Model Makers are the people who make skins and dinosaurs. While ChickenEngineer created the game, he also had many helpers that added in their ideas/models.

This is an up-to-date list of the current creators and former ones. Currently updated for Ver[8.0.0].

Model Makers



(YouTube Channel - ChickenEngineer)

Classic TRex, Classic TRex V2, Albino TRex, Scarred TRex, Classic Triceratops V2, Riot Shield Triceratops, Swamplike Ornithiomimus, Twitter Ornithiomimus, Granite Euoplocephalus, Dodo, Electric Pteranodon, Deep Sea Elasmosaurus, Sauroposeidon


Formerly known as isthislego090
  • Classic Fossil Tyrannosaurus, Classic Triceratops, Movie Triceratops, Deep Jungle Triceratops, Classic Ornithiomimus, Speed Demon Ornithiomimus, Classic Styracosaurus, Icicle Styracosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Brachiosaurus, Fossil Brachiosaurus, Classic Allosaurus, Classic Baryonyx, Kaiju Baryonyx, Fossil Spinosaurus, Classic Giganotoraptor, Thanksgiving Giganotoraptor, Jaws of the Jurassic, Classic Ichthyosaurus, Gingerbread Ichthyosaurus, Classic Diplodocus, Pteranodon, Sea Master Mosasaurus, Fossil Mosasaurus, Utahraptor, Ninjaraptor, Fossil Utahraptor, Classic Quetzalcoatlus, Classic Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus, Classic Fantasy Quetzalcoatlus, Classic Stegosaurus, Classic Onchopristis, Elasmosaurus, The Black Leviathan, Classic Albertosaurus, Classic Tyrannotitan, Classic Sauroposeidon, Classic Dilophosaurus, Oceanic Sarcosuchus, Shunosaurus, Classic Saltasaurus, Concavenator, Fossil Thalassomedon, Classic Cretoxyrhina, Classic Apatosaurus, Arlo, Coelophysis, Classic Leedsichthys, Yandusaurus, Classic Acrocanthosaurus, Plateosaurus, Classic Corythosaurus, Classic Prognathodon, Shastasaurus, Futalognkosaurus, Ichthyovenator, Saurolophus, Galactic Gallimimus, Troodon (w/ servez_2build)


  • Kosmoceratops, Stegosaurus, Tyrannotitan (w/ Liz and supernob123), Dark Plague Tyrannotitan (w/ Liz and supernob123), Triceratops (w/ Fea_rr), Precursor (w/ The_Heritor), Pachycephalosaurus, Saltasaurus V2, Chilantaisaurus, Styracosaurus, Prognathodon (w/ koekjeszijnlekker) Mapusaurus,


  • Sarcosuchus, Ichthyosaurus, Peak Spinosaurus, Thalassomedon, Poison Ivy Therizinosaurus[Remake], Forest Guardian Apatosaurus[Remake]


  • Cretoxyrhina, Cockatrice Gigantoraptor, Werewolf Cretoxyrhina, Bonetooth Cretoxyrhina, Kronosaurus Boyacensis, Squalicorax, Swamp Lurker Kronosaurus, Abyssant Kronosaurus, Carcharocles Megalodon (w/ Wendigo_King), Dolphin Ichthyovenator


  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, Golden Tyrannosaurus Rex, Fossil Tyrannosaurus, Santa Ornithiomimus, Fossil Ornithiomimus, Allosaurus, Fearsome Fowl Tyrannotitan, Landshark Concavenator, Forest Guardian Apatosaurus, Leviathan Shastasaurus, Dacentrurus, Classic Squalicorax, Sauroniops, Dark Lord Sauroniops (w/ Liz), Edmontonia, Giraffatitan, Murusraptor, Barosaurus, Achillobator, Liopleurodon, Eotriceratops, Titanosaurus, Utahraptor, Saurophaganax, Euoplocephalus, Alien Irritator (w/ Fea_rr), Rhomaleosaurus, Mad Al


