Greetings and welcome to the Suggestions and Ideas page!

Since ChickenEngineer does not run this wiki, this page will not likely be seen by him. This page is meant for the community to share their ideas for Dinosaur Simulator. If you want to present your ideas to him, contact him on Twitter. This page is meant to organize peoples' ideas so that they are not scattered around the wiki. Inappropriate edits/posts will be removed. It is highly suggested that you type your ideas on a document and save it, then copy and paste it on here; this is a precaution in case they are deleted.

Ideas and suggestions to put on this page can include stuff like new dinosaurs, new skins, new game mechanics, new buffs/nerfs, new weather events/disasters, new DNA rewards, etc. etc. etc. I think you understand.

Note: If your idea is for a new dino, PLEASE MAKE SURE ITS STATS ARE POSSIBLE! This means that its Elder Damage and Health are 6 times that of its Baby Damage and Health. Ex: 120 Baby Health - 720 Elder Health. 40 Baby Damage - 240 Elder Damage.

If you add in an idea, please add your name above as a header so we can know who's idea it was

Fanasman’s Suggestions

Allosaurus speed increased by 30%.

Sauroniops attack increased by 30%, speed increased by 20%. new characteristic Remodel and reanimation. Made the new Carnivore starter, making progression fairer and better!

Tyrannosaurus removed as starter dinosaur and replaced with Sauroniops, becoming a buyable for 650 DNA.

Active Ability: Defence Stance (M)

some creatures can now enter defense stance by pressing M.This prevents  them from moving, but raises their attack by 200% and knocks creatures back by hitting them. Being grabbed or pushed while in the stance is impossible. However leaving the stance by pressing S again prevents them from attacking during 6 seconds.

Can be used anytime with a three minute cooldown.

Active Ability: Blood Frenzy (K)

Some Carnivores can now enter blood frenzy by pressing K. This gives them a brief period of 15 seconds where they take no bleed, move 2x faster, and attack 3x faster. Hunger however decreases at 10x normal speed during the period. Screen edges are red this time. Can be used anytime, with a cooldown of 7 minutes

Passive Ability: Bone Breaker

Any creatures with this ability will slow down enemies down by 200% at using AOE attacks The debuff lasts for 5 seconds and is renewed by another AOE attack. Effect doesn't stack.

Passive Ability: Bullhorn

Any creatures with this ability will throw enemies towards the direction you're facing by attacking. Useful for defense, but gives dinosaurs you're chasing a chance to get away

Active Ability: Earthquake (K)

Some creatures can press K and make a special AOE attack that does half damage and has a crazy knockback. Useful for pushing a enemy pack away from you and your friends. Can be used anytime with a cooldown of a minute.

Active Ability: Dart (T)

Some creatures can lunge forward in one direction with a speed boost of 500% by pressing T. Only usable in air or water. Lasts for 3 seconds. If used while pressing SPACE underwater it launches you inclining out of the water, jumping in a arc or landing on the beach. Darting while grabbed by an ocean predator will release you from it's grip. Takes away 30% stamina on use, can be used anytime with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Active Ability: Subdual (P)

Some Carnivores are able to render prey unable to attack for 60 seconds by pressing P while holding it. However, the hunter cannot damage the prey either, nor can any other creature. However, semiaquatic creatures with this ability can still drown prey this way. After the 60 seconds, prey will be able to attack again, but the hunter won't. Can be used anytime with a cooldown of 3 minutes.

Passive Ability: Hardfighter

Any creatures with this ability will not be slowed down by wounds, having the same speed at 1 health as at full health. Useful for getting away from fights or chasing the other combatants.

Active Ability: Deadskull (K)

Some Carnivores are able to enter Deadskull mode by pressing K. This will make their speed half the normal, their attack 2x normal, their attack speed 2x normal, and give their attacks immense knock back. During the time hunger however decreases at 5x normal rate. During the time the screen edges are black. Can be used anytime with a 7 minute cool down.

Passive Ability: Leap

Creatures with this ability jump about 4x higher by default. You can move in while in the air, and leaping while sprinting will lunge you forward. Works great in combination with Predator Pounce. Leaping however takes 5 stamina per jump.

Active Ability: Predator Pounce (L)

Some Fast-Running theropods with the passive ability Leap can now latch onto bigger prey by pressing L after jumping. When latched on you won't be able to be hit by the creature you're latched onto, but a AOE will still flick you off after you've been on 5 seconds. While latched on your attack speed will be 2x, and you'll cause double bleed.

After being flicked off by an AOE you won't be able to latch on for 30 seconds, but there’ll be no cooldown if you get off by jumping again. You can also latch onto biggers friends, allowing for a hitchike. Can be used anytime with no cooldown, as long as there's still stamina.

Passive Ability: Rage

Any dinosaur with this ability will do more damage the more injured they are. If at half health, they'll do double damage. This makes 1v1 fights dangerous for your enemies, and gives a better chance for survival overall

Passive Ability: Rabid Bite

Any creatures with this ability apply a “Rabies” effect to attacked creatures. This makes the affected player in question automatically bite it's own packmates continuously as long as the attack range goes, causing havoc and mayhem in packs, making big dinos kill the small ones around them. They can still control their movements, however, so if they react quickly enough they can get away from each other while the rabies is in effect. The debuff lasts 30 seconds and only applies to creatures in packs, meaning they don't hit you automatically.

Active Ability: Retreat (K)

Some creatures can press K to enter Retreat mode, where they move 300% faster without using stamina for 20 seconds. This can be used to make a quick escape from predators, and overrides being injured in a fight. You can however not attack during retreat, and 10 seconds after it's finished. The Bone Breaker ability still slows you down.

EvilTroodon’s Ideas

-New Buffs for rarely used dinosaurs such as:

*Instead of the ability to climb, Troodons would have a cool new night buff. Fossil research has lead to the conclusion that troodons were nocturnal creatures due to large eye structures, so it would make sense. The troodon would receive twice its normal speed and would deal 150% extra damage, making it more of a threat to other dinosaurs at night instead of a mediocre mid sized dinosaur.

*Utahraptors would have the ability to deal largely buffed bleed damage that would stack nearly infinitely, making them more effective at hit and run attacks. Utahraptor jump high would be doubled so that they could leap into combat, which would be AWESOME! In order to balance this the Utahraptor’s base damage would be nerfed by 50% in order to be balanced (but the bleed damage would extend to probably 100% extra damage on top of the normal attack in a single bite)

*Kentrosaurus (yes those are in the game, I have only ever seen one in game) would have the ability to deal 25% of their damage value (the damage the kentro is normally able to deal) reflected onto creatures that hurt it. This would also cause extra bleeding damage. Since the kentrosaurus had more spiky plates on its back than the stegosaurus, this would make sense.

*Carnotaurus would be 50% faster when sprinting, but would consume twice as much energy, making it effective for quick escapes or quick rush attacks. The Carnotaurus was a fast hunter, so this would be logical.

*Maiasaurs would now be able to lay up to 5 eggs at once and lay them at an interval of 5 seconds each. Nearby eggs would hatch 50% faster and the babies hatched near a maiasaur would have 50% more base health. This makes sense as maiasaurs were known to have been good parental dinosaurs.

*Coelophysis would now gain 4 food per bite from a carcass that was not killed by them or random bugs on the ground. The Coel also loses food 50% slower than other dinosaurs. This would make sense as the Coelophysis was a scavenger dinosaur.

*Concavenator would now have the ability to swim but would still only have 10 oxygen. Concavenator would also have the ability to “store” food after being full by overeating. It would be able to eat an extra 50 foodpoints of food after full which would be stored by turning the hunger bar maroon and showing a higher number than the normal maximum amount. Stored food once full will not be able to be increased (or have more food stored) until the concavenator’s hunger drops to normal. As the stored food drops, the concavenator is automatically healed similarly to if a creature eats while hurt. This overrides being in combat, so the concavenator could heal a bit even while in the middle of combat! This would make sense since the concavenator’s humps on its back were speculated to store extra food/fat.

*Parasaurolophus and the Saurolophus would now have the ability to “retreat” by pressing Y, which would allow it to regain its full movement speed even when hurt and take 50% less damage. The Parasaurolophus/Saurolophus would not be able to attack at this time and it would last for 15 seconds. This ability would have a cooldown of 90 seconds (One minute and a half) so that it can’t be spammed.

*Camarasaurus would now have 30 armor instead of 15 armor and would not be able to be slowed down by wounds, making it more appealing and powerful for combat.

*Iguanodon would now deal double its current damage and it’s AOE attack would ignore armor dealing extra bleeding damage, along with a 25% extra health buff. This is due to the iguanodon’s powerful thumb spikes.

*Shunosaurus would now deal large bleed damage with its spiky tail and its AOE attack would be much, much larger in range.

*Corythosaurus would now be able to swim and have 50 oxygen. Corythosaurus would now have extra armor from it’s tough scaly skin tissue (+20 armor or so)

*Styracosaurus would now have the ability to “Charge” where it would sprint at 2x its normal speed and consume double the energy it normally consumes while running. When it collides with an enemy dinosaur it would deal x2 its normal damage and deal extra bleeding damage.

