Due to being pretty slow with nearly no animations, this dinosaur is nearly never played.

There was a bug when the Edmontonia first came out that never has been seen with any other creature in the game(main creature,anyway, as the Classic Allo and Giant Albino Baryonyx also have that issue but are simply skins). Instead of leaving a carcass behind, it would leave the model itself's thorax behind as an interactable entity, staying with the server as long as it ran.


The Edmontonia(ed-mon-tone-ee-uh) (Edmonton's creature) or Edmon is a dark brownish grey color, and has black spikes that vary in sizes on it's body, and has a light grey nose, with very very small claws.

Looking fairly similar to the Ankylosaurus, the Edmontonia distinguishes itself from its bigger relative with sharper spikes and a sleeker body. It also lacks the tail mace characteristic.