All playable dinosaurs within the game have a growth rate multiplier(GRM). This determines how fast the dinosaur takes to grow, along with affecting many other statistics in-game. The time it takes to grow from a baby to elder is determined by the growth rate.

The lower the growth rate, the faster the dinosaur grows, vice-versa being the higher the growth rate, the slower the dinosaur grows.

It is used to "balance" dinosaur stats; Generally stronger, better dinosaurs with higher base stats have a higher growth rate, while weaker dinosaurs with low base stats have a lower growth rate.

  • The animal with the highest growth rate (grows the slowest) is the Barosaurus, with a 3.0 GRM
  • The animals with the lowest growth rate (grows the fastest) are Coelacanth and Megalodon, with a 0.1 GRM 

Relation Between Growth Rate and DNA Earnings

A certain amount of DNA is awarded to players for every day alive, along with life stage evolution.

As of Update Ver 4.1.2, the amount of DNA awarded per day depends on the growth rate of the dinosaur being played as and the value of day. The amount of days passed is multiplied by the growth rate, with the product being rounded up.

The max day value is 25. Therefore, the max any dinosaur will generate for you is (Dinosaur GRM*25=DNA Value)



In an example, the Mosasaurus has a GRM of 1.5. Therefore, after day 10, the player will earn an additional (10*1.5=15) 15 DNA for surviving day 10.

The Barosaurus is the best dinosaur to use to farm DNA awarded per-day in-game. As it has the highest GRM (3.0), it will earn DNA significantly faster per day than other dinosaurs.

After day 25 with the Barosaurus, it will start to award the player 75 DNA per-day, the most DNA awarded per day after Day 25, while, for example, with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a GRM of 1, on day 25, it will earn a max of 25 DNA per-day and every other day after that 25 DNA because it has a GRM of 1.

Evidently, the Coelocanth will earn players the least amount of DNA awarded per-day(as it has the lowest GRM (0.1)). Therefore after day 25, it will earn 0.1*25=2.5 rounded to 3 DNA per-day.

Length of Time For Animal Growth

In how many days a creature gets elder depends on the growth rate. The formula is: (Growth Rate) × 20 = (days to elder). For example, the Coelacanth has a growth rate of 0.1, and 0.1×20=2, so it takes two ingame days, or 7 minutes, to elder.