Spirit Yandusaurus is a skin for the dinosaur Yandusaurus, this skin could be obtained in the 2017 Easter Event on Gallus Island.

( This skin is obtainable through trading, but as it was easily obtainable much like the other 2017 Easter skins it is unlikely to hold much value in trading. )

Spirit yandusaurus

Yandusaurus Base Model by: Erythia

Skin by: Wendigo_King and Mr_Fantasia

Fun Fact: The "Spirit Yandusaurus" was originally a different model know as "Sea Spirit Yandusaurus" but with need for more skins in the 2017 Easter Event and other reasons, the model was recolored / edited to be a purple/pink coloration, and then once more edited by Mr_Fantasia into the current coloration you see today.

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