*Plateosaurus would now be able to pick up dinosaurs with its powerful grabbing hands (Even though it’s an herbivore!) and pressing Y would make the Plateosaurus stand up taller, taking less damage from attacks and dealing slightly more damage at the cost of losing 50% of its speed

*Edmontonia would now have a similar ability as the Kentrosaurus except slightly more powerful (the ability to deal 35% of the edmontonia’s normal damage reflected onto creatures that hurt it), and would no longer be able to be picked up by any dinosaur. As a balance the edmontonia would be 2 speed points slower. This is due to the edmontonia’s body being covered in defense spiny plates.

*Dacentrurus would now have its AOE attack increased in range massively and deal very high bleeding damage. It also would no longer be able to be picked up by any dinosaur. This is due to the dacentrurus’s massive spiky tail.

*Kosmoceratops would now be able to stand their ground by pressing Y, which would increase armor by 35 points, increase damage by 100%, and the kosmoceratops would not be able to be picked up at the cost of moving 75% slower.

*Allosaurus would now gain a pack bonus in groups, gaining 20% damage and speed along with 5 extra armor per allied allosaurus  (allosaurus in your pack) capping off at 4 allosauruses. This would mean 4 allosauruses would gain 80% extra speed, 80% extra damage, and 20 extra armor, making them a formidable force to other dinosaurs..

*Saltasaurus would now provide triple the current food at each stage of its age it gives upon dying. This would allow pack mates to sacrifice themselves as babies to feed larger packs, and saltasaurus’s salty babies could be farmed for a reliable food source.

*Gojirasaurus would now be 50% faster but would have 0 armor and 60 less health, making it easy for it to weave through predators (but watch out for AOE attacks as the balance would make the gojirasaurus more vulnerable)!

*Sauroniops would now deal 50% more damage than it does now, since it is neglected due to lower damage values.

*Ichthyovenator would now have the ability to boost in the water by pressing Y, which would cause it to move at 4x speed for 3 seconds and consume 15 energy (it would have a cooldown of 60 seconds). The ichthyovenator would also have 100 oxygen instead of 60. This would be good for charging after retreating dinosaurs.

*Fresnosaurus would now have 25% more health, since it deals very lower damage it should have higher health to survive more attacks.

*Prognathodon would now have the ability to carry LAND dinosaurs that are nearly as large as it easier, and would have 60 moistness instead of 30. Land dinosaurs being carried by the prognathodon would deal 25% less damage to its attacker. This would allow it to grab dinosaurs from the land and drag them under, making them more of a danger especially at the mid lake.

*Cretoxyrhina would now deal 50% normal damage but deal massive non stacking bleeding damage (It would deal 200% of the attack damage over time). The cretoxyrhina would take 20 damage per bite landed on an enemy dino since its 250 teeth could get ripped out easily. This is due to their razor sharp edges on their teeth, and these balances would make the Cretoxyrhina a more tactical creature for slicing enemies apart.

*Mastodonsaurus would now have a moistness meter of 200, and an oxygen meter of 200. The mastodonsaurus would also be able to swim much faster. This would make it a lot more interesting to use and would be accurate since the mastondonsaurus was an amphibian that would not be able to last long out of water.

*Kronosaurus Boyacensis would now take 25% less damage from dinosaurs that attack it while it is carrying them. This creature can carry massive dinosaurs such as the spinosaurus so this would make water combat much more interesting!

*Squalicorax would now have the passive ability to “swarm” other dinosaurs/creatures. When in a pack near other squalicorax, each one would gain a 25% speed and damage bonus per squalicorax up to 75%, making packs a lot more formidable against the bullies of the ocean like mosasaurs and pliosaurs.

*Onchopristis would now ignore armor and deal powerful bleeding damage from its saw like slashes. The left click attack would have a cooldown of 5 seconds similarly to the ankylo, but the bleeding damage would be incredible.

*Archelon would now be able to move much faster on land and would have 120 moistness, allowing it to be able to chill on land for a while like normal sea turtles do to lay eggs.

*Murusraptor would now no longer give a ton of food when killed, and would instead have poisonous flesh so if consumed would actually damage the dinosaur eating it by around 5% of their max health per bite. Food will still be able to be eaten off it but it will not heal you. Players would no longer have an incentive to kill this creature for food and would instead leave it alone. The corpse of the Murusraptor would give off a greenish smoke particle as a slight warning new players not to eat it.

*Deinocheirus would now have 60 oxygen instead of 30 so it could dive to collect bodies/eat easier.

*Avimimus now is 25% faster, making it able to use its chicken legs to outrun large predators hoping for some KFC. It would also greatly help this creature climb since its hitbox makes it annoying and slow to climb with.

*Megavore/Terror would now have 25% higher health in response to these buffs (I know it sounds stupid but once all the other dinosaurs get buffed it will dwarf these alpha predator’s power)

New Disasters

*Severe drought! The sky would turn a reddish hue, and the water level would be greatly affected, going down twice or more the normal levels a drought reduces. Very rarely would occur during summer.

‘*Flash flood! Automatically a fog would settle in at the start of this (and last a little after the end) and these floods would move up four times as fast as other floods. Very rarely would occur during spring.

*Blizzard! A white fog would settle in, reducing visibility. Water would be covered in ice, and most ferns would despawn! 3-4 minute event that would very rarely occur during winter.

*Decay Epidemic! All corpses on the map would despawn within 5 seconds of the event and all dinosaurs killed during the event would give poisonous corpses (the poisonous corpses deal 5% of whatever dino that is eating its max health per bite). The dinosaurs’ corpses that are dropped during this event would also despawn twice as fast. Bugs lying on the ground on the map are unaffected. Extremely rare, can happen during any season.

21Dogepilot’s Ideas

Albino Terror can camouflage for 15 seconds with a cooldown of 5 minutes.

Pitch and classic pitch, and any really dark dinosaurs or skins, can see better in the dark, this would make it easier for them to sneak up on players and get food, pitch could also shut its mouth and darken its eyes so it could not be seen.

A new skin for Coelecanth, called "Orange Catfish Coel" which would be a Magikarp from Pokemon.

PrimalVortechs Ideas

Megalodon - An apex aquatic predator. Growth rate of 1.8, 2,400 HP at elder, 300 Damage at elder, 17 speed when sprinting, and 15 defense. Maybe make it a limited dinosaur available during Shark Week for around 25,000 DNA. Adding this new dinosaur will make aquatic gameplay fuller, and will make players think twice before going for a swim.

Triceratops Nerf - I think we can all agree that the Triceratops needs some sort of nerf. It's a free dinosaur that can be played as soon as you log in, and yet there's only a handful of dinosaurs in the game that can take it down. Not to mention, Triceratops will frequently team and create almost unstoppable Death Packs. Here's my suggestion to nerf the Triceratops without it becoming useless. The speed should be nerfed by 2, so it's sprinting speed at elder will be 18, and its elder damage should be nerfed by 30, so it will deal 180 damage at elder. The Triceratops will still inflict bleed, it will still have its defense, and it will still have 1,800 HP. It will just be a little bit weaker, so not as many dinosaurs will be vulnerable to Triceratops attacks.

Aquatic NPCs - ChickenEngineer has stated multiple times that he wants to make the ocean more lively and fun to live in. I think that adding aquatic NPCs would be one of the best ways to do it. The NPCs would make food easier to get, and it will make the ocean appear fuller. I think the NPCs should be Coelacanths, Tusoteuthis, and Cretoxyrhina. This makes a range of strength for aquatic life, so you can attack NPCs based on your strength. Leedsichthys may also appear as an NPC that spawns in the deeper, open areas of the ocean.

Baby Animations - This would just make the game better for a lot of players, and it's something players have been complaining about for quite awhile.

Fixing the Megavore's Roars - This is also something players have been complaining about, ever since the roars became broken earlier this year. For how hard the Megavore is to get, its roars should at least look and sound right.

Fix the Floor Glitch - The floor glitch is an incredibly dangerous glitch that allows aquatic dinosaurs to glitch under the floor of the map, and attack players without being seen or hit. The easiest way to fix this glitch is to just make the ground solid, so players can't get under the map to begin with.

Water Breach - If you are using a strictly aquatic dinosaur that is traveling at least 17 speed (so no Megavore or Spinosaurus) and you are within 5 meters of the water's surface, you can press "b", and you will leap out of the water. This can be used to avoid predators, or just play around and have a good time.

Speed Eat - Right clicking on a food source will give you up to 10 food per bite, not 1 to 2. It will deplete the food source by 10 points when ever this is done, so ferns and carcasses can't give 1,000 food a piece. This is good for large sauropods and dinosaurs who are dying of hunger, as it allows them to quickly fill up their hunger.

PrimalVortech’s Ideas Part 2

Carnivore Wendigo - It's about time the Wendigo Therizinosaurus is changed to a carnivore. Why it's still a herbivore is beyond me, but Chicken just needs to change this thing to carnivore. The best time to do it would probably be during the Winter Event this year, when the Wendigo and the other winter skins are rereleased.

