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Ideas and suggestions to put on this page can include stuff like new dinosaurs, new game mechanics, new buffs/nerfs, new weather events/disasters, new DNA rewards, etc. etc. etc. I think you understand.

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----------------------------------------------EvilTroodon’s Ideas----------------------------------------------

-New Buffs for rarely used dinosaurs such as:

*Instead of the ability to climb, Troodons would have a cool new night buff. Fossil research has lead to the conclusion that troodons were nocturnal creatures due to large eye structures, so it would make sense. The troodon would receive twice its normal speed and would deal 150% extra damage, making it more of a threat to other dinosaurs at night instead of a mediocre mid sized dinosaur.

*Utahraptors would have the ability to deal largely buffed bleed damage that would stack nearly infinitely, making them more effective at hit and run attacks. Utahraptor jump high would be doubled so that they could leap into combat, which would be AWESOME! In order to balance this the Utahraptor’s base damage would be nerfed by 50% in order to be balanced (but the bleed damage would extend to probably 100% extra damage on top of the normal attack in a single bite)

*Kentrosaurus (yes those are in the game, I have only ever seen one in game) would have the ability to deal 25% of their damage value (the damage the kentro is normally able to deal) reflected onto creatures that hurt it. This would also cause extra bleeding damage. Since the kentrosaurus had more spiky plates on its back than the stegosaurus, this would make sense.

*Carnotaurus would be 50% faster when sprinting, but would consume twice as much energy, making it effective for quick escapes or quick rush attacks. The Carnotaurus was a fast hunter, so this would be logical.

*Maiasaurs would now be able to lay up to 5 eggs at once and lay them at an interval of 5 seconds each. Nearby eggs would hatch 50% faster and the babies hatched near a maiasaur would have 50% more base health. This makes sense as maiasaurs were known to have been good parental dinosaurs.

*Coelophysis would now gain 4 food per bite from a carcass that was not killed by them or random bugs on the ground. The Coel also loses food 50% slower than other dinosaurs. This would make sense as the Coelophysis was a scavenger dinosaur.

*Concavenator would now have the ability to swim but would still only have 10 oxygen. Concavenator would also have the ability to “store” food after being full by overeating. It would be able to eat an extra 50 foodpoints of food after full which would be stored by turning the hunger bar maroon and showing a higher number than the normal maximum amount. Stored food once full will not be able to be increased (or have more food stored) until the concavenator’s hunger drops to normal. As the stored food drops, the concavenator is automatically healed similarly to if a creature eats while hurt. This overrides being in combat, so the concavenator could heal a bit even while in the middle of combat! This would make sense since the concavenator’s humps on its back were speculated to store extra food/fat.

*Parasaurolophus and the Saurolophus would now have the ability to “retreat” by pressing Y, which would allow it to regain its full movement speed even when hurt and take 50% less damage. The Parasaurolophus/Saurolophus would not be able to attack at this time and it would last for 15 seconds. This ability would have a cooldown of 90 seconds (One minute and a half) so that it can’t be spammed.

*Camarasaurus would now have 30 armor instead of 15 armor and would not be able to be slowed down by wounds, making it more appealing and powerful for combat.

*Iguanodon would now deal double its current damage and it’s AOE attack would ignore armor dealing extra bleeding damage, along with a 25% extra health buff. This is due to the iguanodon’s powerful thumb spikes.

*Shunosaurus would now deal large bleed damage with its spiky tail and its AOE attack would be much, much larger in range.

*Corythosaurus would now be able to swim and have 50 oxygen. Corythosaurus would now have extra armor from it’s tough scaly skin tissue (+20 armor or so)

*Styracosaurus would now have the ability to “Charge” where it would sprint at 2x its normal speed and consume double the energy it normally consumes while running. When it collides with an enemy dinosaur it would deal x2 its normal damage and deal extra bleeding damage.

*Plateosaurus would now be able to pick up dinosaurs with its powerful grabbing hands (Even though it’s an herbivore!) and pressing Y would make the Plateosaurus stand up taller, taking less damage from attacks and dealing slightly more damage at the cost of losing 50% of its speed

*Edmontonia would now have a similar ability as the Kentrosaurus except slightly more powerful (the ability to deal 35% of the edmontonia’s normal damage reflected onto creatures that hurt it), and would no longer be able to be picked up by any dinosaur. As a balance the edmontonia would be 2 speed points slower. This is due to the edmontonia’s body being covered in defense spiny plates.

*Dacentrurus would now have its AOE attack increased in range massively and deal very high bleeding damage. It also would no longer be able to be picked up by any dinosaur. This is due to the dacentrurus’s massive spiky tail.

