This is a page where you may learn the basics of "Dinosaur Simulator". Hopefully, this will help you and act as a guide to help you throughout the game.

Starter DinosaursEdit

When you first play the game, you'll only have the Carnivore Icon-0Tyrannosaurus Rex, Omnivore IconOrnithomimus, and Herbivore Icon-0Triceratops.

You can only choose these 3 dinosaurs at the start and by surviving 10 days with each of them, you will unlock more dinosaurs to play as. Because these are the 3 dinosaurs you start with, people usually view these as weak and easy prey even as elders.

When you first play the game, you can message Chicken, the developer of the game, to give you a free megavore or albino terror just to be more sparkling to your first time playing the game. If you are polite, Chicken would definitely fulfil your request as he is a very nice and kind person, we all know.

The MapEdit

Currently Outdated!

The map is composed of desert, snow, plains, forest and rock biomes. The map may seem big at first but as you get used to it, the map won't be as intimidating and you'll likely be able to remember every part of the map.

The 'middle' is a surrounding in the center of the map and has a lake which leads a river which goes to the desert/forest depending on the path chosen. In the center of the lake is a small island with a palm tree on top which is big enough for Aerial dinosaurs to rest on. There are 3 caves: A cave leading to the desert, a cave above a hill and a cave behind the island. Originally the most popular place before the present map was made, this place is now usually empty although the lake usually has a few aquatic dinosaurs residing in it.


Original Map Design. Although the present map has a few changes, this map can still be used as it follows the basic outline.

The plains are near the forest and could be one of the most popular places. With its large trees, a lake and a large, flat area, there are usually players here. Because of how flat it is, food is usually easy to spot although this may be because the spawn rate is higher.(?) During floods, the water doesn't go above the slope so this area is especially ideal for Terrestrial dinosaurs. On the other hand, during droughts, the lake dries up and there is only one 'puddle' of water near the edge facing the area with the small forest.


Every day, you earn DNA IconDNA and as you save up, you'll be able to buy more dinosaurs and skins. Skins can also be obtained by using Promo codes to get free skins. Some skins are different from their original skins/dinosaurs. For example, a Baryonyx has 120 HP and up to 24 DMG as an elder whereas a Kaiju Baryonyx has 132 HP and up to 18 DMG. Please go to this page for more information on DNA IconDNA.

Happy Hunting!

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