Tapejara - WHAT'S BETTER THAN A TAPEJARA RIPOFF? A TAPEJARA! The Tapejara was a Cretaceous pterosaur found in Brazil. Its most famous feature is its massive crest above its head. It should have 16 speed while flying, and 20 while sprinting and flying. At elder, it should deal 198 damage, and it should have 1,380 HP at elder. It should only have 5 defense like the other pterosaurs. Just so it's balanced, it shouldn't be able to pick up anything bigger than a baby Barosaurus (so it doesn't swoop down and kidnap an elder tyrannosaurus). It should be a little bit smaller than a Hatzegopterex. It should cost 1,040 DNA, as it's a little stronger than the other popular pterosaurs.

Waves, Wakes, and Silhouettes - This would be purely for aesthetics, and it would make the game appear more realistic. In addition to small waves around the coast, any large aquatic creatures swimming on the surface of the water will create a small wake around them. Also, any creatures just barely underwater will create a shadow/silhouette on the surface of the water.

Ice Hole Improvements - An aquatic dinosaur would be able to either jump out of the water through an ice hole, or jump into the water through an ice hole. The same would go for terrestrial dinosaurs. However, anything bigger than an elder Pliosaurus will not be able to use the ice holes. To support the size of larger dinosaurs, the ice holes will be larger.

Allosaurus Buff - Being that the Allosaurus was one of the apex predators of the Jurassic Period, it seems strange the Allosaurus is pretty pathetic in-game and can be killed by almost anything. An Allosaurus buff is long overdue. First, I think its elder damage should be buffed by 42, so it will deal 210 damage at elder. Second, I think its elder HP should be buffed by 420, so it will have 1,500 HP at elder. Lastly, I think its defense should be increased by 5, just so it can take hits from stronger predators. Its speed should be nerfed, so it should have a walking speed of 18 and a sprinting speed of 22, so it won't be able to "bully" weaker dinosaurs. The Allosaurus will still be vulnerable to attacks by Spinosaurus, Gigas, Rexes, and Triceratops, but it will at least be able to defend itself better if it had to.

Holding Glitches - I don't know if you would consider this to be a glitch, but it really should be fixed. Sometimes if you're playing as a carnivore and you pick up something large, your character will start glitching like crazy, and will sometimes be launched out of the world, killing your dinosaur in the process. I lost a day 230 Terror to this glitch, and it's something that has to be fixed.

Better Tracks - Another cosmetic upgrade to the game, I think that certain dinosaurs should leave certain tracks. They also shouldn't be colored, and should instead leave a muddy imprint in the ground for realism. To make them more useful for carnivores, they shouldn't disappear for a full 25 seconds, and babies shouldn't leave tracks, unless they're heavy.

Black Friday 2017 - During Black Friday this year, all of the Adminsaurs should go on sale for the first 12 hours of the event. Kittygator, Ramphortherium, Supersuchus, and Wendigo King should be sold for 100,000 DNA each. Violex, Rekksu, Lucy, and Wyvern should be sold for 150,000 DNA each. This will give players this year something fun and challenging to save for, and they'll have a chance to own their own adminsaur. Each player will only be able to buy one, so they'll have to choose wisely, as these dinosaurs won't be tradable.

The Black Friday one is a joke, don't kill me xD

PrimalVortech’s Ideas Part 3

Pack Chat- Frequently, when packs create a complex plan to kill something on the server, they don't want everyone to hear them communicating, as they need the element of surprise. Currently, the way to do this is to privately chat with people in your pack. This possesses a huge problem though. You can only chat with one person at a time. If you're commanding a pack of 5 dinosaurs, you need to switch between people to chat with, and send out an individual message for everyone in the group. This takes a lot of time, and when packs are hunting, timing is everything. My solution to this problem is to have a Pack Chat. Typing /p will enter you into the Pack Chat. Messages in Pack Chat will appear to everyone in your pack, but not to anyone else on the server.

Rajasaurus- It is now becoming increasingly clear that the Trex and the Spinosaurus weren't the only extinct super predators. With additions to the game like the Tarbosaurus and the Giganotosaurus, it's obvious Chicken is interested in adding more super predators. Because of this, I feel like the Rajasaurus would make an excellent addition into the game. It would be one of the stronger non-hybrid carnivores, as many people think that the Rajasaurus was one of the strongest prehistoric carnivores.

Price- 750 DNA

Health- 300 at baby, 1,800 at adult

Damage- 40 at baby, 240 at adult.

Defense- 5

Speed- 14 while walking at adult, 17 while sprinting

GRM- 1

Kaprosuchus- One of the most requested additions to this game, the Kaprosuchus needs to be added. It was a powerful, prehistoric Mahajangasuchidae, and was a strong swimmer. Unlike many amphibious reptiles of its time, the Kaprosuchus was elevated off the ground when walking, giving it a fearsome appearance.

Price- 350 DNA

Health- 250 at baby, 1,500 at adult

Damage- 40 at baby, 240 at adult

Defense- 20

Speed- 15 while walking at adult, 18 while sprinting

GRM- 1.2

DNA Trading- A very simple feature. When trading, you'll still be able to send up to 5 skins/dinos for up to 5 skins/dinos. However, next to the slots for requesting/sending, for each players, there will be a DNA box. You can send a skin and request DNA, or you can request a skin and send DNA. You won't be able to ask for more DNA than the player has, and you'll be able to add or subtract DNA in 1,000 DNA increments.

Add Boss Spawning Back In- Up until earlier this year, you use to be able to find randomly spawning Adminsaurs, which offered a difficult challenge for players to take down. Chicken has since removed them from spawning on the default map, and many players want them back. Not only should they add the NPC bosses back in, but they should add in 2 more things for them. First, they'll have a MUCH more aggressive AI than normal NPCs. They will roar, they will use AOE, and they will chase players for a distant, at their sprinting speed. Bosses that can fly will also fly to catch and attack players from a distance. Second, they should add in a reward for killing them. Killing a baby boss will drop 20 pieces of DNA, worth 10 DNA each when collected. Killing a juvenile boss will drop 30 pieces of DNA when killed, and killing an adult or elder will drop 75 pieces when killed. Like before they were removed, they will have an extremely low spawn rate, so players can't grind DNA off of just bosses.

Cave System- Chicken should add in a cave system under the map, similar to caves on Gallus Island. When Chicken released the Easter Map, something that players strongly liked about it were the winding cave systems throughout the map. It was fun to explore, and offered protection from predators. There should be 3 entrances throughout the map, one in the rocky cliffs, one in the small cave near the edge of the forest, and one in the cave near the coast with the small watering hole in it. The cave system shouldn't be too crazy, but it should have crystals, small ponds, and maybe even lava in the deeper areas.

Leveling Dinosaurs- This would be a huge new feature that would add in a lot more play time to the game, and give end-game players something to use their DNA on. When you get a dinosaur to elder, you'll be able to pay DNA to restart with it as baby. However, your dinosaur will be slightly stronger when you do this. It will keep your dinosaur's days too, as not to discourage high level players to do it.

First Evolution

Cost- 5,000 DNA

Stat Increase- An additional 5% more HP and Damage than an un-evolved dinosaur.

GRM Increase- An additional 0.1 GRM than an un-evolved dinosaur.

Second Evolution

Cost- 10,000 DNA

Stat Increase- An additional 10% more HP and Damage than an un-evolved dinosaur.

GRM Increase- An additional 0.2 GRM than an un-evolved dinosaur.

Third Evolution

Cost- 20,000 DNA

Stat Increase- An additional 25% more HP and Damage than an un-evolved dinosaur.

GRM Increase- An additional 0.3 GRM than an un-evolved dinosaur.

Fourth Evolution

Cost- 30,00 DNA

Stat Increase- An Additional 35% more HP and Damage than an un-evolved dinosaur.

GRM Increase- An additional 0.4 GRM than an un-evolved dinosaur.

PrimalVortech’s Ideas Part 4

If you're a dev reading this page, please pay attention to this idea, since it might just save DS, or at least the memory of it.

Summer Wind

  • Summer Wind would be a new non-default map with the vintage DS feel players crave.
  • It would be the same exact design that was the default map up until the Galactic Update, but with a few differences. First, the bushes would be replaced with the ones from the "Classic Map". Second, there would always be a light fog over the map. It would limit visibility, but not to the point it's crazy hard to see. Third, those oh-so-sweet background noises would be significantly amplified. This last one sound dumb but it would give the feeling of DS a year ago.
  • The menu would also have the vintage look found on the Main Map and the Winter Map, with the stone buttons.
  • The playable characters would also be different. First, the Irritator and all creatures released after it will not be playable in this map. 2nd, all remodels and skins released after the art skin update in May will not be included. The art skins will be included, along with the other additions during the update.
  • Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus and Movie Brachiosaurus will not be in the map either for balancing reasons, but the other Kaijus and Movies will be playable. Mammoth will also not be included for the same reasons.
  • Packs will also be slightly different. There will be no nests what-so-ever to prevent skydropping, but everything else will be the same.