*Kosmoceratops would now be able to stand their ground by pressing Y, which would increase armor by 35 points, increase damage by 100%, and the kosmoceratops would not be able to be picked up at the cost of moving 75% slower.

*Allosaurus would now gain a pack bonus in groups, gaining 20% damage and speed along with 5 extra armor per allied allosaurus  (allosaurus in your pack) capping off at 4 allosauruses. This would mean 4 allosauruses would gain 80% extra speed, 80% extra damage, and 20 extra armor, making them a formidable force to other dinosaurs.

*Saltasaurus would now provide triple the current food at each stage of its age it gives upon dying. This would allow pack mates to sacrifice themselves as babies to feed larger packs, and saltasaurus’s salty babies could be farmed for a reliable food source.

*Gojirasaurus would now be 50% faster but would have 0 armor and 60 less health, making it easy for it to weave through predators (but watch out for AOE attacks as the balance would make the gojirasaurus more vulnerable)!

*Sauroniops would now deal 50% more damage than it does now, since it is neglected due to lower damage values.

*Ichthyovenator would now have the ability to boost in the water by pressing Y, which would cause it to move at 4x speed for 3 seconds and consume 15 energy (it would have a cooldown of 60 seconds). The ichthyovenator would also have 100 oxygen instead of 60. This would be good for charging after retreating dinosaurs.

*Fresnosaurus would now have 25% more health, since it deals very lower damage it should have higher health to survive more attacks.

*Prognathodon would now have the ability to carry LAND dinosaurs that are nearly as large as it easier, and would have 60 moistness instead of 30. Land dinosaurs being carried by the prognathodon would deal 25% less damage to its attacker. This would allow it to grab dinosaurs from the land and drag them under, making them more of a danger especially at the mid lake.

*Cretoxyrhina would now deal 50% normal damage but deal massive non stacking bleeding damage (It would deal 200% of the attack damage over time). The cretoxyrhina would take 20 damage per bite landed on an enemy dino since its 250 teeth could get ripped out easily. This is due to their razor sharp edges on their teeth, and these balances would make the Cretoxyrhina a more tactical creature for slicing enemies apart.

*Mastodonsaurus would now have a moistness meter of 200, and an oxygen meter of 200. The mastodonsaurus would also be able to swim much faster. This would make it a lot more interesting to use and would be accurate since the mastondonsaurus was an amphibian that would not be able to last long out of water.

*Kronosaurus Boyacensis would now take 25% less damage from dinosaurs that attack it while it is carrying them. This creature can carry massive dinosaurs such as the spinosaurus so this would make water combat much more interesting!

*Squalicorax would now have the passive ability to “swarm” other dinosaurs/creatures. When in a pack near other squalicorax, each one would gain a 25% speed and damage bonus per squalicorax up to 75%, making packs a lot more formidable against the bullies of the ocean like mosasaurs and pliosaurs.

*Onchopristis would now ignore armor and deal powerful bleeding damage from its saw like slashes. The left click attack would have a cooldown of 5 seconds similarly to the ankylo, but the bleeding damage would be incredible.

*Archelon would now be able to move much faster on land and would have 120 moistness, allowing it to be able to chill on land for a while like normal sea turtles do to lay eggs.

*Murusraptor would now no longer give a ton of food when killed, and would instead have poisonous flesh so if consumed would actually damage the dinosaur eating it by around 5% of their max health per bite. Food will still be able to be eaten off it but it will not heal you. Players would no longer have an incentive to kill this creature for food and would instead leave it alone. The corpse of the Murusraptor would give off a greenish smoke particle as a slight warning new players not to eat it.

*Deinocheirus would now have 60 oxygen instead of 30 so it could dive to collect bodies/eat easier.

*Avimimus now is 25% faster, making it able to use its chicken legs to outrun large predators hoping for some KFC. It would also greatly help this creature climb since its hitbox makes it annoying and slow to climb with.

*Megavore/Terror would now have 25% higher health in response to these buffs (I know it sounds stupid but once all the other dinosaurs get buffed it will dwarf these alpha predator’s power)

-New Disasters:

*Severe drought! The sky would turn a reddish hue, and the water level would be greatly affected, going down twice or more the normal levels a drought reduces. Very rarely would occur during summer.

‘*Flash flood! Automatically a fog would settle in at the start of this (and last a little after the end) and these floods would move up four times as fast as other floods. Very rarely would occur during spring.

*Blizzard! A white fog would settle in, reducing visibility. Water would be covered in ice, and most ferns would despawn! 3-4 minute event that would very rarely occur during winter.

