Fish ( Underwater Snacks)

Fish are small fish that you can find underwater. They usually give 5-20 food, and are quite common in small groups. The fish are Macropoma, Holopterygius, and Hadronector.

There are also Schools of Fish that give a lot more food, ranging from 50-100 on average, and they seem to be the underwater equivalent of ferns. They are not accessable for most land animals, excluding the ones that are Semi-aquatic like Deinocheirus, Koolasuchus and Baryonyx. They are easily accessed by pterosaurs that can sky-dive into schools of fish and eat them and fly out when their oxygen is about to run out. They are the base food of most aquatic animals like Ichthyosaurus and Elasmosaurus which makes oceans a very food-rich place.

Xianglong (Land Snacks)

These snacks basically spawn randomly over a map. They are green with a transparent light green gliding membrane made out of limbs and look kind of like the modern day flying lizard found in Asia called Draco. They come in large, medium and small sizes. They appear much bigger than they were in real life, only 15.5 centimeters long according to most specimens found.

Only carnivorous and omnivorous animals can eat them. You cannot carry them in your mouth, just like fish. They usually provide about 10 hunger, but large or medium, could provide possibly 30 hunger. Snacks, or by their scientific name, Xianglong Zhaoi, were small lizard-like diapsid reptiles that spawn as non NPC carnivore chow in a similar fashion the fern plants. They are the geologically oldest genus of land animal in the game, beaten only by the various fish snack species that spawn in a similar manner. One of Xianglong's more popular predecessors was Coelurosauravus, which lived in the Permian period.


  • They are called snacks because when a carnivore scrolls over them the text appears "Ooh, a snack ^.^"
  • Whenever a herbivore scrolls over a Xianglong snack, the text appears as "What's this?"
  • When you hover over Macropoma, the text appears "Macropoma, you shall be mine!"
  • When you hover over Holopterygius, the text appears "Hmm a Holopterygius?"
  • When you hover over Hadronector, the text appears "It's a Hadronector."
  • When you hover over the Fish Schools, the text appears "Tasty Fish!"