Devasaurs Sold on Black Friday

Being that Chicken is starting to get rid of Admin Exclusive content in his games, I think there is a chance the devasaurs will be sold this Black Friday. This suggestion is for how it can be done without ruining the game.

  • First, these devasaurs need to be very expensive. I divided it up into 3 tiers of costs. Kittygator and Ramphortherium would cost 500,000 DNA each. Wendigo King, Wyvern, and Supersuchus would cost 600,000 DNA each. Finally, Lucy, Rekkusu, and Violex would cost 750,000 DNA each. This is to ensure that only the most elite players get these things, since most of the super-hardcore players actually tend to avoid KOSing, unlike the middle class.
  • The devasaurs will be bought through the red adminsaur button that actual devs have. People who didn't buy a devasaur will not see the button when Black Friday is over. During Black Friday though, clicking on the button will bring up a skin-like selection screen, where you can horizontally look through the devasaurs. Each player can only buy one devasaur. Upon buying one, all of the other ones will be displayed as limited, and the player will no longer be able to access the selection screen. Instead, clicking on the adminsaur button will immediately select the player's adminsaur, like how the actual button works right now.
  • The devasaurs stats will be the same, except that they will all have a growth rate of 3. This way, if someone starts KOSing and is killed by the server, they can't regrow in 30 minutes and continue their rampage.
  • All devasaurs will be untradeable. This way there is no chance that the devasaurs will get duped and lead to them being a common appearance. It also will prevent an insane overpay problem like what happened with G Baro.

Overall, I believe that this is the safest way to sell devasaurs. Devasaurs will still be super rare so they won't lose their meaning, while veterans will have the opportunity to get the creatures they've always wanted.


Cost: 150,000 DNA (Limited Black Friday 2018 or Summer 2018)

Elder Attack: 240

Elder Health: 1,500

Defense: 30

Elder Speed: 20/25

The new hybrid from JW: Fallen Kingdom, and what I believe its stats should be.

They could also add a Pitch Black Indoraptor for 50,000 DNA and make it a limited.

Annoying Gardevoir’s Ideas

New Abilities

Throat Slash - A abillity for all dromeosarus which is used then a dromeosaur latches itself onto an another animal's neck. Inflicts 5 bleed damage and does 3X more damage than a dromeosaur's normal attack. Drains stamina really fast with each Throat Slash taking away up to 30 stamina per kick.

Pounce - A abillity which all dromeosaurs posses which is used by left clicking on a bigger prey item or enemy that you can normally hold. If latched onto a victim you need to spam the attack button to bite the enemy/prey to inflict your normal Damage but with an addition of 1 stacking Bleed point per bite. As you bite your stamina drains really fast. Does not work on your own species nor anything your size or still small and unable for you to hold. Lasts 10 seconds until you fall off of your victim.

Motherly Instinct - A abillity used only by all hadrosaurs (Maia,Shant,Cory,etc...). Boosts Defence points by 13 and Damage by 50 points whilst around your max number of eggs (Distance: 60 meters). Does stack up by 4 Damage and 2 Defence with 4 other hadrosaur eggs which don't belong to you.

Quill Throw - Used by Protoceratops and Psittacosaurus. Shoots 5 to 10 quills from the dinosaurs tail each quill does 10 to 15 Damage. Have 45% chance to inflict 1 to 2 stackable Beed Damage per quill. Activated by pressing "H".

Rage of The Flock - Istiodactylus and Austriadactylus will get a boost of 10 damage whilst traveling with a another pterosaur of the same species.

Revenge - Deal 40% more damage to the person who ate your eggs or killed your kids. Used by Maiasaura, Utahraptor, Shantungosaurus and Yutyrannus.

Ground Take-off - Able to fly for a short amount of time as the Balaur when sprinting and then holding "Q". Lasts for 10 seconds, recharges for 7 seconds and makes your bird butt 50% more safe :).

Ink Cloud - Tusoteuthis will now be able to squirt out ink if damaged by pressing "H" if in the state of combat. Effect: make your enemy's screen become black for 5 seconds and as you squirt the ink, you get +5 speed for 6 seconds. You slow down your enemys too. Recharge: 15 seconds.

Projectile Vomiting - Puke out a short distance stream of vomit by ressing "H". Effect: cover your enemy's screen with brown fluid for 5 seconds and lower their speed by 50% for 5 seconds. Takes a quarter of your total hunger away. Recharge: 10 seconds. Used by: baby Tyrannosaurus, baby and juvenile Balaurs, Thalassodromeus, adult Troodon and baby Utahraptor.

Specialized Hunter - Click on a foot print of any animal and gain 17 seconds of 30% more damage dealt to that animal. Recharge: 20 seconds. Used by Murusraptor, Acrocanthosaurus and Concavenator.

Ram - Sprint into an enemy to ram them, deal 10 damage and slow them down seconds while also disabling their attack and drop anything they hold for 6 seconds. Recharge: 16 seconds. Used by Stegoceras and Kosmoceratops.

Screech - Roar to stun an enemy for 5 seconds and lower their damage. Recharge: 19 seconds. Used by Plateosaurus, Avimimus, Therizinosaurus and Thalassodromeus.

Short Diet Switch - Press "H" to become an omnivore for 10 seconds. Used by Concavenator, Spinosaurus, Baryonyx and Irritator. Recharge: 50 seconds.

Apetite for Anything - If your hunger bar becomes red you will turn into an omnivore and get 3 hunger points every time you eat something after you get back to a green hunger bar, you'll have 10 more seconds of that boost. Used by Coelophysis, Gojirasaurus and Plateosaurus.

Born Survivor - Whenever any disaster strikes, you get -50% hunger bar decrease, -50% thirst deacrease and -20% less damage taken from hunger or thirst. Then that disaster is over, you lose that bonus. Used by: Arizonasaurus, Pteranodon, Guanlong, Troodon and Ornithomimus.

Amphibious Death Roll - Grab an animal bigger than you or small enough to grab and press "H" to do a death roll, doing 100 damage. Recharge: 20 seconds. Used by Mastodonsaurus and Koolasuchus.

New Animals

Psittacosaurus - A small early Herbivorous ceratopsid from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia, Siberia and China (Possibly Thailand) Possesing a brush of quill like feathers on it's tail used for defence. When bitten has a 40% chance of inflicting 1 stackable Bleed Damage.

Same stats as Troodon but 5 more Defence

Cost: 130 DNA

Protoceratops - A small early Herbivorous ceratopsid from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia. Possesing nearly a full body covering of feathers with it's underbelly and head being featherless. To eject quills press "H".

Health: Starts: 120 HP | Ends: 1150 HP

Defence: 5

Speed: Starts: 30 Speed | Ends: 20 Speed

Damage: Starts: 50 DMG | Ends: 140 DMG


Cost: 270 DNA

Austriadactylus - A small rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur with a wingspam of 1.2 Meters, feeding on various types of fish. Lived in the Late Triassic of Austria, Itally Tyrol and Ankerschlag. Fly in flocks to get a Damege boost! Then falling in water or flying normally into it gains a speed boost of 5 points for 10 seconds.

Health: Starts: 90 HP | Ends: 700 HP


Speed: Starts: 39 Speed | Ends: 25 Speed

Damage: Starts: 20 DMG | Ends: 100 DMG


Cost: 130 DNA

Tupandactylus (imperator) - A pretty large tapejarid pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Brazil suprisingly being a Omnivore! With a giant crest used in mating dances and over all display, it was a great idea of how diverse pterosaur crests really were.

Health: Starts: 240 HP | Ends 1400 HP

Defence: 5 Defence

Speed: Starts: 35 Speed | Ends: 22 Speed

Damage: Starts: 30 DMG | Ends: 140 DMG

Oxygen: 10

Cost: 360 DNA

Liaoningosaurus - A pretty small ankylosaurid from the Early Cretaceous of China. It was a suprisigly aquatic ankylosaurid that ate fish and had the anatomy looking like the anatomy of a snapping turtle.

Health: Starts: 280 HP | Ends: 1605 HP

Defence: 10 Defence

Speed: Starts: 30 Speed (34 in water) | Ends: 19 Speed (23 in water)

Damage: Starts: 30 DMG | Ends: 110 DMG

Cost: 430 DNA

New Eggs:

The Enfluffening Egg

This egg will have skins of only dinosaurian organisms which will be partially or entirelly covered with feathers (And I didn't make this idea to torture them JP fanboys or anything like that but for just pure satire and my love to feathers). Each egg will cost 750 DNA and the color names written there are for you to know how rare they are, White=common Blue=Uncommon Orange=Rare Red=Exetremelly Rare Purple=Epic. Here are the dinosaur skins from the egg:

Danger Floof Therizinosaurus (Red) (Inspired by a meme from The Isle.)

Sandhill Crane Spinosaurus (Red)

Black Heron Baryonyx (Orange)

Fluffy Neck Brachiosaurus (Orange)

Childhood Ruiner Tyrannosaurus (Red) (To all the angry JP fanboys.)

