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A dinosaur egg, seen from below.

Dinosaur eggs were added in the version 2.8.5 update. They are a beige/cream color and have medium sized spots. When hovered upon, the name of the dinosaur and the player's username will be displayed. It takes a certain amount of time for the eggs to hatch into Al babies. These AIs will follow you and will also grow to adult, before despawning. Eggs can also be eaten by carnivores and omnivores and if big enough, players can grab them. When dinosaur eggs were first added into the game, like regular AIs at the time, the babies couldn't swim and would drown. AIs still cannot fly however, aquatic dinosaur AIs can now swim up. If the AI is a baby and a specific command is given, they can also sink and go back up when told to do so.

Laying eggs

To lay them, the player must be an adult and must have no more than 3 eggs or babies. If the player has babies which have died, they cannot lay eggs until the corpses are gone. If all of these requirements have been met, they simply need to press the 'X' key and an egg will appear. Eggs cost 10 hunger to produce and there is also a 15 second countdown between each egg you lay.

Hatching and growing

Each egg takes 180 seconds to hatch. It takes 300 seconds for a baby to grow into a teen and 600 seconds to get to adult. When they reach adult, they will live for up to 1800 seconds before despawning, allowing you to lay another egg.

Eating eggs

Eggs only have a few bites to prevent players from laying them solely for the purpose of filling their hunger bar. The egg's number of bites and size varies depending on the dinosaur who laid them.

Unfortunately, this feature has been removed for unknown reasons.

Commands for babies

Roar - R key - Commanding a baby to roam quite literally just makes it act like a normal AI. This means that the baby will not follow you and will simply stay near the area it was given the command in. It will also attack players of a different diet.

Call - C key - Pressing the C key will make the player 'call' the baby and make it follow the player. If there are dinosaurs of a different diet near the baby, it will stop following the player and instead try to attack the dinosaur. Although it does follow the player, it is still an AI, meaning it won't move smoothly and will pause every few seconds.

Growl - G key - Growling will make the baby stop all movement (attacking, following etc.)


  • Standing on an egg can sometimes cause it to glitch through the ground. [Fixed]
  • Babies have been known to 'reincarnate' after dying if their corpse isn't eaten. They reappear after a certain amount of time (Possibly the time it takes to despawn.) If they died as a baby, they'd reappear as a teen and if they died as a teen, they'd become an adult. If they died as an adult however, they'd just reappear as an adult again. [Fixed]
  • Sometimes when you lay an egg, it may glitch through the map or get flung under your weight. If you're playing as something small, you may get flung instead or trip. [Fixed]


  • When eggs were first added, they could fill your entire hunger bar.