*Decay Epidemic! All corpses on the map would despawn within 5 seconds of the event and all dinosaurs killed during the event would give poisonous corpses (the poisonous corpses deal 5% of whatever dino that is eating its max health per bite). The dinosaurs’ corpses that are dropped during this event would also despawn twice as fast. Bugs lying on the ground on the map are unaffected. Extremely rare, can happen during any season.

----------------------------------------------End of EvilTroodon’s Ideas-----------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------Doges Ideas-------------------------------------------------------------------

Albino Terror can camouflage for 15 seconds with a cooldown of 5 minutes.

---------------------------------------------PrimalVortechs Ideas---------------------------------------------------------

Megalodon - An apex aquatic predator. Growth rate of 1.8, 2,400 HP at elder, 300 Damage at elder, 17 speed when sprinting, and 15 defense. Maybe make it a limited dinosaur available during Shark Week for around 25,000 DNA. Adding this new dinosaur will make aquatic gameplay fuller, and will make players think twice before going for a swim.

Triceratops Nerf - I think we can all agree that the Triceratops needs some sort of nerf. It's a free dinosaur that can be played as soon as you log in, and yet there's only a handful of dinosaurs in the game that can take it down. Not to mention, Triceratops will frequently team and create almost unstoppable Death Packs. Here's my suggestion to nerf the Triceratops without it becoming useless. The speed should be nerfed by 2, so it's sprinting speed at elder will be 18, and its elder damage should be nerfed by 30, so it will deal 180 damage at elder. The Triceratops will still inflict bleed, it will still have its defense, and it will still have 1,800 HP. It will just be a little bit weaker, so not as many dinosaurs will be vulnerable to Triceratops attacks.

Aquatic NPCs - ChickenEngineer has stated multiple times that he wants to make the ocean more lively and fun to live in. I think that adding aquatic NPCs would be one of the best ways to do it. The NPCs would make food easier to get, and it will make the ocean appear fuller. I think the NPCs should be Coelacanths, Tusoteuthis, and Cretoxyrhina. This makes a range of strength for aquatic life, so you can attack NPCs based on your strength. Leedsichthys may also appear as an NPC that spawns in the deeper, open areas of the ocean.

Baby Animations - This would just make the game better for a lot of players, and it's something players have been complaining about for quite awhile.

Fixing the Megavore's Roars - This is also something players have been complaining about, ever since the roars became broken earlier this year. For how hard the Megavore is to get, its roars should at least look and sound right.

Fix the Floor Glitch - The floor glitch is an incredibly dangerous glitch that allows aquatic dinosaurs to glitch under the floor of the map, and attack players without being seen or hit. The easiest way to fix this glitch is to just make the ground solid, so players can't get under the map to begin with.

Water Breach - If you are using a strictly aquatic dinosaur that is traveling at least 17 speed (so no Megavore or Spinosaurus) and you are within 5 meters of the water's surface, you can press "b", and you will leap out of the water. This can be used to avoid predators, or just play around and have a good time.

Speed Eat - Right clicking on a food source will give you up to 10 food per bite, not 1 to 2. It will deplete the food source by 10 points when ever this is done, so ferns and carcasses can't give 1,000 food a piece. This is good for large sauropods and dinosaurs who are dying of hunger, as it allows them to quickly fill up their hunger.

--------------------------------------------------------End of PrimalVortech's Ideas---------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------Start of Annoying Gardevoir's Ideas-----------------------------------------------

New Abillities:

Throat Slash - A abillity for all dromeosarus which is used then a dromeosaur latches itself onto an another animal's neck. Inflicts 5 bleed damage and does 3X more damage than a dromeosaur's normal attack. Drains stamina really fast with each Throat Slash taking away up to 30 stamina per kick.

Pounce - A abillity which all dromeosaurs posses which is used by left clicking on a bigger prey item or enemy that you can normally hold. If latched onto a victim you need to spam the attack button to bite the enemy/prey to inflict your normal Damage but with an addition of 1 stacking Bleed point per bite. As you bite your stamina drains really fast. Does not work on your own species nor anything your size or still small and unable for you to hold. Lasts 10 seconds until you fall off of your victim.

Motherly Instinct - A abillity used only by all hadrosaurs (Maia,Shant,Cory,etc...). Boosts Defence points by 13 and Damage by 50 points whilst around your max number of eggs (Distance: 60 meters). Does stack up by 4 Damage and 2 Defence with 4 other hadrosaur eggs which don't belong to you.

