"The trunk of the Ectenosaurus was fairly rigid and Ectenosaurus most probably had a tail fluke too."


The Ectenosaurus (drawn-out lizard) is a small, pretty chubby mosasaur. It's back is grey-blue and it's belly is white, and it is really blocky for the time of its release and for the Dinosaur Simulator model standards of today. Despite this, it's well animated.


The other mosasaurs in the game include Mosasaurus and Prognathodon, and is the weakest mosasaur ingame. It's one of the weakest and one of the smallest sea predators, being a little bigger than the Classic Coelacanth.

It lived in Texas and Kansas, in the Cretaceous 86-83 MYA. It came out in the update that also added Fresnosaurus, Balaur and Tarbosaurus. It is rarely used, as it is very blocky and weak. A sub-par water dino.But it is a good scavenger.


  • Studies on the related genera Tylosaurus has concluded that at least some Mosasaurs were black with a countershaded underside.