Murusraptor (meaning "wall thief") is a genus of Megaraptorid dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, 93 mya to 89 mya.


Caution: Murusraptors are often hunted due to the large amount of food they give, and since they're weak, many players consider them an easy food source. They often do not survive to elder due to this.

Murusraptors are not a very common sight. However, when it got sounds and was reanimated, it became slightly more common. Murusraptor may be large, but they are not good for attacking anything like Albertosaurus or stronger. Murusraptor does have an unusual amount of armor, DefenseDefense Icon 8. This does block off some damage, at an unusual amount. Other than the fact that Murusraptors give a lot of food, they tend to be ignored except by those who kill everything.

Because of Murusraptor's size and health, lots of smaller dinosaurs keep away from it. This dinosaur can be good at stealing carcasses (not by grabbing since it cannot even grab eggs) due to its health and moderate damage. Baryonyx, Ceratosaurus, and even Allosaurus are all possible dinosaurs that Murusraptor can steal food from. However, if the feeder of the carcass is an Albertosaurus or Torvosaurus, it's best to keep your distance. Not only do they deal more damage in spite of their lower health, but they can also outrun Murusraptor.


Murusraptor appears with a dark gray feathered coat, along with a black back along with 5 thick stripes, and 5 spots on the torso. the Murusraptor also appears with a gray hide, with an orange eye and 3 black stripes near the eye.


  • It can strangely kill every other raptor in-game.