Quill Throw - Used by Protoceratops and Psittacosaurus. Shoots 5 to 10 quills from the dinosaurs tail each quill does 10 to 15 Damage. Have 45% chance to inflict 1 to 2 stackable Beed Damage per quill. Activated by pressing "H".

Rage of The Flock - Istiodactylus and Austriadactylus will get a boost of 10 damage whilst traveling with a another pterosaur of the same species.

New Animals:

Psittacosaurus - A small early Herbivorous ceratopsid from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia, Siberia and China (Possibly Thailand) Possesing a brush of quill like feathers on it's tail used for defence. When bitten has a 40% chance of inflicting 1 stackable Bleed Damage.

Same stats as Troodon but 5 more Defence

Cost: 130 DNA

Protoceratops - A small early Herbivorous ceratopsid from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia. Possesing nearly a full body covering of feathers with it's underbelly and head being featherless. To eject quills press "H".

Health: Starts: 120 HP | Ends: 1150 HP

Defence: 5

Speed: Starts: 30 Speed | Ends: 20 Speed

Damage: Starts: 50 DMG | Ends: 140 DMG


Cost: 270 DNA

Austriadactylus - A small rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur with a wingspam of 1.2 Meters, feeding on various types of fish. Lived in the Late Triassic of Austria, Itally Tyrol and Ankerschlag. Fly in flocks to get a Damege boost! Then falling in water or flying normally into it gains a speed boost of 5 points for 10 seconds.

Health: Starts: 90 HP | Ends: 700 HP


Speed: Starts: 39 Speed | Ends: 25 Speed

Damage: Starts: 20 DMG | Ends: 100 DMG


Cost: 130 DNA

Tupandactylus (imperator) - A pretty large tapejarid pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Brazil suprisingly being a Omnivore! With a giant crest used in mating dances and over all display, it was a great idea of how diverse pterosaur crests really were.

Health: Starts: 240 HP | Ends 1400 HP

Defence: 5 Defence

Speed: Starts: 35 Speed | Ends: 22 Speed

Damage: Starts: 30 DMG | Ends: 140 DMG

Oxygen: 10

Cost: 360 DNA

Liaoningosaurus - A pretty small ankylosaurid from the Early Cretaceous of China. It was a suprisigly aquatic ankylosaurid that ate fish and had the anatomy looking like the anatomy of a snapping turtle.

Health: Starts: 280 HP | Ends: 1605 HP

Defence: 10 Defence

Speed: Starts: 30 Speed (34 in water) | Ends: 19 Speed (23 in water)

Damage: Starts: 30 DMG | Ends: 110 DMG

Cost: 430 DNA

New Skins:

The Enfluffening Egg

This egg will have skins of only dinosaurian organisms which will be partially or entirelly covered with feathers (And I didn't make this idea to torture them JP fanboys or anything like that but for just pure satire and my love to feathers). Each egg will cost 750 DNA and the color names written there are for you to know how rare they are, White=common Blue=Uncommon Orange=Rare Red=Exetremelly Rare Purple=Epic. Here are the dinosaur skins from the egg:

Danger Floof Therizinosaurus (Red) (Inspired by a meme from The Isle.)

Sandhill Crane Spinosaurus (Red)

Black Heron Baryonyx (Orange)

Fluffy Neck Brachiosaurus (Orange)

Childhood Ruiner Tyrannosaurus (Red) (To all the angry JP fanboys.)

Quilled Sausage Carnotaurus (Orange)

Hornbill Dilophosaurus (White)

Pangolin Feathered Barosaurus (Purple) (Took the idea from TREY's Pangolin Feather speculation.)

Kiwi Bird Ornithomimus (White)

Ostrich mimic Coelophysis (Blue

Smashin' Balaur (Blue) (No Balaur, go find Orni.....Galli, please LEMME SMASH.)

Gargantuan Birbo Sauroposeidon (Purple)

Tail Display Ankylosaurs (Red) (I have armor but that ain't provin' that I ain't fuzzy!)

Explained Ceratosaurus (Purple) (Looks like Dipperus Pinecus or TREY the Explainer for short!)

Dark Fluff Lord Sauroniops (White) (If Lord of The Rings was in the Mesozoic......)

New In-game Mechanics:

Mating Calls- The mating calls would be an another addition to make the game more "Fun" the calls will be used in mating, and no there won't be animations for that you sickos! Mating will begin as a Male will use the "M" key to use the Mating Call and if the female will respond with a heart emoticon, she will be ready to lay her eggs after 4 days. Young Adults, Elders and Adults are able to mate and use the Mating Call

Genders - As you are in the Menu and you press the "Play" button you are greeted with a pop-up asking you which gender your animal is going to be. Genders will reset each time you go to the Menu and you will be asked about your gender again (No Attack Helicopters or any genders like that would be in the game.....Only Males and Females).

