In Reality

The Puertasaurus (Puerta lizard) is a genus of a large titanosaurian sauropod which lived during the Late Cretaceous Period in the Pari Aike Formation in what is now Patagonia.

In Game

In game, Puertasaurus is a grey sauropodomorph. The body is covered in bony odostrums like Saltasaurus, but cover most of the sides as well as the back. The eye is surrounded by a pink spot, while an orange one is on the face. The Puertasaurus still contains the sounds of the Breviparopus (aka Oreo).


The Puertasaurus is rarelly depicted in media and was for a while being overshadowed by other more popular sauropods like Brachiosaurus or Diplodocus. However the Early Access Game called "The Isle" got this animal as it's first ever sauropod which popularized Puertasaurus. It is mostly depicted fully scaly which is accurate since we don't have much information on sauropods possessing feathers even though it is like all other sauropods. In summary, it is extremely unknown.


  • The Puertasaurus still contains the sounds of the Breviparopus (aka Oreo).
  • The Puertasaurus was added in the first update for DS after the developers took a break to work on DragonVS. It was considered the highlight of the update.
  • It was supposed to be added during Wave 2 of Black Friday 2017, but it didn't go in-game until over 4 months later. It is unknown why this happened.
  • The Puertasaurus is known to have three clades! (Sauropoda, Titanosauria, and Lognkosauria.)

Advanced Stats Board✓©

Max hunger:750

Growth rate:2.5

Time before elder:???


Sprinting Speed:???


Bleed damage:Unlikely Attack rate:???

DNA per day after 24 days:???

DNA achieved until elder:???

Counter with: Movie Brachiosaurus

In Real Life

The Breviparopus (breh-vee-par-o-pus) is a dubious species of gigantic sauropod that lived during the Cretaceous Period in what is now Morocco, Africa. Unlike most animals in this game, it is only known from footprints which makes it an Ichnogenus (Animal known ONLY from footprints, body traces, grazing traces and etc), making it a very hard to identify species since most sauropods have very similar feet.

In Game

It is commonly known by players as Brev, Brevi, Brevip sometimes even as Oreo due to its design of which it looks very similar to that of the food Oreos. It is known to be the largest animal in the game. It is uncommon to see this dinosaur around as people usually just skip it for the Barosaurus because of how much more powerful it is compared to the Breviparopus and the small price difference between the two, as the only small difference is the small +1 speed for Breviparopus.


In the 6.50 update, it turned into a Puetra skin.


It's appearance is black with white stripes on its neck and tail. It has white feathers on its head along with gray toes and yellow eyes. It's also the second tallest dinosaur, only beaten by the RakeMother Brachiosaurus skin. It is the second strongest dinosaur as well, only beaten by the Barosaurus. You achieved 3,425 DNA at elder.


  • It is the only creature in DS that has gone from a dinosaur to a skin.
  • The official reason for its change from dinosaur to skin was that there wasn't enough evidence to show that it was an actual dinosaur, as the only proof of its existence were footprints.
  • The original plan for the Breviparopus was to remove it from the game entirely. However, when a large portion of the community reacted negatively, they decided it would become a skin.

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