Note- Even though Deinosuchus is the only true crocodilian in the category, they are referred to as "crocs" or "crocodiles" due to looks and their overall behavior in the game.


Crocodiles are the relatively unchallenged amphibious apex predators of the Dinosaur Simulator world. Many players at first relatively underestimate crocodiles, as they are not "Real Dinosaurs" which is true in a sense. But once they encounter one crocodilian they'll be sore for words.

They have their own unique survival style based off their pros and cons, which players must learn in order to become the apex gator.

The crocs ingame right now are:

Sarcosuchus is typically the first croc the player purchases, having less strength than other crocs but double the oxygen. Aegisuchus and Deinosuchus have fairly similar playstyles, being more on land than sarcos and typically residing in big packs. Machimosaurus is the apex croc, having superior strength and health but slower and even worse climbing abilities. Crocs resemble Amphibians in the way that they both are semi-aquatic.

Croc Pros

  • High strength and Health
  • Lots of food
  • Fast in water and hard to hit
  • Small hitbox

Croc Cons

  • Slow growth
  • Lack of climbing abilities
  • Mediocre speed
  • Easy to grab
Crocs are also infamous for their horrible climbing, scaling the smallest hill presents a challenge for them. This is especially a problem with Machimosaurus, as it is very flat and has an extremely hard time climbing even the flattest slope. However shifting to first person and climbing up sideways makes it far easier.