Long ago, when the world was at the end of the Great Flood, four dinos, baryonyx, sauroposeidon, Quetzalcoatlus, and Titanosaurus(Bary,Sauro,Quetz, and Titan), found a relic, one that gave them power. They became the dino gods, according to their nature. Sauroposedion became Hydra, God of the Sky, Peacekeeper, and holy gifts. Titanosaur became Titan, god of the Sea, of strength, and of speed. Quetzalcoatlus, who was evil by nature, became Demon. Demon was God of Death, destruction, and Rage Quiting. Finally, Baryonyx, who was now called Shade, God of stealth, hit-and-run, Semi-aquatic dinos, and small dinos in general. Together, they created the Circle of Life, and created Megavore, Indomunus Rex, and Indominus Rex's close relative, AlbinoTerror. They also created more versions of themselves, but without their power. These new ones were Demi-gods, but called the Gods' original names.Eventually, the Great Megavore and his army attacked the Gods' home, killing Shade and Titan. Hydra fled, while Demon took the Great Megavore's title for himself, becomeing the ruler of Megavores. he himself was killed later on, but the eldest of the 4, Hydra, lived on. He created more Gods, to replace the fallen. The new ones were weaker, because Hydra alone could not do it. Hydra searched for the Relic to improve his creations, but the Relic was destroyed in the rampage of Megavores. Hydra eventually died, but his new Gods, the Second Generation, lived on. To this day, they are alive, some in hiding, some out. Although they kept some of their predecessor's personality, some are the opposite. You may find evil Hydras, or good Demons. You simply must search.

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