The Saurolophus (Soar-all-low-fuss) (lizard crest) is a Late Cretaceous hadrosaurid which lived from 72-66 MYA found in the Canadian Horseshoe Formation and the Mongolian Nemegt Formation. The Saurolophus, just like many other ornithopods was able to walk bipedally and quadrupedally. However in game it is depicted as only quadruped for now.

It is one of many prehistoric animals to have skin impressions preserved on some of its fossils, which tell us that it had scales.

It is rarely used due to being blocky and having almost no animations.

Despite looking very weak, it has relatively good stats allowing it to fend off medium-sized carnivores such as Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Sauroniops and Yutyrannus.


It is a lavender colored, duck billed Hadrosaurian with a long tail and a long, duck-like head supporting a cyan spike-like crest.

It is one of the dinosaurs in desperate need of a remodel, which was confirmed and will be added to the game soon.


  • It's stronger than its re-modeled hadrosaur fellow Parasaurolophus.
  • It is a great counter for Carnotaurus.
  • It is confirmed it will get a remodel which will be made by Jeffenette.