Welcome to the Dinosaur Simulator Wiki's Skin Value List!

This is an unofficial value list made and updated by the admins of the DS Wiki to help you make positive trades and to educate players on the value of skins.

These are rough estimates for all the limited skins from most to least:

  1. Galactic Barosaurus
  2. Blackodile
  3. Albino Terror
  4. Megavore
  5. Giant Albino Baryonyx
  6. Classic Pitch Black Terror
  7. Mayhem Gojirasaurus
  8. Maceball Stegosaurus
  9. Psychoceratops
  10. Skelewyvern Quetzalcoatlus
  11. Classic Albino Terror
  12. Classic Megavore
  13. Cyber Icthyovenator
  14. Phoenix Achillobator
  15. Totem Terror Albertosaurus
  16. Santa Clawz
  17. Krampus
  18. Pitch Black Terror
  19. Late Valentine's Plush
  20. Golden Barosaurus
  21. Disco Stegosaurus
  22. Galactic Torvosaurus
  23. Reindeer Istiodactylus
  24. Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus
  25. Headlessarus
  26. Kaiju Sauroposeidon
  27. Kaiju Titanosaurus
  28. Kaiju Baryonyx
  29. Movie Brachiosaurus
  30. Movie Spinosaurus
  31. Early Winter Frost Sauroposeidon
  32. Peak Spinosaurus
  33. Movie Triceratops
  34. Apatosaurus Plush
  35. Aurora Borethalass
  36. White Walker Carcharodontosaurus
  37. Snowflake Stegosaurus
  38. Christmas Dodo
  39. Christmas Shunosaurus
  40. Christmas Stegoceras
  41. Christmas Coelacanth

Last Updated - 6/11/18

​​Special Cases

  • When trading was first released, a few players were able to glitch their Kaiju Spinosaurus into token form. They're officially called the Kaiju Spinosaurus Ghost Tokens, and there's only about 10 in circulation. Although they're extremely rare, it's not recommended to pay more than a Megavore for them. They cannot be converted out of token form, making them unusable in-game. On top of that, even though they're extremely rare, very few players are willing to trade a lot for them, so it's very difficult to make a profit off of trading Kaiju Spinosaurus Ghost Tokens. Unless you are a collector, do not pay too much for these tokens.