The Gigantoraptor or Giganto is brown with a dark blue coat. It has a short tail with blue feathers at the tip and a red chest. Surrounding its eye is a blue patch and an amber ring. It's design is mostly based off a Cassowary.


The biggest caenagnathid to ever walk the earth, Gigantoraptor (giant theif) is an enormous oviraptorosaurid that lived during the Late Cretaceous in the Iren Dabasu Formation in Mongolia. It supplies its vegetarian diet with raw meat. It has very high speed for a creature of this size, making it a very dangerous creature to encounter for small or new players.

Its best not to fight large theropods such as Giganotosaurus or Tyrannosaurus as they will easily kill you.

It is one really fast omnivore, capable of escaping any large predator and chasing down prey with its speed. This animal was mostly popularised by the Film "Dinosaur Revolution" where the male individuals are represented to have complex mating dances and bizzare skin flaps on their heads used for these mating dances. This animal is very commonly depicted like in the Film, creating what is called a Paleomeme where a depiction of a creature gets repeated and repeated until that look is considered a fact. In reality it would probably behave like a big bird.


The gigantoraptor is a gurgling turkey-like bellow.

Gigantoraptors are a darkish purple color, with a light grey nose, they have a red flap/scale on the top of their head, as well as one under the tip of their tail, they have medium sized sharp whitish grey claws on each foot. The Gigantoraptor is obtainable by surviving 10 days as an omnivore. As an elder, this is the largest omnivore in the game.

Thanksgiving Gigantoraptor or Turkey Giganto was obtainable from a promotional code in Thanksgiving of 2016. The skin resembles a giant turkey. Its head is light red with black eyes, a front blue feather on its forehead with a red gull and pale yellow beak. It has a brown body with white feathered arms, and a large feathered tail with paler brown and white feathers.

The Cockatrice Gigantoraptor is an Easter event skin added in the 6.8.0 update, It is based on the Mythical Cockatrice which is a mixture of Dragon and Rooster, This skin was supposed to be added in last year's Easter event, but It was never added due to the fact it was incredibly bugged, It was Immortal and could kill anything, it also used an older model, but now it is fixed and remains as a normal skin.


  • If you have the Cockatrice Gigantoraptor you can play as it in Gallus Island map, but its the older bugged model although its no longer broken in stats.

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