This is a page for any known glitches and bugs. This includes those which have been fixed and those that haven't.

If a glitch pertains to a certain type of dino, it should be listed on that dino's page rather than on here!


See Through Objects- When playing the game, you can peek through objects such as walls or even other dinosaurs if you angle your screen just right. This glitch is very useful when hiding from predators who are outside while you are hiding in small spaces such as a cave.

Outside the Map- Also known as the abyss, there are two known ways to get outside of the map; sky rocketing and underwater holes. Knowing how to get outside of the map can be useful, but if you come across the menu glitch, it can be very deadly as well. The outside of the map is a very plain and odly structured landscape that contains no plant or animal life whatsoever.

Underwater AI's- This glitch consists of a wide array of non-aquatic dinos that spawn underwater. These AI's most of the time are non-responsive or "dead" AI's, but they still have a full health bar. Though speculation still does occur, these AI's do not give any sort of special ability when consumed.

Underwater Holes- These are underwater spots that lead straight through the ground and into the abyss.


Initial Loading Screen- This bug has been mentioned in the past by the creator of the game. It involves a very slow loading process whether the server joined by a user is new or old.

Returning to Menu- This bug is more severe as it can result in the loss of a players dinosaur data. If repeatedly in combat or holding and item whilst clicking the menu button, it can freeze up causing a permanent spot in game until either death or until you leave the game.

Sky Rocketing- Known by users who purposely do this as a glitch, sky rocketing can be one of the deadliest bugs in the game. Sky rocketing occurs when your player is randomly launched above or below the map, which can lead to falling through the abyss or even landing in the death barrier.

Sticky Grab- This is an issue in which a user has trouble letting go of a held item.

Pack Creation- On the Xbox version, a bug that exists makes players unable to type in a pack name during the creation screen, which in return does not allow the creation of the pack to go through.

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