Hybrid Classification

The Classification of Hybrid Dinosaurs is any Dinosaur that is classified as multiple types, which includes Aquatic, Terrestrial, and Aerial. Although Aerial should not be classified as a Terrestrial Hybrid, as all Aerials have the ability to walk. An exception to a Terrestrial Aerial Hybrid is that if the dinosaur is originally a Terrestrial like the Sauroposidon Kaiju / Hydra. The Dinosaurs that have multiple classifications normally has the ability to do much more than single classed Dinosaurs. These Hybrids can move on land and swim in the water or even fly with no major Speed disadvantages or major Oxygen restrictions.

Some examples include

Hybrid Species

Hybrid dinosaurs are dinosaurs that are a combination of two or more dinosaurs, known or unknown. Most are scientifically created, although some may be naturally bred. Current hybrids include:

Skins may also technically be considered hybrids, depending on the skin. For example, the Grizzly Spinosaurus is a Hybrid of the Spinosaurus and the Grizzly Bear but it is not considered its own independent species.


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