In Real Life

The Prognathodon (prog-natho-don) (forejaw tooth) is a mosasaur from the late Cretaceous period.


It seems to have strokes of lighter green on its dark green body giving it a sort of sandy texture, dark red eyes and the inside of its mouth are the same color, the tail also has a fluke. It has sharp white teeth. The Prognathodon is green like that of the ground in the old version. It may be based off of the Whale Shark, which also has similar spots on its back. It has a slimmer build than Mosasaurus


Based on a study on the related genera Tylosaurus, Prognathodon may have been black with a counter shaded underside


The Galactic skin for Prognathodon is a skin added on Black Friday 2017 but is still buyable. It, like most galactic skins, glows, and its tongue can be seen from the water surface, just like the Subnautica Jelly Ray Elasmosaurus and Aurora Borethalass Thalassomedon. It has better animations than the classic Prognathodon. It's tongue flicks out every few seconds along with its eyes looking the other way as it does so.


The Galactic skin for Prognathodon is quite the change from its original skin. It is has black skin with a dark blue underbelly. Atop the glowing dino are stars on it's back with some small constellations surrounding a moon under it's lilac spiked fin. It's fin is not fully connected to its body and as so under the exposed fin is colored bright hot pink.

It has four transparent fins with it's hind fins just being thin lines with its front fins having fingers. They are transparent dark blue, red, orange, yellow, then lilac starting from the body. The tail is instead replaced with a golden tip with its tail similar to it's fins. It has a lilac and purple spike sticking out of the tip of it's narrow snout. It has a long tongue that is similar in color to it's fins with black teeth. It has circular purple eyes with purple rings around it's lilac pupils.


  • This skin is not part of the Galactic Egg Collection. It is a buyable.
  • It's frontal fins resemble hands.