  • Ceratosaurus, Deinocherius, Swan Deinocherius, Tarbosaurus, Gigantoraptor, Carnotaurus (w/ servez_2build and The_Aliens), Phoenix Achillobator (w/ Liz), Totem Terror Albertosaurus (w/ servez_2build), Pteranodon, Twilight Pliosaurus, Galactic Torvosaurus (w/ servez_2build), Galactic Hatzegopteryx (w/ servez_2build), Galactic Barosaurus (w/ servez_2build), Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus (w/ servez_2build), Orca Spinosaurus (w/ servez_2build and The_Aliens)


  • Movie Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, Classic Spinosaurus, Movie Spinosaurus, Kaiju Spinosaurus, Pliosaurus, Mosasaurus, Giganotosaurus, Classic Sarcosuchus, Classic Saurophaganax, Classic Giant Albino Baryonyx, Headlessaurus (w/ servez_2build), Skelewyvern Quetzalcoatlus (w/ Fea_rr)


(Youtube Channel - Epic Chan)
  • Thanksgiving Stegoceras, Fossil Pteranodon, Fossil Onchopristis, Fossil Sarcosuchus, Istiodactylus, Christmas Stegoceras, Christmas Shunosaurus, Apatosaurus Plush, Classic Sarcosuchus V2, Saltasaurus, Salty Saltasaurus, Freedom Pteranodon, Lil UFO Pteranodon, Classic Thalassomedon, Fossil Thalassomedon, White Walker Carcharodontosaurus, Deranged Clown Rex (w/ servez_2build and supernob123), Cyber Icthyovenator


Formerly known as Mr_Fantasia
  • Megatail Koolasuchus, American Eagle Balaur, Coelacanth, Shantungosaurus, Maiasaura, Brachiosaurus, Baryonyx, Irritator, Disco Stegosaurus, Universal Dilophosaurus, Corythosaurus, Apatosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Birthday Baryonyx, Leedsichthys, Koolasuchus, Shantungosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus (w/ servez_2build), Puertasaurus (w/ servez_2build), Camarosaurus, Avinychus (w/ servez_2build), Classic Irritator, Classic Baryonyx V2, Classic Acrocanthosaurus V2, Classic Carcharodontosaurus V3, Classic Bonetooth Cretoxyrhina, Classic Shantungosaurus


(YouTube Channel - Haxorua)
  • Arizonasaurus, Blackodile


  • Frosted Rex (w/ supernob123), Terror Bunny Allosaurus (w/ Fea_rr), Peak Spinosaurus, Late Valentine's Plush, Wendigo Therizinosaurus (w/ Wolfragon), Spirit Yandusaurus, Carcharocles Megalodon, Cactus


  • Easter Archelon, Dilophosaurus (w/ Liz), Lucas (w/ Liz)

Fired / Resigned / Inactive


  • Mammoth


  • Parasaurolophus, Psychoceratops, Quetzalcoatlus, Pirateship Thalassomedon, Breviparopus, Classic Kosmoceratops


  • Ninjaraptor, Mail Runner Ornithiomimus, Stalker Allosaurus, Black Mirage Dilophosaurus, Xenophysis, Classic Ceratosaurus


Formerly known as Guest32967
  • Forest Woodbush, Avimimus, Chickenosaurus


(Fired) Formerly known as SpaceGuyinRoblox
  • Camarasaurus, Classic Troodon, Classic Iguanodon, Classic Parasaurolophus, Classic Carnotaurus, Classic Carcharodontosaurus V2, Classic Deinocheirus


  • Insectoid Quetzalcoatlus


  • Classic Therizinosaurus


  • Classic Werewolf Cretoxyrhina, Early Winter Frost Sauroposeidon (w/ supernob123)


