The Mastodonsaurus(Mass-toe-don-soar-uhs) (breast tooth lizard) is a large temnospondyl amphibian that lived in the Middle-Triassic period in what is now Europe and Asia. These animals were huge predators, individuals have been found that grew up to 13-20 feet in length.

In Game

It is usually called the "Frog", but is sometimes called the "Newt", and "Kek" due to how it looks. It is small for its size and was released into the game in the 5.6.0 update. The Mastodonsaurus is a weak but fast amphibian in the game and is green with an orange underbelly. The Mastodonsaurus is a weak, and fast amphibian. Because of this, most players prefer to travel between lakes and oceans with the Mastodonsaurus to find a safe place to live.

It's recommended to play out as an croc, grabbing your prey when it's drinking. You can also leave the water and grab a corpse to bring into water.

Mastodonsaurus falls on scavenger branches, (Go to Carnivore Branches for more information.) Due to it being adapted for eating-swimming-disappearing.


It is light green in color, with a yellow underbelly and legs. It has white claws along with two long lower teeth that sticks out of its snout of which looks like nostrils. It has two yellow eyes with black pupils sticking out of its head.


  • Weirdly, even though a Mastodonsaurus in real life would die on land after a certain amount of time,the in-game mastodonsaurus doesn't have moistness.
  • It's the second amphibian added to the game, with the first one being Koolasuchus.

Real Life

Mastodonsaurus was a abnormally large temnospondyl amphibian which lived in the Triassic period. In real life, the mastodonsaurus was a medium sized 3-4 meters long temnospondyl amphibian,that lived like a crocodile, and attacked prey that got next to water.It could not stay out of water for too long due to it's skin and would die if it stood out of water too much.