What are events?

Events are limited time changes to the game that often bring with them creatures and skins that can only be purchased for a limited time. Some larger events (such as the 2017 Easter Event and the Galactic Event) actually bring with them map changes. Events frequently go along with real-life holidays, such as Christmas and Black Friday.

Movie Event

The Movie Event was an event that took place in early summer 2015. This event was mostly based around the release of Jurassic World, and included many characters from the Jurassic Park franchise. It also included a few Kaijus based off of the Godzilla movies too. The biggest highlight of the event though was the addition of the Indominus Rex, a Giganotosaurus skin that was the strongest carnivore in the game at the time.

Items sold


  • The Indomins Rex was formerly a Giganotosaurus skin.
  • This was the first event in Dinosaur Simulator.
  • Every single creature sold during this event is still immensely popular today.

The Good Dinosaur Event

The Good Dinosaur Event was a sponsored event to promote the Pixar movie, The Good Dinosaur. The event started on November 12th, 2015. The event allowed players to obtain 2 limited dinosaurs, the Forrest Woodbush and Arlo. Unlike other events, the limited creatures were not purchased from the store. Instead, statues of the creatures were found in the map. Clicking on the statue would give the player the creature.

Items Obtainable


  • The two rarest obtainable creatures from the game were both unlocked from this event.

Ice Age Event

The Ice Age event is one of the most mysterious events in Dinosaur Simulator history. Although most people know what was sold during it, the time the event happened and the reason for it happening is unknown. The event indirectly coincided with The Good Dinosaur Event, meaning that the Ice Age Event likely started some time in the fall of 2015. While there were no major changes to the map during this event, large billboard-sized banners were hung from trees, promoting the movie this event was based on, the third Ice Age movie, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.It is unknown why this event happened in the first place, as Ice Age 3 had been released in theaters about 6 years before this event took place.

Items Obtainable


  • The Mammoth was added during this event, but for some reason it never went limited on non-default maps. This was until August 2018, when Chicken started to update default maps, making the Mammoth fully limited.

Black Friday 2015

Black Friday 2015 was the largest event dinosaur simulator had at this point. It was a one day event, taking place on November 27th, 2015. Like the day it was based on, this event was meant to be a way for newer players to buy limited-time items they missed during past events. The main focus on this event was bringing back the skins from Dinosaur Simulator's first event, the Movie Event. Everything from that event was obtainable during Black Friday 2015. In addition, Chicken made a massive change to the Giganotosaurus skin, the Indominus Rex. He made the Indominus Rex its own creature, and as a bonus, he added a skin for it, which is the now infamous Classic Pitch Black Terror (it was called Pitch Black Indominus Rex at the time).

Items obtainable


  • This event set the precedent of the now annual Black Friday Event.
  • The Pitch Black Indominus Rex's sold during this event would later become the Classic Pitch Black Terrors.

Galactic Event

The Galactic Event was an event sponsored by ROBLOX in 2017, which Galactic Eggs were sold in between August 15th and August 28th at the Trading Map for dnaDNA Icon3,000 each. Like all other eggs, each skin that was obtainable during the event had a random chance of hatching. Galactic Euoplocephalus, Galactic Dilophosaurus and Galactic Thalassodromeus were the most common with a 20% chance of dropping, while the rarest obtainable being Galactic Barosaurus, with an insanely low chance of hatching - 1 %, due to this the Galactic Barosaurus is now highly sought after. Each skin in the Galactic Event was linked to space in some form, with most being decorated with stars and planets, or having animations that suggest levitation.

Items Obtainable


  • It is the only limited egg in the game so far.
  • It is considered by many to be the most expensive event to date.
  • The most valuable skin in the game was unlocked through this event, the Galactic Barosaurus
  • There were two (2) Galactic Skins that were confirmed to be fake, these being the Galactic Tusoteuthis and a Galactic skin for an unknown fish.
  • By collecting the ??? Badge you’d also recieve an eqquipable ROBLOX accessory, resembling the tail like that of a reptile.

Black Friday 2017

Just like all the past Black Friday events, this event put the obtainables from the Movie Event back on sale, with the exception of the Albino Terror and Megavore. The main detail that sets this event apart was the fact that it was spread out into three (3) different “Waves”.

Wave One

During wave one, the most notable addition was a Mini-Devasaur Skin, the Blackodile, Which resembles Lucas The KittyGator and was actually made by the owner of this devasaur, was released for an astounding dnaDNA Icon100,000. Also released were the remodels for the Baryonyx and Irritator, as well as the Fossil Baryonyx skin. DNA was also 50% off from here on until the end of the event.

Wave Two

Upon the arrival of wave two, two other mini-devesaur was released, the Skelewyvern Quetzalcoatlus skin for the Quetzalcoatlus, based on the Wyvern devasaur and released for dnaDNA Icon40,000, and the Yutashu, which is available through a code hidden on the default map. The Fossil Tyrannosaurus Rex was also available and had received a remodel, boosting its range.

Wave Three

With the climax of Black Friday rolling around, the last few skins released were exceptional. The two highlights of this wave was the release of an art skin, the Cyber Ichthyovenator for dnaDNA Icon20,000, and the remodel of the Troodon, in which upon release, was very bugged and was invincible. The Megalodon was released for dnaDNA Icon540. The community of DS had been demanding Carcharocles Megalodon for a long time now, so the developers released the Megalodon as a joke, being a clam. The last two (2) additions were some Galactic Skins, being the Galactic Prognathodon and the Galactic Acrocanthosaurus, both being released for dnaDNA Icon1,024.

Obtainable Items


  • The most expensive skin ever released was obtainable during this event, the Blackodile.
  • All of the “Mini-Devasaurs” in the game so far were released during this event.
  • The Megavore and Albino Terror were not on sale during this event, probably to stop the game from effectively “breaking” due to the overflow of hybrids.
  • By far the largest Black Friday event to date.


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