In Dinosaur Simulator, each dinosaur has unique statistics. These stats are health, attack, defense, and spee. Some of the dinosaurs share their stats with others, although there are a few unique dinosaurs such as the Albino Terror, which has 300 health, 45 attack, 35 defense and 14 speed. Although a dinosaur may deal a certain amount of damage, this damage is reduced by defense so the chances of doing the maximum damage is usually low (you can only do maximum damage when the creature you're attacking has no defense). When swimming as a non aquatic dinosaur/reptile, a dinosaur's speed stat will be reduced to about 1/5 of its normal speed.. Also, when sprinting, the speed stat will increase by about 20%. Defense reduces the chances of bleeding when attacked. For example, an Ankylosaurus has 75 defense. If it's bitten, it has a 25% chance of bleeding as the bleeding chance is 100-[variable:dinosaurdefense]. All creatures' health and attack at elder are 6 times that of their baby stats. For example, the Tyrannosaurus has 1680 health at elder, which is 6 times that of 280, its baby health.

Pitch Black Indom stats
The stats are:
  • Attack - Represented as a red hexagon with a bite mark.
  • Defense - Represented as a light blue hexagon with a shield.
  • Health - Represented as a light green hexagon with a heart.
  • Speed - Represented as a yellow hexagon with a footprint.

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