Scar was Simba"s uncle . He was responsible for

Mufasas death . Want to know more about him?

Keep on readding.


Scar was Simba's Evi uncle. He pretended to be nice but he betrayed mufasa and killed him.

He attempted to eat Zazu the hornbill, who was Mufasas friend who gave him the morning

report Every day. Jealous that he was no longer next in line to become king he tried to kill Simba.


scar is skinny and has a scar in his eye. He looks creepy like a normal disney villain

should look like.


Lion King

scar was the main villain in the lion king. He did not attend Simbas presentstion.

Scar decided to kill Simba and mufasa so he could become king. He tricked Simba and his best friend nala

into going into an elephant grav yard. There he assigned three hyenas to attack simba and Nala.

the cubs are saved by Mufasa. He tells zazu to take nala home while he has a talk with simba. But he forgives him . Scar is disappointed that they w not killed . Soon he set another trap. He told his hyenas to wait for scars signal. Then they chased a herd of wilda beasts. Then scar told mufasa that Simba was trapped down there and mufasa rushed to save his son from the stampede. He managed to get Simba to a safe ledge but he struggeled to climb up a cliff. He asked scar to help him up. He acted like he was going to save his brother but shoved him of the Cliff. Many years later Simba retu to the pride lands an defeated scar.

Lion king 2 Simbas pride

Scar is mentioned by Zira scars wife. Her and scar had thr kids. The first was nuka. The second was Vitani They adopted Kovu.

After Nuka dies Zira prays to scar to watch over him.

Lion king 1 12.

scar do not make a real appearance in the film, but it shows Simba running away because of scar to hukuna mata falls.

Lion guard return of the roar

scar at is mentioned when Rafiki tells the story of scar. scar was the leader of the lion guard. But when scar told the guar to help him kill mufasa they refused and scar used the roar of the elders to kill them in anger. Simba then explains that if his son kion used the roar for evil like scar did he would lose the power forever.


Scar is made into a sweater because of his death in the first film.

Scars story

Scar did not always have the name scar. He got it in the book A tale of 2 broThere's. He originally had the name Taka but when he got his scar, he renamed himself Scar.

Book apperences

A tale of 2 brothers

When his father King Ahadi chose mufasa over Taka to become king,

Taka realized the only wmay to achieve his goal of b the king, was to make mufasa look silly.

But he failed and got a scar instead. He renamed himself scae and After mufasa and his mate Sarabi had Simba the movie the lion king started.

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