Plateosaurus (Plate-ee-oh-soar-uhs) (broad lizard) was a plateosaurid prosauropod from the Late Triassic Period 214-204 MYA of Europe.

Gameplay wise it's obviously not very good to use with it's blocky model and lack of fighting stats. The only real reason a sum of people know of this dinosaur's existence is with the fact that it makes a very high-pitched shrill which it makes when you press either G or C. G is more commonly used, but both keys are spammed if someone is trying to annoy users.

Many people associate it with its very obnoxious and sometimes painful to listen to roars. Even with it's painful roars it is not very commonly seen as it is pretty much useless to use other than annoying other dinosaurs.

Little do people know it gives a lot of DNA but it isn't as common for DNA farming as the Baro.


In-Game it has a blueish-grayish color and black claws. In game it is also a HerbivoreHerbivore IconHerbivore though scientists now think that all early sauropods were omnivores and some were even CarnivoreCarnivore IconCarnivores.


  • There might be a remodel for the Plateosaurus but this isn't yet confirmed.
  • The dinosaur’s calls, roars, and growls are nothing that this animal is like.