Formerly known as Gooey355
  • Classic Coelacanth


  • Angelic Coelacanth, Classic Koolasuchus


  • Archelon, Helicoprion


  • Ornithiomimus (w/ Pokemantrainer), Classic Dark Plague Tyrannotitan, Ankylosaurus (w/ koekjeszijnlekker), Classic TRex V3 (w/ koekjeszijnlekker)


(YouTube Channel - Illegal Username) Formerly known as hateguestsplease or VVizzcane
  • Domitor Tyrannosaurus, Decomposer Pteranodon, Friday Fever Utahraptor, Maceball Stegosaurus, Battle-Scarred Giganotosaurus, Stretchy Titanosaurus, Albino Terror, Pitch Black Terror, Swarm Squalicorax, Blackfaced Helicoprion, Torvosaurus, Deinosuchus, Classic Megavore, Rakemother Brachiosaurus, Ancient Aegypticus Spinosaurus, Shark of the Shallows Onchopristis, Kaiju Sauroposeidon, Poison Ivy Therizinosaurus, Berserk Claws Therizinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Krill Vacuum Leedsichthys, Island Mimic Leedsichthys, Titanosaurus, Kaiju Titanosaurus, Lusotitan, Aegisuchus, Gojirasaurus, Grizzly Spinosaurus, Megafin Elasmosaurus, Pungent Dilophosaurus, Battalion Triceratops, Abrasive Giganotosaurus, Classic Fantasy Quetzalcoatlus, Classic Kronosaurus Boyacensis, Therizinosaurus, Spinosaurus, Diplodocus, Mosasaurus, Pliosaurus, Onchopristis, Fantasy Quetzalcoatlus (w/ Liz), Hothead Megavore, Giant Albino Baryonyx (w/ supernob123), Galactic Terror (w/ supernob123), Galactic Euoplocephalus, Galactic Prognathodon, Galactic Acrocanthosaurus (w/ supernob123 and The_Aliens), Megavore (w/ supernob123), Yutashu, Scylla (w/ supernob123 and The_Aliens), Supersuchus (w/ Fea_rr), Blue Whale Shastasaurus (w/ supernob123)


  • The official reason was given for Kester, Cryo, and Hero being fired was that when they weren't initially offered Developer Dinosaurs (this was because the developer team was having problems with the 3), they each began to have escalating issues with the other developers. Kester and Cryo both began harassing the other developers and they were both very rude and uncooperative, which eventually lead to them being fired. Hero was fired for a different reason. The developers claimed that he had rapid mood-swings and would often talk about self-harm. The developers obviously did not want someone with these traits on their team, so the eventually fired Hero as well.
  • Shortly after the game released, Mystery_Block was the most active model maker until 2016 although he returned at summer 2016 although he went inactive after that till summer 2017. We do not know if he returns to model for dinosaur simulator.
  • This is what servez_2build said when he resigned on September 18th, 2018:

I have decided to step down from Unhatched games as a developer and move on from the development team. I have been considering quitting for a while, ever since June of 2018, but I needed to wait for an appropriate time to leave so that I give to the community and to my colleagues redeemable content for the game. I’m leaving for some number of reasons, such as real-life issues, losing the motivation to work and to focus on real life things instead. To me, my biggest issue was how the game was giving me confidential issues due to some parts of the community. Ironically, the game was originally the prime reason why I was more confident. My earlier years in this job were the best years, no exaggeration about it, everything was so fresh and so fun. Over time, though, development has gotten stale for me, unfortunately. I always loved this job, loved every part about it. I loved my coworkers, loved the friends I made here, and I loved my boss. To what may seem like the right decision for some people, it’s best that I move on from Unhatched not out of any spite or whatever, but so that I can recover the part of myself that I’ve lost. To end it off, I want to personally say thank you to super, fear, mike, koek, guest, poke, Mac, wolf, jeff, bae, the best part of this community, and most of all, chicken, for making my time here at Unhatched splendid. Thank you all for making me feel at home.