelon- a immense, giant sea turtle
  • Arizonasaurus- A small raisuchian with a sail on it's back, Despite how it looks like, it's not related to dimetrodon in any way.
  • Avimimus- a small bird-like omnivore with the sounds of a Ptarmigan
  • Avinychus- a giant bird-like hybrid that looks like a megaraptorid, and has no relation to Avimimus at all, hence the name.


  • Barosaurus- The longest, strongest dinosaur of them all with an infamous reputation but with a HUGE hitbox
  • Balaur- A pink bird that glides
  • Baryonyx- a fish-eating carnivore with the ability to swim.
  • Brachiosaurus- a strong, powerful herbivore
  • Breviparopus- a humongous, tall herbivore, yet that it is unknown if it really exists



  • Dacentrurus- a small relative of stegosaurus, yet with a spike on its front legs
  • Deinocheirus- a large, duck-like omnivore with a humped back
  • Deinosuchus- a bulky alligator
  • Dilophosaurus- a medium-sized carnivore with a terrifying hiss and with male and female diffrences
  • Diplodocus- a very long herbivore with a keratinous back


  • Ectenosaurus- a bulky, medium-sized mosasaur that is very fat, that's a lot of fish!
  • Edmontonia- a stone with legs and powerful armour
  • Eotriceratops- powerful herbivore with a horned face, and the bigger relative of triceratops
  • Euoplocephalus- Ankylosaurus' well-armoured relative.
  • Elasmosaurus- famous plesiosaur (loch ness monsters) with a green hide on the whole body.


  • Futalognkosaurus- long-necked herbivore with a blue tint
  • Fresnosaurus- A plesiosaur with better animations and a grey body. He happens to be pretty fresh, but a little terrfying.


  • Gallimimus- A fast prehistoric ostrich that can provide a strong kick, sounds like a very large duck of some kind...
  • Giganotosaurus- competing with Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus in size, Giganotosaurus is way faster and uses it as an advantage
  • Gigantoraptor- A giant omnivorous cassowarry that looks like a very large turkey/rooster
  • Giraffatitan- Brachiosaurus's weaker but slightly faster brother
  • Gojirasaurus- large coelosaur named after the iconic movie monster called godzilla, that is small ingame.
  • Guanlong- carnivore so small you would not believe it's related to Tyrannosaurus. No, really, it is related to tyrannosaurus.


  • Hatzegopteryx- gargantuan pterosaur that stands tall as a giraffe, more powerful but slower bulky cousin of Quetzalcoatlus.
  • Helicoprion- Shark-like predatory fish with a peculiar saw


  • Ichthyosaurus-small, dolphin-like marine reptile
  • Ichthyovenator- blue spinosaur that has a split of its sail
  • Iguanodon- grey medium-sized herbivore with a thumb spike on its hand.
  • Irritator- fish-eater with a blue sail on its back. This one is really "irritating"
  • Istiodactylus- small pterosaur, more quadrupedal with a more protudent toothed beak than the others


  • Kentrosaurus- dino porcupine with less spikes
  • Koolasuchus- ancient salamander
  • Kosmoceratops- stocky bull ceratopsid with a yellow hide, thats very "cosmetic"!
  • Kronosaurus- medium-sized pliosaur named after the god kronos, a pliosaur who never closes its giant jaw


  • Machimosaurus- the king of crocs. Nearly never leaves water
  • Maiasaura- hadrosaur that is a good mother
  • Mastodonsaurus- large amphibian that they call it almost a frog
  • Megalodon- oh you know... a clam (no seriously) with half the health of a Coelacanth and has 75 defense
  • Megavore- a quadrapedal monstrous hybrid that it is made by one of the most popular dinosaurs ever. (t. rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, and more)
  • Mosasaurus- oceanic apex predator with a staggering 2250 health. Competes with Pliosaurus, but is rather better at MOSing.
  • Murusraptor- a gray, medium-sized carnivore that gives a lot of food and isn't a raptor


  • Ornithomimus- a large bird mimic that is one of the starter dinosaurs.
  • Onchopristis- large sawfish that is not so large in-game.


  • Pachycephalosaurus - a thick bone-headed dinosaur with a spiky dome head. It's damage stats are not quite as thick as they once were.
  • Parasaurolophus- a dinosaur with a banana-like crest. One of the strongest hadrosaurs.
  • Plateosaurus- one of the first sauropods, and it aswell makes shrill cries.
  • Pliosaurus- another powerful sea hunter with a bite force stronger than Megavore. Competes with Mosasaurus for the role of king of the sea.
  • Prognathodon- slim, fast mosasaur with red eyes.
  • Pteranodon- small pterosaur with a female and male difference. Can swim underwater for 40 seconds.
  • Puertasaurus- Gigantic sauropod with osteoderms all over its back.




  • Saltasaurus- green sauropod with a armoured back
  • Sarcosuchus- crocodile that holds its breath longer than the others
  • Saurolophus- lavender coloured hadrosaur with loud sounds
  • Sauroniops- slow and stocky carcharodontosaur with vicious roars named after the eye of sauron
  • Saurophaganax- allosaur that stole the jurassic park t-rex roar, fluffy all over, and yet a synonym of the allosaurus.
  • Sauroposeidon- the tallest sauropod in-game. Seen everywhere
  • Shastasaurus- a icthyosaur with mediocre combat abilities, despite that it is also the largest icthyosaur.
  • Shantungosaurus- the second largest hadrosaur that knows it's judo, keep your distance
  • Shunosaurus- a sauropod with a tail club
  • Spinosaurus- large, amphibious carnivore with a lot of bleed.
  • Squalicorax- large shark with stocky build
  • Stegoceras-a small, bone-headed herbivore
  • Stegosaurus- iconic herbivore with plates like a roof
  • Styracosaurus- light blue ceratopsian with a spiky frill, yet with a large horn in the snout.


  • Tarbosaurus- the monogolian tyrannosaur
  • Thalassodromeus- small pterosaur with a triangular crest on the head.
  • Thalassomedon- a plesiosaur with very spooky roars.
  • Therizinosaurus- feathered herbivore infamous for its long, sharp claws
  • Titanosaurus- large sauropod that looks similar to the bigger Puertasaurus.
  • Torvosaurus- large canivore that fights with bleed
  • Triceratops- powerful red herbivore with three horns feared by many as adult and by none as baby, and one of the starter dinosaurs ingame.
  • Troodon- small bird-like omnivore that climbs trees
  • Tusoteuthis- a gigantic prehistoric squid that can change colors when roaring.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex- powerful gray carnivore with a strong bite force, despite being the king of the dinosaurs, and one of the starter dinosaurs.
  • Tyrannotitan- taller than t-rex, but a weak meat-eater


  • Utahraptor- The biggest dromaeosaurid that ever lived.


  • Yandusaurus- tiny herbivore with a blue tint
  • Yutyrannus- medium-sized tyrannosaur with a coat of white feathers, and also with feet stuck in the ground.