"Well then."

Real Life

Megalodon, (giant tooth; not to be confused with the prehistoric shark Carcharoles megalodon) or Clam, is an extinct genus of clam that lived from the Early Devonian to the Early Jurassic in Europe, North America, Asia, South America,and Africa. This genus includes several species like M.hungaricum and M.yancey.

In Game

Megalodon is a new animal added in 6.3.0. It was originally a joke created by the dev team since the community demanded megalodon, so it was a clam. it is purely white with a spotted texture and has a couple of white, grey and blue pearls inside of it's shell. Note: The shark Carcharocles Megalodon will most likely never be featured as its own creature because it didn't live in the Mesozoic Period and because Dinosaur Simulator players still have a bunch of other swimming apex predators to worry about (Pliosaurus, Mosasaurus, Elasmosaurus, Megavore, etc.).


  • It was incredibly weak and very expensive for something as weak as it, in fact it died on spawn and was very glitchy when it came out. Since then it has been patched mostly although it is still weak.
  • At birth, the hunger bar is only 3. The juvenile Megalodon has a max hunger of 10, and adult and elder have 30.
  • Due to the fact that it is difficult in most cases to get food without starving, (Because of its extremely low hunger at baby) The Megalodon cannot take starve damages until adult.
  • The name is not to be confused with the extinct genus of otodontid shark Carcharoles megalodon.
  • It is one of the most unpopular animals yet to be featured in Dinosaur Simulator.
  • It costs 540 DNA, leading some to believe it's a bait skin like the Blackodile.
  • The diamond Megalodon is the easiest diamond skin to get in the game, only costing 1540 DNA in total (540 for normal Megalodon, 1000 DNA to obtain diamond Megalodon).