Quilled Sausage Carnotaurus (Orange)

Hornbill Dilophosaurus (White)

Pangolin Feathered Barosaurus (Purple) (Took the idea from TREY's Pangolin Feather speculation.)

Kiwi Bird Ornithomimus (White)

Ostrich mimic Coelophysis (Blue

Smashin' Balaur (Blue) (No Balaur, go find Orni.....Galli, please LEMME SMASH.)

Gargantuan Birbo Sauroposeidon (Purple)

Tail Display Ankylosaurs (Red) (I have armor but that ain't provin' that I ain't fuzzy!)

Explained Ceratosaurus (Purple) (Looks like Dipperus Pinecus or TREY the Explainer for short!)

Dark Fluff Lord Sauroniops (White) (If Lord of The Rings was in the Mesozoic......)

The Paleozoic Mimics Egg

This is an egg with skins which resemble Paleozoic animals (Though some animals present here are from the Ediacaran or how people call it "The Pre-Cambrian Period"). This egg would cost 1000 DNA, and the color names written there are for you to know how rare they are, White=common Blue=Uncommon Orange=Rare Red=Exetremelly Rare Purple=Epic. Here are animal skins from the egg:

Giant orthocone Tusoteuthis (Orange) (Buff: +20 Defence)

Pterygotus Coelcanth (Orange) (Buff: +60 DMG, +10 Defence +330 HP)

Dimetrodon Arizonasaurus (Blue) (Buff: + 15 Speed whilst swimming +20 Oxygen)

Meganeura Istiodactylus (Blue) (Buff: +5 Defence, + 3 Speed, Con: can't fly for 30 secs after entering water)

Dickinsonia Archelon (White)

Prionosuchus Koolasuchus (Red) (Buff: massive size increase, +400 HP, doesn't have Oxygen meter)

Aegirocassis Leedsichthys (White) ( Buff (?)Massive size decrease +10 Defence, Con: -400 HP)

Paleo-mistakes Egg

This egg will include the inaccurate reconstructions that some of us made, Charles R. Knight, David Peters, Edward Drinker Cope, etc, we have their outlandish, most inaccurate and ridiculous reconstructions of prehistoric animals packed inside of this egg. It would cost 1200 DNA and here is the usual color rarity thing: White=common Blue=Uncommon Orange=Rare Red=Exetremelly Rare Purple=Epic. Here are the animals:

Swamp Loving Apatosaurus (Blue) (Buff: 12 in water Speed, Con: 5 Speed on land)

Turtle Therizinosaurus (Orange) (Buff: 16 Speed in water, Con: 9 Speed on land)

Long-tailed Elasmosaurus (White) (Buff: +2 Speed, Con: The size of a Diplodocus)

Gliding Stegosaurus (Red) (Buff: Can glide, Con: -5 Defence -30 DMG, -100 HP)

Bipedal Monstrocity Thalassodromeus (White) (Buff: +20 DMG,+200 HP, Con: Can't fly, from

Shrink-Wrapped Parasaurolophus (Blue) (Buff: +5 Speed,Con: -30 DMG,-100 HP, Looses hunger faster)

Bat Lizard Pteranodon (Orange) (Buff: Can climb trees, +10 Defence,+10 DMG, Con: Can't swim)

Dragon Iguanodon (Red) (Buff: +60 DMG, +20 Defence, + 200 HP, Con: -4 Speed)

Vulture-headed Utahraptor (Red) (Buff + 2 Speed, Con: broken wrists and small amounts of feathers ;-;)

Titanic Liopleurodon (Purple) (Buff: +100 DMG,+ 500 HP,Con: -5 Speed, size of a Leedsichthys)

Reptilian Deinocheirus (Orange) (Buff: +40 DMG, Con: Can't swim, becomes a Carnivore, no feathers ;-;)

Karpinsky's Helicoprion (Blue) (Buff: +20 Defence, Con: -30 DMG)

Cryptid Egg

This egg contains animal skins based off on Cryptids which are organisms whose existence is dubious, questionable and not proven. This egg would cost 2100 DNA.and here is the usual color rarity thing: White=common Blue=Uncommon Orange=Rare Red=Exetremelly Rare Purple=Epic. Here are the animals:

Mothman Balaur (Blue) (Buff: Can fly, +20 DMG, Con: as high as a Tyrannosaurus.)

Hook Island Monster Mastodonsaurus (Orange) (Buff: +100 DMG, +300 HP, Con: Size of a Mosasaurus)

Flatwoods Monster Koolasuchus (White) (Buff: +10 DMG, +5 Defence, Con: Size of an Allosaurus)

Ropen Istiodactylus (White) (Buff: +20 DMG, Changes glow color into many types of blue, Con: Glows in the dark)

Tripodero Shunosaurus (Orange) (Buff: Can spit a slowing mud projectile that slows down enemies by 4 Speed, Recharges after 20 seconds)

Thunderbird Hatzegopteryx (Red) (Buff: +2 Speed, +10 DMG)

Mokele Mbembe Diplodocus (Blue) (Buff: Moves faster in water, Is an Omnivore, 100 Oxygen Cons: -30 HP)

Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu Kentrosaurus (White) (Buff: Moves faster in water, 200 Oxygen)

Chupacabra Arizonasaurus (Purple) (Buff: +2 Speed, +40 DMG, +400 HP)

New Purchasable Skins

Gastornis Avimimus (Becomes a Herbivore, +20 DMG +5 Defence)

Pulsar Wyvern Istiodactylus (Reference to the game Sekaiju which was also developed by Chicken)

Mr.Fluff Lover Therizinosaurus ("I honestly think that all dinosaurs had a possibility to have feathers")

Psycho Therizinosaurus (Based on Sleepykinq's OC named Mystery)

New In-game Mechanics:

Mating Calls- The mating calls would be an another addition to make the game more "Fun" the calls will be used in mating, and no there won't be animations for that you sickos! Mating will begin as a Male will use the "M" key to use the Mating Call and if the female will respond with a heart emoticon, she will be ready to lay her eggs after 4 days. Young Adults, Elders and Adults are able to mate and use the Mating Call

Genders - As you are in the Menu and you press the "Play" button you are greeted with a pop-up asking you which gender your animal is going to be. Genders will reset each time you go to the Menu and you will be asked about your gender again (No Attack Helicopters or any genders like that would be in the game.....Only Males and Females).

Sexual Dimorphism - Sexual dimorphism is a trait shared by many organisms most visible in peacocks,lions and even humans. It simply changes the organisms look by making it easier to identify Males from Females and vice versa. In the case of dinosaurs,pterosaurs and maybe some marine reptiles making Males more flashy to atract Females and making them bigger by a little bit. It would be usefull in recognising genders of certain animals in-game.

Marine Reptiles give birth to live Young - All marine reptiles will now give birth to live young....We even have fossil evidence supporting such behaviour.

New Foods:

Clam Rocks - Clam Rocks are going to be a new type of food source that only some animals can access. The clam rock gives 40 food points if all the clams are eaten. The rock will remain where it was found and will grow 10 food points per day, clam amount on it's texture increases as the rock gets clams on it. They are parts of the map and appear on the beaches and can be eaten by: Ichtiovenator,Irritator,Istiodactylus,Coelophysis,Goijrasaurus and Pteranodon.

Sea Weed - The ferns of the ocean which probably nobody will use, sea weed is a food source with 60-80 food points in them. They spawn in giant forests with sea grass and if eaten, respawn 3 days later (Spawns in 6 days if its Winter). Can be eaten by: Deinocheirus,Decomposer Pteranodon and Tupandactylus.

Fruits - Fruits will fall from trees and they grow on the trees for 2 days till falling (They despawn after 4 minutes). Each fruit gives 30 food points. Can be eaten by: Therizinosaurus,Tupandactylus,Avimimus,Gallimimus,Plateosaurus,Balaur,Troodon,Maiasaura,Triceratops,Kosmoceratops,Styracosaurus and Deinocheirus.

Animal Stat Changes

Archelon - It will now have 200 moistness, have 14 speed on land and will become an omnivore.

Coelcanth - It will have 150 moistness, have 16 speed on land and have 20 speed in water.

Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus - Decreased range by half (still able to KOS but it's harder now).

Mammoth Triceratops - Decreased range by a little (still able to KOS).

New Badges

Cannibalistic Parent - Kill and eat one of your own children. Reward: 20 DNA

Heartless Monster - Kill 20 babies in 5 minutes. Reward: 40 DNA

I'm not eating that! - Try to eat meat as a Herbivore/Try to eat plants as a Carnivore. Reward: 10 DNA

Hateg Island hunter - Kill 10 Balaurs as a Hatzegopteryx. Reward: 15 DNA

Two birds on a wire - Be in a pack including only you and someone else as pterosaurs. Reward: 25 DNA

FEED ME PLEASE! - Let your hunger bar reach 0% and take damage at least once. Reward: 40 DNA

Attack on sauropod - Succesfully kill an elder sauropod of any kind ( Plateo doesn't count ). Reward: 100 DNA

So fluffy! - Get your first Plushie Skin. Reward: Get a random Plushie Skin.

