The Shantungosaurus (Shandong lizard) is a good choice for players that want their elders to last long. With decent speed and 2010 health, it can get safely away from most fights, and makes it a good war dino. It is much larger than the Maiasaura, the Hadrosaur it resembles most. The Shantungosaurus also shifts between bipedal and quadrupedal stances when walking and sprinting. The only downsides to it is that it has lower damage than Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus and its attack is slow. The Shantungosaurus is currently the strongest Hadrosaur in the game, however since the Shantungosaurus attacks slowly, Maiasaura competes with it since it has a very swift attack. Recently, the Shantungosaurus has been used to KOS large dinosaurs, especially large sauropods. The Shantungosaurus also has 30 oxygen wierdly enough.


The Shantungosaurus(Shan-tung-oh-soar-uhs) is a very large Hadrosaur that is a light beige color with brown stripes doing down its back and tail. It has a sail on its back that is similar in color to its whole body with white claws and tiny black and brown eyes.

Shantungosaurus was the largest of all hadrosaurs. It lived in Mongolia during the late Cretaceous period. The name "Shantungosaurus" means "Shandong lizard".

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