Cheap survival tactics

Mostly used while in packs, these tactics can make it easier to survive.

Popcorn Generator - This awkward tactic consists on creating a nest and dying with a water dinosaur,(works best with Angelic Coelacanth, which gives 120 hunger as a baby). The aquatic creature will spawn at the nest, which must be on dry land, and when it dies because of moistness, it becomes food for other dinosaurs or your pack. Though be careful, if you do this action too much it has a chance of triggering the Death glitch💀. The glitch will make all your dinosaurs slowly die. This glitch is usually unnoticeable until someone tells the victim about it. The glitch can only be fixed by rejoining a server, whether it be the same server or another.

1st Person/Shift-Lock Switch Combat -This is a basic combat tactic, that consists on zooming the camera in until your cursor locks on the middle of the screen. It helps because you will turn faster and probably hit your enemy easier (This works better with the shift-lock switch). The key F locks onto targets without fail if they are in range. This allows your FOV to be locked onto a specific dinosaur, no matter how they move. They can escape if they leave a certain range or are too far.

Sprint Recover - This is a post-combat tactic that is basically to start sprinting around, reducing your thirst and energy. Sleep to fill your health.

Egg Recover - This is a tactic in which an adult or elder dinosaur lays an egg (or up to three) and pack member eats it to regain health. It's recommended to make sure your hunger doesn't go below one-third of your maximum hunger, as you may end up losing a lot of HP, which could ultimately lead to your death in a fight. An update prevents dinosaurs from eating their own eggs. Many people now prefer to let the eggs hatch, as the babies give more food and the owner can eat them.

Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus AOE- A tactic in which a Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus 'dives' down and uses the AOE attack. Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus has one of the widest range in the game, allowing it to kill an elder Barosaurus without taking damage.

This is the basic food chain, if you are a beginner to this game. At the very top is the sauropods with the most health in the whole game, like Barosaurus and Sauroposeidon (Accept for Kaiju, which has very low health). Then you get Megavore, Albino Terror, Shantungosaurus and the Triceratops. Then there are the T-rex, Tarbosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Giganotosaurus. Then, there are the medium sized Carnivores and herbivores, like Allosaurus, Styracosaurus, and Carcharodontosaurus, and many others. Then at the very bottom, there are the raptors like Troodon, Achillobator, or Ornithomimus. There are many other raptors.

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