Natural Events

Flooding: Normally occurs during autumn and spring. Floods raise the water level drastically, and afterwards there is always fog, normally. The intensity of the flood can differ. Sometimes, after a flood, a drought will occur. This is especially bad for aquatic dinos if they don’t realize the drought is happening.

Fog: Occurs as the flood waters are recessing back into the ocean. During this time, a heavy fog comes over the map, limiting visibility drastically. Especially dangerous underwater, where it's already difficult to see.

Drought: Normally occurs during summer, in which water level drops significantly. This completely drains the pond at mid, and leaves aquatic creatures with less to none room to move in the ocean.

Frost: Happens during winter for 1-3 minutes, when the entire water line becomes solid and can be slid on, a player may break a part of the ice to get water but they cannot fall through the hole created (the only exception being a small glitch in the map where players may still fall through). It is also possible to get stuck inside the ice if you swim in the lake when it's about to freeze. This can be dangerous for players who have a short oxygen bar. If you are trapped under the ice, attempt to swim upwards and push against it. It might refill your oxygen bar. Multiple Frosts can happen every Winter, and sometimes in early Spring. Some new players will confuse walking on ice for a glitch/bug.

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