So much Mayhem! - Get every single Mayhem Skin. Reward: 180 DNA

Owning the Mesozoic - Purchase all animals excluding the Megavore and Albino Terror. Reward: 200 DNA

My ears are bleeding - Purchase the Plateosaurus and roar with it.

OWNED - Get killed 10 times by the same person on the same server.

Growing strong - Elder your first animal. Reward: 100 DNA

CAW CAW! - Purchase the Balaur.

One "bird" isn't enough - Purchase all maniraptoriformes.

Ssssssss - Elder your Mosasaurus. Reward: 100 DNA

HONK! - Purchase all ornithopods.

Vegan - Purchase all Herbivores.

Butcher - Purchase all Carnivores.

Diet switcher - Purchase all Omnivores.

Scavenger - Eat nothing but Snacks (The green, winged reptiles) for 5 minutes. Reward: 25 DNA

Lift off! - Get your first pterosaur.

Afraid of heights - Don't fly for 3 minutes. Award: 40 DNA

Land-based pterosaur - Don't fly for 10 minutes as a pterosaur.

I AM GIANT! - Elder your first sauropod (Plateosaurus doesn't count).

I thought this was big! - Purchase the Liopleurodon.

A chick in a dangerous world - Spawn in as any feathered animal for the first time.

Triplets - Have 3 babies at the same time.

Nope - Decline a trading offer.

Good deal - Accept your first trade.

Dentists hate him - Purchase the Helicoprion.

Pack hunter - Kill all members of a pack at least once. Reward: 100 DNA

EXTEND LONG NECKS - Purchase all plesiosaurs, sauropods and ornithomimosaurs.

Better placement of Animals:

Triceratops - Purchasable for 750 DNA and replaced with Kosmoceratops.

Tyrannosaurus - Purchasable for 1300 DNA and replaced with Utahraptor.

Coelcanth - Now an aquatic starter.

OCharmanderO’s Ideas

The former content has all been deleted, as most of these ideas have been already scrapped.

New Dinosaurs!

These are actually possible creatures for the possibly upcoming game Predamoor. But if Chicken likes the models and put them in DS, here are their stats.

They will also have skins; I will add them soon.


Desc: Lived in the late Cretaceous period in North America. Height: 25FT, Length: 66FT, Weight: 160000 LBS

Health: 375-2250

Attack: 40-240

Blood: 0

Attack Rate: 2.5

Defense: 20

Baby Speed: 19-23

Elder Speed: 13-16

Oxygen: 20

Diet: Herbivore

GRM: 1.5

Cost: 750 DNA


Desc: Lived in the early Cretaceous period in eastern South America. Height: 6FT, Length: 15FT, Weight: 35 LBS

Health: 125-750

Attack: 18-108

Blood: 1

Attack Rate: 1.2

Defense: 5

Baby Speed: 25-31

Baby Flying: 37-50

Elder Speed: 17-21

Elder Flying: 25-34

Oxygen: 10

Diet: Omnivore

GRM: 0.3

Cost: 150 DNA


Desc: Lived in the late Jurassic period in east Asia. Height: 10FT, Length: 24FT, Weight: 6000 LBS

Health: 245-1470

Attack: 30-180

Blood: 1

Attack Rate: 1.5

Defense: 25

Baby Speed: 21-26

Elder Speed: 14-17

Oxygen: 10

Diet: Herbivore

GRM: 0.7

Cost: 200 DNA

Tyrannotitan (remodel)

Desc: (Same as current one)

Health: 270-1620

Attack: 38-228

Blood: 1

Attack Rate: 1.8

Defense: 10

Baby Speed: 25-31

Elder Speed: 17-21

Oxygen: 10

Diet: Carnivore

GRM: 0.8

Cost: 650 DNA


Desc: Lived in the late Cretaceous period in east Asia. As a consequence of the hit novel and film series Jurassic Park, it has become one of the most famous dinosaurs in the world. However, the raptors in the movie are not portrayed accurately. In the movie, they were the size of an SUV and had a scaly overall. In real life, however, it was the size of a turkey and most of its body was covered in feathers. The size of the Jurassic Park raptors was most likely based off larger dromeosaurs, like Deinonychus or Utahraptor. Height: 2FT, Length: 6FT, Weight: 30 LBS

Health: 100-600

Attack: 35-210

Blood: 2

Attack Rate: 1

Defense: 5

Baby Speed: 36-45

Elder Speed: 24-30

Oxygen: 10

Diet: Carnivore

GRM: 0.4

Cost: 350 DNA





New Starters

Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Ornithomimus will no longer be starter dinosaurs. They will become buyables for 1020, 750, and 320 DNA, respectively. They will be replaced by Carnotaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Tapejara.

Happyred50’s Ideas

new skins such as

nature egg:

forest guardian apato (purple with a remake)

flower demon T rex (red)

coral mimic spinosaurus (orange)

granite euplocephalus (blue with a remake)

pine tree sauroposeidon (blue)

log deinosuchus (blue)

cloud istiodactylus (white)

songbird balaur (white with new sounds,different diet and smaller size)

normal skins:

blue carrot Aegisuchus

storm bringer diplodocus

ultimatum form terror

bone tremor saurophagnax

destructive force sauroniops

new kaijus:

kaiju ankylo (based off of anguiris with more defense and attack costing 1520 DNA)

kaiju hatzegopteryx (based off of rodan with more speed and more health costing 2000 DNA)

kaiju quetzalcoatlus 2 ( based off of mothra it would have 150 energy and boosted attack costing 3400 DNA with a large range)

new hybrid:grigantoropus

growth rate 1.8


attack: 330



would look like a gigantic theropod with an unusually long neck( but not too long) it would be herbivorous making it not have to kill to eatit can swim but because of its 20 oxygen very bad in the water,it would also switch between two legs and four legs running on two and walking on four,along with its unusual style of running it would be able to reach leaves farther up by lifting its head(used by tapping a tree as you would with a balaur)making it very useful for eating the foliage on higher trees,these would not look like herbivores but would be because of what I just stated also very strong legs and arms benefit this creature in fending off attackers making it very useful in pack wars

new dinosaurs(and other creatures):


growth rate:1.2





the dunkleostus would be used for underwater fights and as a decent aquatic creature


new ability:crouch

most theropod dinosaurs will be able to crouch(not including creatures that are too big including:T rex,spino,albino etc.)allowing them to get there energy back at a slower pace than sleeping but able to move(albeit slower) and if somebody attacked you while in this mode and you sprinted you would have a 10 second speed boost

activated with n

new pack mechanic:pack chat

basically what you think,private pack chat for wars and stuff you know:exactly what you think

EatThatCooki’s Ideas

Statistical Analysis


Allosaurus fragilis: 1080 health, 156 damage, 10 armor, 16 speed

Allosaurus amplexus: 1110 health, 162 damage, 10 armor, 15 speed


Acrocanthosaurus: 1290 health, 210 damage, 10 armor, 15 speed

Tyrannotitan: 1344 health, 222 damage, 10 armor, 15 speed

Giganotosaurus: 1380 health, 222 damage, 10 armor, 15 speed

Carcharodontosaurus: 1320 health, 216 damage, 10 armor, 15 speed

Sauroniops: 984 health, 132 damage, 10 armor, 16 speed


Tyrannosaurus: 1680 health, 270 damage, 10 armor, 15 speed

Tarbosaurus: 1152 health, 192 damage, 10 armor, 16 speed

Albertosaurus: 960 health, 144 damage, 10 armor, 16 speed

Guanlong: 330 health, 72 damage, 2 armor, 18 speed


Carnotaurus: 960 health, 138 damage, 12 armor, 19 speed


Torvosaurus: 1020 health, 156 damage, 10 armor, 15 speed


Spinosaurus: 1344 health, 210 damage, 10 armor, 13 speed

DiscordTheWolf’s Ideas

The dinosaurs that (could have) hunted in packs, such as Utahraptor, would gain about 5 more damage and speed while near other players of the same type of dinosaur, stacking up to 20 more damage and speed.

2. Add in a Nothomyrmecia. This dino (well, it's not a dinosaur at all, but I'll call it that anyway) is extremely tiny, so small that even a baby arizonasaurus could carry an adult one. On some maps there would be extremely tiny, maze-like versions of the tunnels that are on the galaxy map and Gallus Island. These dinos are very weak, with only around 30-50 health as adult. They have the " Pack hunter's boost " but it doesn't add speed as they are already quite fast, and it only adds 1 damage point. It does stack up to 10 other Nothos, so you can add 10 more attack points to you and your teammates if you are all ants and stay close to each other. They can also carry things bigger than them, but not too large. If you want to carry things heavier, multiple ants can carry the same thing at once, but still they couldn't carry something massive like a Baro.

EDIT: More ideas!

