Machimosaurus (Machime-oh-soar-uhs) is a new giant crocodile added to Dinosaur Simulator, added the same day in which the Galactic Egg and Yutyrannus were released. It lived during the Jurassic period 154-130 MYA. It is the biggest Teleosaurid Crocodylomorpha discovered so far.

It is the strongest of all the Crocodiles, it's small hitbox and huge health pool and attack rate allowing it to even kill and eat an inexperienced Barosaurus taking a swim. It is fair to call it a Fisher Apex (Branches).

Compared to the other crocs, it resembles Aegisuchus the most, but is even slimmer, resembling an oversized Nile crocodile. It packs amazing, realistic crocodile animations like lifting itself off the ground while running and laying down while idle, and opening its mouth while laying still. It is a powerful predator, having more health than a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a fast, gruesome attack.


It is a very skinny model for a dinosaur or crocodile. It is gray in color, with a white underbelly along with black spots around its belly and black square spots around its tail. Its tail is the only part to feature spines, its claws are black with small feet. It has yellow eyes with slit black pupils.


  • A glitch occurring at the time with this creature, however, cancels the appeal completely. It becomes stuck in the ground constantly while moving on land.
  • Machimosaurus is one of the few creatures in-game right now that can grab underwater without glitching out.
  • The diamond variant can be hard to spot underwater.