Alright. Starting off with how to play. From the Menu, you have an already selected dinosaur. If you want, you can click, "Change Dinosaur" right below it. Once you start to play, you realize that there are need bars at the top of your screen. The first one is red. That's for hunger. The second is green, for health. Blue for water, and yellow for energy, like each of them say on the bars. Each one will go down as you do certain things. The hunger and water will go down all the time, no matter what your doing. The health bar goes down when each of those needs are not being met, or you are getting damaged by another dinosaur. The yellow goes down when you run [Hold shift] but you can regain it by just waiting, or pressing "z" to sleep until its full.

When other players or NPCs [Non playable characters] attack you, your health will go down as told. But you can also bleed upon getting attacked, which can lead to death by blood loss when your health reaches zero. But don't worry. Your not the only one to be attacked. You can click on the dinosaur that's attacking you by left clicking on it. This is also how you eat.

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