These also spawn in as EXTREMELY common NPCS, that have a special AI: If there is more than 3 npc ants in a small area, they will go for anything under 200 hp, more than 6, anything under 400 hp, ect. They also have only 1 bite of food, but that one bite heals health massively, even if you're in battle. (Protein)

3. Sweet Dream and Nightmare skins.

Nightmare skins are similar to pitch black terror, but for most dinos. For instance, Nightmare Mega would be larger than normal mega (but only slightly.) It would have dark red glowing eyes, teeth, claws and spine, and jagged scar marks on it with purple/red oozing out of a few of them. Sweet Dream mega would be creamy yellow with light pink claws, teeth and spine, and blue cute eyes like the Balaur. It would have a small, light yellow glowing halo and a set of tiny little angel wings. These skins wouldn't just be for mega, they would be for t-rex, triceratops, spinosaurus, and more. Sweet Dreams pteranodon would be a cherub/angel, Sweet Dreams balaur would be a dove.

4. Give some AI to the fish that you find in the ocean.

Make the shoals flee from you, splitting up and regrouping, and the lone fish make a mad dash for coral. Also add some shallow fish that act like modern-day salmon (Sabertooth salmon perhaps?) leaping up small waterfalls occasionally, and some dinosaurs, like Spinosaurus, could stand like a bear and if one leapt up, you could click madly and have a 2/5 chance of picking it up in your mouth. These salmon would give 5-10 hunger, depending on size. (Not sure if dinosaurs actually did this, Google provided nothing, but it would be a fun way to get food.)

5. Sense of smell and poop

Okay, poop sounds weird, but it would be realistic I think. Every few minutes you would poop. It would just be this brown sphere on the ground that would vanish after 10 minutes. Smaller dinosaurs would poop more often, bigger ones less often. To the dinosaurs that have smell-o-vision (more on that later) it'll give off a brown glow If a dinosaur steps on the poop, they'll have it on their foot. Their speed will be slowed by 1, and wherever they go, to dinosaurs that have smell-o-vision, they will leave a very bright brown scent trail. If the dinosaur that steps on poop puts their foot in the water, it'll wash off. Also, if a flying dino poops on another dinosaur from above, it has a 50/50 chance to go on their back or head. If it goes on their back, they'll still leave the trail but nothing will happen, they can put their back into water to get it off. If it goes on their head, their vision will be obscured by brown splat markings, making it very hard to see unless you put your head into the water to wash it off. Smell-O-Vision is for some carnivores and omnivores. It would be a bit like the smell-o-vision from the game Wolfquest. Herbivores would leave behind a blue scent trail. The scent trail is a big long line going from where the dino started to where it is now. It would slowly get fainter and fainter every few seconds before it vanished. If you hovered your mouse over it, it would say "You smell the flower-like scent of a _________" for herbivores, "You smell the meaty scent of a _________" for carnivores, and "You smell the strange scent of a _________" for omnivores. Carnivores would have a brownish-orange scent and Omnivores would have a blue one. There would also be "Scent plumes." These are pillars of coloured smoke rising into the air above edible things, like corpses or berries, or dinos that are standing still. A few (NOT ALL) herbivores/omnivores would have the ability to smell ferns, which would have a bright purple scent plume. Also, pooping would take away 5-50 hunger each time, depending, again, on the size of the dinosaur.

6. Illnesses and rotting food.

If a corpse had been on the map for longer than, say, 5 minutes without being eaten, it would start rotting. It would have flies buzzing round it. Only a select few dinosaurs can eat rotting meat, if a dinosaur that can't eat rotten meat tries eating a bit, it'll fill their hunger bar, but then they'll get an illness. There's 2 food-related illnesses (I could only think of two that would work) and it's these two:

Vomiting. You lose half your hunger and take a small bit of damage. If your hunger is below half already, you'll lose it all. This sounds bad, but it's better than the other one:

Unnamed disease. Couldn't find anything like this that's a real illness, but I think it would be cool to add.

You vomit every 3 minutes (an ingame day) and you poop a lot more often, taking random amounts of damage sometimes (but very rarely enough to kill.) The screen warps ever so slightly, but slowly getting more and more hard to see. This can last from 5 minutes to 15, and at the end of it, you have a 75% chance to instantly die if you're a small dinosaur, a 50% chance to die if you're a medium one, and a 10% chance to die if you're a large one. I told you that you would prefer to just vomit. Also, even more fun: If your poop lands on someone's head (if you're a bird) They also have a 50% chance to get the disease! So, just one bird who ate some bad meat can make a horrible illness in the entire server!

Also, HERBIVORES AREN'T SPARED! There would be lots of red berries on the trees, all good to eat.. Unless they start going rotten. When the berries go rotten, they fall on the floor and go a shade of green-brown. A desperate dinosaur, or a n00b, might come over and eat them. Again, 50% chance to just vomit it back up, 50% chance to get the unnamed disease..

Oh and also, an edit to this: If you die from the disease, your corpse will instantly be rotten and spread it to more people. It's a circle of sickness. Babies also have an 100% chance to die from it, UNLESS they were pooped on the head to get it, in that case it'll be a 25% like small dinosaurs.

7. A new dinosaur, Velociraptor. This dinosaur is quite small, with brown feathers. The wing feathers have white tips on. There would also be a skin, "Velocirapper," which has a microphone, backwards cap, gold chain and shades. Normal veloci's roars would be fast and slightly musical., Velocirapper roars would be SKRAAAH, PAP-PAP-KA-KA-KA, SKIBBY-KI-PAP-PAP, AND A PU-PU-PURRRA BOOM

(sorry not sorry)

8. An Arizonasaurus skin called "Mouse Arizonasaurus." It would look like a fieldmouse, be omnivore (YES skins can have different diets to the original dino, look at pteranodon and it's decomposer skin) and would have a special ability called Hibernation (I know, Chicken said there would be no more special abilities for skins, no need to go yelling in the comments. It's just an idea) where if it presses H, it would move 90% slower, but it would also lose food 80% slower. If it has any energy missing, it'll gain it faster, like when you sleep normally. You can "wake up" by pressing H, but you'll move 70% slower for the next 30 seconds. This is good for if you're hiding in the tunnels and want to just wait out a predator, or if it's winter and all the ferns and players are gone so you just want to wait til winter is over (like a real mouse) and the spring ferns come to be eaten. Also it has another ability: Pressing F activates 'Fear' where you run 100% faster and lose no energy, but it only lasts for 10 seconds and has a 2-minute cooldown. Perfect for when a Cat Megavore (not real lol) decides to chase you down! Also, so you don't get fast, hibernating mice running all over the place, it costs 4080 dna (twice as much as the barosaurus) and is only avaliable in Autumn or Fall as Americans call it. (because of harvest and stuff)

9. Better babies. Better babies part 1: Birds.(quetz, pteranodon, balaur, possibly avimimus, ect) Before babies are born you ened to collect sticks that will randomly spawn to make a nest that looks like the stick nest, except you dont need a pack. When the eggs hatch, they will stay in the same place they were born until either juvenile or adult, depending on the dinosaur . hey'll try to get in the middle of the nest., fighting for space. If one managed to get in the middle of the nest, they'll give each other little bites that take 1 hp away, but never kill. From the moment the babies are born, there'll be a popup on your screen every so often saying "Your chicks are hungry!" and when you get near the nest there'll be a loud chirping/screeching noise. If you don't feed them you would die. (For birds that can't carry stuff, there could be regurgitation?) When the babies grow to adult, they'll start eating you out of house and home. Theyll screech even louder when you don't feed them, actually attack each other (and maybe you!) and leave you starving while they guzzle your food. So, in order to not be starved by your chicks, you have to attack and push them! If you bite them enough, they'll fly/run/glide away from the nest, a popup will appear on everyone on the server's screen saying _____ has raised a chick! and you'll get 1000 dna per chick (this is the same for better babies part two) so that there's an upside to raising a bunch of noisy, sometimes aggressive chicks who eat all your food. Sounds better than stpid AIs that wander around doing nothing and are attracted to water for some reason, drowning themselves..

Better babies part 2 is comoing soon, write ideas in the comments!!

10. woohoo idea fans! I haven't written on here in a long time but its time for me to dump some skin and dino ideas! YIPPEE

Bat Istiodactylus: Alright triggered ds fans, I know you'll whine 'NO SPECIAL ABILITIES!' but I think this would be a good one. Bat Istiodactylus is a vampire bat. In daytime, if you play as the bat your vision goes blurry, energy goes down fast and you move slowly. In the night, floods, and storms, it has a speed of 7 when walking and 24 when flying, and its energy goes down at the regular pace. You can't eat dead bodies but you can eat the snacks on the ground, and it's ability is: When attacking a dinosaur larger than yourself, you latch onto it (like being grabbed) and it can only harm you with AOE, but even that does less damage than normal because of your buffed defense.. Your victim gets 1 bleed, and your hunger and thirst slowly goes up.

HEALTH: Same as normal istio.

Defense: 5 more than normal istio.

