Herbivores need to eat plants to survive. They often have high health and low speed. Some herbivores can output fairly good damage, and a fairly good amount of stamina to run away if needed. A few herbivores also have a high amount of defense, like the Ankylosaurus. Unlike Carnivores these animals cannot eat meat. Herbivores also often form herds that are (more often than not) used as a survival tactic to fend off any predators looking for a meal.

Herbivores also have some of the slowest dinosaurs in the game, these including the adult Barosaurus and adult Breviparopus. These dinosaurs can also be arguably the strongest dinosaurs in the game by some players.

List of Herbivores:

  1. Amargasaurus
  2. Ankylosaurus
  3. Apatosaurus
  4. Barosaurus
  5. Brachiosaurus
  6. Breviparopus
  7. Camarasaurus
  8. Corythosaurus
  9. Dacentrurus
  10. Diplodocus
  11. Edmontonia
  12. Eotriceratops
  13. Euoplocephalus
  14. Giraffatitan
  15. Iguanodon
  16. Kentrosaurus
  17. Lusotitan
  18. Maiasaura
  19. Parasaurolophus
  20. Plateosaurus
  21. Puertasaurus
  22. Saltasaurus
  23. Saurolophus
  24. Sauroposeidon
  25. Shantungosaurus
  26. Shunosaurus
  27. Stegoceras
  28. Stegosaurus
  29. Styracosaurus
  30. Therizinosaurus
  31. Titanosaurus
  32. Triceratops
  33. Yandusaurus