The Party Box is able to give your friends DNA. It explodes into 20 DNA strands and every strands is worth 1,000 DNA. Altogether there's 20,000 DNA in once Party Box! You can't get DNA from your own Party Box due to the fact that its cheaper than buying yourself 10,000 DNA. ^-^


  • There is a working DNA cheat that is very complicated, but this can end up giving yourself a partybox! Just follow these steps and requirements: It requires about 50 robux, an alt account, two devices, a group, a main with BC on it and a shirt marketed on the main, then the main must set the group shirt to 50 robux, delete it from its inventory buy it, then make the alt join the group, then give the alt 40 robux. (the alt must be on phone, then the main gives the alt 40 robux via group payment, then you switch devices with the alt and main) Then make a pack on your main, make a nest, make the alt join the pack, the main goes to nest with the alt, then the alt buys a partybox