Here is a list of records.


Barosaurus with 390 Damage


Avimimus with 24 Speed

Highest GRM:

Barosaurus with a Growth Rate Multiplier of 3

Most Defense:

Ankylosaurus with 75 Defense Points

Most Skins:

Triceratops with 9 skins total

Most Limited Time Only Skins:

Spinosaurus and Sauroposeidon both have 4 limited time only skins

First All-Terrain:

Pterandon being able to fly, walk on land, and swim


Coelacanth with 50 Damage

Least Health Points:

Coelacanth with 500 Health Points


Barosaurus with 9 Speed

Lowest GRM:

Coelacanth with a Growth Rate Multiplier of 0.1

Strongest Carnivore:

Pliosaurus with 300 Damage

Strongest Herbivore:

Barosaurus with 390 Damage

Strongest Omnivore:

Gigantoraptor with 180 Damage

Carnivore with Most Health Points:

Leedsichthys with 2400 Health Points

Herbivore with Most Health Points:

Barosaurus with 4500 Health Points

Omnivore With Most Health Points:

Gigantoraptor with 1680 Health Points

Dinosaur with Most Records Broken:

Barosaurus with 6 records (7 including this one)

Most Models Made for Game:

Mystery_Blocks with 57 Dinosaurs and Skins made for the game

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