Kentrosaurus (Ken-tro-soar-uhs) (spiked lizard) was a medium-sized stegosaurid that lived in the Late Jurassic Period 155-150 MYA in the Tendaguru Formation of Africa. It lived with animals as Tendaguripterus, Giraffatitan, etc.

It isn't known if this dinosaur or any stegosaurid for that matter had feathers due to their armor. However, there were some skin impressions of a different stegosaurid called Gigantspinosaurus might prove that feathers existed even on thyreophorans though the conclusion about feathers is pretty speculative.


It possesses orange spikes and plate-like scutes on it's back and shoulders, it's body is pale brown with a small, orange-beaked head, an inaccurate tail which isn't stiff and some sprawled front limbs and erect legs. It also has a spine sticking out of the start of its leg connected to its body.

This is one of the least used dinosaurs in the game, probably because it is weak in combat, and has never got a remodel.


  • There has been a confirmed remodel for this, although it is unknown when it would be released.