It's jaws are so large, it can carry a Spinosaurus. This pliosaur is more tanky than the fast, streamlined Liopleurodon. It lived during the Early Cretaceous Period in the oceans near Australia and South America, hunting plesiosaurs, pterosaurs, ichthyosaurs and early mosasaurs like Eromangasaurus, Platerygius and Mythunga.


The Kronosaurus Boyacaensis (cro-no-soar-uhs) (Kronos' lizard, after the Greek titan of time) is a navy blue marine reptile. Its upper half is slightly darker than the bottom half. It has four fins and a proportionally large mouth full of sharp teeth. It also has black eyes with yellow iris located near its mouth.


  • It lacks good animations.
  • Kronosaurus was named after the Greek god Kronos. It's large mouth may be related to the story how Kronos swallowed his children, all except Zeus.
  • It is the second the only creature in-game which uses it's species name, the first is Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • It is confirmed that Kronosaurus boyacensis is switching it's species to Kronosaurus queenislandicus (The largest pliosaur found to date) along with a remodel, and a massive buff that stands out higher than Pliosaurus and Mosasaurus' stats all in a future update of Dinosaur Simulator.