The Galactic egg is a new egg in Dinosaur Simulator. It costs 3K DNA. It was released 15 of August, 2017 .The Galactic egg skins have designs linked with space, with some of the skins having minature planets flying around them like Thalassodromeus or Barosaurus and most of them have white spots which resemble stars, some have the abillity to slightly levitate off the ground but not really fly which probably refrences the lack of gravity in space or it might be a little detail to make the skins seem more special or magical. The best

exampless being Thalassodromeus running using it's arms and it's hindlimbs not touching the ground and the Hatzegopteryx having a levitating idle animation. There is also the Galactic Albino Terror which unfortunately won't be capable of droping from this egg and having it's separate price (40K DNA). These are the animals that have been featured in the egg so far:

It has been confirmed VIA Discord that the Galactic Terror and the Galactic Eggs will go off sale and become limited on August 28th. They will not be sold again after this point.

  • Galactic Euoplocephalus - 20% chance of dropping
  • Galactic Thalassodromeus - 20% chance of dropping
  • Twilight Pliosaurus - 15% chance of dropping
  • Galactic Fresnosaurus - 15% chance of dropping
  • Universal Dilophosaurus - 20% chance of dropping
  • Galactic Hatzegopteryx. - 4.5% chance of dropping
  • Galactic Torvosaurus - 4.5% chance of dropping
  • Galactic Barosaurus - 1% chance of dropping
  • Galactic Gallimimus - Not released yet
  • Galactic Prognathodon - Not released yet
  • Galactic Acrocanthasaurus - Not released yet

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