Stegoceras is a small pachycephalosaurus in Dinosaur Simulator. The name Stegoceras means " roof horn."

It is orange with a brown and pale yellow plate on its head representing the dome like skull of pachycephalosauridae. It has small grey hands, feet, and a really big nose for its size. It has large black eyes and claws.

Although the Stegoceras looks like an omnivore, it is in fact a herbivore, and related to the Pachycephalosaurus.

The Stegoceras is currently one of the smallest animals in the game and the 1st place being Arizonasaurus.


  • There has been clear evidence of its remodel as it can be seen in the trading map, it is currently unknown as to why it hasn't been added in game yet. It was months since the remodel was shown, yet no remodel has been placed in game yet.

The Thanksgiving skin for the stego, with a better walking animation and attack animation. It is also oddly a carnivore.

It is brown in color, dressed in a black and white pilgrim outfit and black hat pilgrim hat. On the tip of its tail it holds a sauce boat with gravy in it.


  • It is speculated that it is a carnivore since it relates to the Thanksgiving turkey, which involve meat.

The Christmas Stegoceras is the same brown in color as the Thanksgiving Stegoceras although it seems to wear a green and red christmas elf outfit.

It has candy cane warm leggings that are white and red in color, with green elf shoes and a red collar. It wears a green and red striped elf hat with a yellow ball on top of which the hat resembles a Christmas tree.

Stegoceras validum is a pachycephalosaurid that lived in what is now North America during the Late Cretaceous period(specifically from 77 to 74 million years ago). The first specimens from Alberta, Canada, were described in 1902. The generic name means "horn roof", and the specific name means "strong". Stegoceras was a small, bipedal dinosaur about 2 to 2.5 meters (6.6 to 8.2 ft) long, and weighed around 10 to 40 kilograms (22 to 88 lb). It had a rigid vertebral column, and a stiffened tail. The pelvic region was broad, perhaps due to an extended gut. The skull was roughly triangular with a short snout, and had a thick, broad, and relatively smooth dome on the top. The back of the skull had a thick "shelf" over the occiput, and it had a thick ridge over the eyes. Much of the skull was ornamented by tubercles (or round "outgrowths") and nodes (or "knobs"), many in rows, and the largest formed small horns on the shelf. The teeth were small and serrated. The skull is thought to have been flat in juvenile animals and to have grown into a dome with age. It is currently unknown if this or any other pachycephalosaur for that matter had feathers. However by looking at some of the closest feathered relatives to pachycephalosaurians like Psittacosaurus or Kulindadromeus we can say that pachycephalosaurians have at least some chance of possessing feathers. Though we need more evidence to support that.