Sexual Dimorphism - Sexual dimorphism is a trait shared by many organisms most visible in peacocks,lions and even humans. It simply changes the organisms look by making it easier to identify Males from Females and vice versa. In the case of dinosaurs,pterosaurs and maybe some marine reptiles making Males more flashy to atract Females and making them bigger by a little bit. It would be usefull in recognising genders of certain animals in-game.

Marine Reptiles give birth to live Young - All marine reptiles will now give birth to live young....We even have fossil evidence supporting such behaviour.

------------------------------------------------WORK IN PROGRESS-----------------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------------------End of Annoying Gardevoir's ideas so far-------------------------------

--PrimalVortechs Ideas Pt 2 (The sequel is usually never as good as the original, but this time it's better 7/10)--

Carnivore Wendigo - It's about time the Wendigo Therizinosaurus is changed to a carnivore. Why it's still a herbivore is beyond me, but Chicken just needs to change this thing to carnivore. The best time to do it would probably be during the Winter Event this year, when the Wendigo and the other winter skins are rereleased.

Tapejara - WHAT'S BETTER THAN A TAPEJARA RIPOFF? A TAPEJARA! The Tapejara was a Cretaceous pterosaur found in Brazil. Its most famous feature is its massive crest above its head. It should have 16 speed while flying, and 20 while sprinting and flying. At elder, it should deal 198 damage, and it should have 1,380 HP at elder. It should only have 5 defense like the other pterosaurs. Just so it's balanced, it shouldn't be able to pick up anything bigger than a baby Barosaurus (so it doesn't swoop down and kidnap an elder tyrannosaurus). It should be a little bit smaller than a Hatzegopterex. It should cost 1,040 DNA, as it's a little stronger than the other popular pterosaurs.

Waves, Wakes, and Silhouettes - This would be purely for aesthetics, and it would make the game appear more realistic. In addition to small waves around the coast, any large aquatic creatures swimming on the surface of the water will create a small wake around them. Also, any creatures just barely underwater will create a shadow/silhouette on the surface of the water.

Ice Hole Improvements - An aquatic dinosaur would be able to either jump out of the water through an ice hole, or jump into the water through an ice hole. The same would go for terrestrial dinosaurs. However, anything bigger than an elder Pliosaurus will not be able to use the ice holes. To support the size of larger dinosaurs, the ice holes will be larger.

Allosaurus Buff - Being that the Allosaurus was one of the apex predators of the Jurassic Period, it seems strange the Allosaurus is pretty pathetic in-game and can be killed by almost anything. An Allosaurus buff is long overdue. First, I think its elder damage should be buffed by 42, so it will deal 210 damage at elder. Second, I think its elder HP should be buffed by 420, so it will have 1,500 HP at elder. Lastly, I think its defense should be increased by 5, just so it can take hits from stronger predators. Its speed should be nerfed, so it should have a walking speed of 18 and a sprinting speed of 22, so it won't be able to "bully" weaker dinosaurs. The Allosaurus will still be vulnerable to attacks by Spinosaurus, Gigas, Rexes, and Triceratops, but it will at least be able to defend itself better if it had to.

Holding Glitches - I don't know if you would consider this to be a glitch, but it really should be fixed. Sometimes if you're playing as a carnivore and you pick up something large, your character will start glitching like crazy, and will sometimes be launched out of the world, killing your dinosaur in the process. I lost a day 230 Terror to this glitch, and it's something that has to be fixed.

Better Tracks - Another cosmetic upgrade to the game, I think that certain dinosaurs should leave certain tracks. They also shouldn't be colored, and should instead leave a muddy imprint in the ground for realism. To make them more useful for carnivores, they shouldn't disappear for a full 25 seconds, and babies shouldn't leave tracks, unless they're heavy.

Black Friday 2017 - During Black Friday this year, all of the Adminsaurs should go on sale for the first 12 hours of the event. Kittygator, Ramphortherium, Supersuchus, and Wendigo King should be sold for 100,000 DNA each. Violex, Rekksu, Lucy, and Wyvern should be sold for 150,000 DNA each. This will give players this year something fun and challenging to save for, and they'll have a chance to own their own adminsaur. Each player will only be able to buy one, so they'll have to choose wisely, as these dinosaurs won't be tradable.

The Black Friday one is a joke, don't kill me xD

-----------------------------------------------------End of PrimalVortechs's Ideas Pt 2-----------------------------------------------

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