Speed: 7 walking, 24 flying, 3 swimming

Attack: 20 when attacking, 1 bleed when latched on


I don't know what to call this, but a parasite idea to make life more interesting in the game. As Baby the game finds a corpse and places you in it. You are a tiny egg that's barely visible to other dinosaurs. You do not grow, get hungry or get thirsty. When a dinosaur eats the corpse, there's a chance that you will also be eaten. You do 1 bleed and they have 5 seconds to use AOE before you 'burrow into them' and become invincible. You start growing very quickly now, and do barely any harm.. It's very hard to know you're there, the only way they will know is because of random 'bites' that deal 1-5 damage everytime they poop (scroll up for more about poop ). The way to get rid of a parasite is to eat rotting meat, and if you vomit then the parasite will be vomited out and die. But then you might get the disease, so that's risky. If you lay eggs as a parasite, when the dino poops they will be in the poop as barely visible eggs like you were once, and if a dino steps in the poop THEY GET AI PARASITES YIPPEE!

11. New map ideas!

Map idea 1.

~Frozen Peaks~

Map description:

This map is only for the hardiest of dinos. Desolate snow lies for miles around, and there is permanent ice. How long will you live out on the snow?

The actual map is huge, like, really huge, like Gallus Island meets Galactic Map huge. The entire map is mostly gigantic, flat, planes of snow stretching for miles and miles. Ferns and trees are extremely rare, and for most dinos (Some of them are immune to this) hunger goes down 3x faster. In the center of the map there is a slightly raised, rock area with water inside. This is the only water on the entire map that is not permanantly covered in ice, and standing in it makes your hunger go up by 1 every 2 seconds. Steam also rises from here, showing they are hot springs. Near the edges of the map, there are GIGANTIC mountain ranges. I mean, so huge you can't see the tops of them, and wider than 7 elder baros standing in a line. On the top of the mountains there is snow, and some different (but they act the same) variations of ferns, that are still rare but less rare here, for herbivores that risk the long climb. Npcs are also rare.

Map idea 2.

~Many Biomes~

Map descripton:

However you want to live your life as a dinosaur, it can be done here. Want to stalk your prey in the forests? Want to run for miles from a tyrannosaurus in the desert? Want to fight to just live in the snow? You can do it.

This map is even more massive than Frozen Peaks. Most of the map is a ginormous forest, with REALISTIC trees, ferns, hills, caves, mountains, and hiding places. This forest is FULL of npcs of all different types, and when you step into it the soundtrack changes to chirping, roaring, rustling, footsteps, ect ect. A large river runs through it. About 1/4 of the map is a desert, large and empty, with rare ferns and cacti. Cacti hurts most dinos if you eat it, but some can eat it with no danger. Sitting on the other side of the forest is a snowy area, with icy waters, small mountains, ect ect. Then in front of them all, bigger than all of them put together, is a magnificent ocean. Npc flying dinos (ONES THAT CAN FLY FINALLY) flying above them, NPC spinos, megalodons, ect ect sitting on land and trying to kill NPC fish. The water is rich with every single fully aquatic water dino, actually swimming and not dragging themselves along on the ground. (Except megalodon, which sits on the bottom.) Seaweed, edible for herbivorous aquatics (none yet but hopefully some soon) and gigantic kelp forests, along with rocks, coral, anemones, ect liven up the ocean floor, and huge schools of coelacanth swim around. There are occasional pliosaurus (pliosauri?), mosas, and squalis, which are aggressive to everything with less health than it and some things with more health that it can still kill easily. There are a few small jungle islands with a couple land NPCS, jungle trees, ferns and grass sitting on it, perfect for a nice secure place for a nest. The river connects to this ocean,but the fish in the rivers change to swarm squalicorax and other rivery-type swimmers. Every part of this map is lush, beautiful, and most importantly, less boring.

12. AI improvements.

This would make the 'many biomes' map I added before much better. NPC AI improvement. Most herbivores would move in herds, and we'll use Triceratops for example in this one. Most dinosaurs would protect any baby dinosaur of the same type near it. For example, if you bit a baby trike, the adult would chase you down and do 1.5x the damage they would usually do. Small dinosaurs would run if a larger one, especially carnivores, was moving directly at it. Imagine a barosaurus and arizonasauruses for example. A group of AI arizonas sitting in a clearing, and an AI barosaurus wanders towards them. They would each move in a different direction, trying to escape. Smaller herbivores would also run in the opposite direction of you if a carnivore got near them. They would jump and climb trees (if they have the ability to) to get away, as well as finally fighting back if they had nowhere to run. Back to baby protecting too. If a Maiasaura saw you attack a baby Maisaura, it would chase you for twice as long as most protective mothers would normally, and do a whopping 5x damage. It would also notice a hurt baby quicker and from a longer distance. (because maisauras were good parents)

There would also be a better ecosystem with these improvements. Adult and Juvenile large carnivores would actively hunt out herbivores. Some would hunt in packs too, with different techniques.

I really need more ideas for these AI improvements too, PUT EM IN THE COMMENTS!

Frozen Peaks: Rewritten The map is gigantic and completely empty. Ferns are extremely, extremely rare, and the only ones that do spawn are tiny. There are no trees and no snacks. Npcs are as rare as ferns, and there is no water on the entire map, which is gigantic- really huge. Think of the biggest map on DS and quadruple it's size, then add on a little bit more. It's permanant winter- no droughts or anything, and the floor is completely flat. No hills, no caves, just snow, snow, snow, and more snow. But in the middle, there is one tiny patch of water. As there's no droughts, it's there all the time. One tiny patch of water, right in the middle of the map. One thing's for sure, everyone will be fighting for it. === *-*-*-*-*-*End of DiscordTheWolf's Ideas*-*-*-*-*-*


TheBoiWithTheDSNews Ideas

  • Make Giga stronger than T-Rex in health,attack or both things or make T-Rex weaker
  • Fix some attack range so no one can be KOsers
  • Make the cap of days instead of 25 to 50 or increase it
  • Make more DNA as a reward everytime you log in EX:1 day streak=100 DNA 2 day streak=150 DNA
  • Add new dinos like Megalodon,Ostafricasaurus
  • Make Evil versions of dinos like The Reverse Terror as a new dino not skin with more or less power.
  • Make Hybrids of Hybrids like EX:Albino Mega,Spino-Rex and make them with combined stats of both dinos
  • Make that you can Pack team EX:if there is pack war you are able to team with another pack to beat your rivals
  • make gamemodes like Pack Wars ect that give you either dino/skins or DNA as reward


-*-*-*-*-PresidentPliosaurus's Ideas*-*-*-*-*-*

These stats are for accuracy porpuses with some good balancing on them along with some new dinos and features.

Tyrannosaurus rex:

HP:1880(Before you complain about The Hybrids themselves note that they will be added here too)






SPEED:14 and 16 on water

DEFENCE:10(What was chicken thinking when buffing Spino's Defence?  its sail DOESNT give any sort of shield or defence. so 15 defence is pointless)

ATTACK:216(Currently we have found out Spinosaurus would have a stronger bite force than Carcharodontosaurus) 



SPEED:16(Theres no evidence of Giga being faster but this is just of balance)





SPEED:17(Balance porpuses)








ATTACK:270(albino shouldnt be able to bleed mega if this dmg is buffed above)






Im adding more soon. but heres features:


Adding an Are you Sure button after clicking  Accept on trades with YES AND NO as option

This will be useful and may stop a lil of the scamming that there is atm. and will stop accidentally accepted trades

TheFerretman21's ideas


Dragonfly snacks- these little guys hover above the ground out of reach of land creatures. THey have the same movements as AI and give 10 hunger once caught at there quite fast speeds.

More male and female skins- while this is a given I will dive further into these. Most will have larger, brightly colored males, and slightly smaller, duller females. On the other hand some creatures will be the same size with the males being slightly more colorful, (like T.rex, on which males would have vulture like faces, with weird crest, warble things like a king vulture, otherwise it is the exact same) while others the male is slightly larger, but the same color( like most Sauropods and all crocodiles). In deinonychus the females are larger and lead the pack, while the males are smaller and still more colorful, the hierarchy of hyenas for you guys who don’t know.

predatory/prey Instinct: Predators would gain a bonus of 20 health and 20 attack when hunting their natural prey.While prey will gain 4 more speed (examples of this are gallimimus and tarbosaurus, t rex and ornithomimus,and albertosaurus/deinosuchus and parasaurolophus/corythosaurus) while others will gain 2 speed 10 health,attack, and the defence (examples include T.rex and triceratops/ankylosaurus, allosaurus and stegosaurus, tarbosaurus and shantungosaurus).

Carnotaurus can now swallow carcasses and low health small animals that fit in its mouth whole. This will slow it down by 2 speed and it can store 15 food this way.

Food storage- Humped creatures can now store small amounts of food, only humped creatures can do this with the exception of the carno

Barosaurus will get a resize to about 63 feet instead of the size of three frickin argentinosauruses, will keep the health.

Albino Terror will be able to change colors when f is pressed, so you don't change color when you roar, this is followed by the terror shivering its jaw like during this scene.

Pack boost: pack hunting creatures gain a packboost while with others of the same species. Groups of packhunting dinosaur AI will spawn when one of this species enters the server. AI will act like baby AI if the one with the most health is fought to yellow (you both do half damage during this time to not kill eachother, if 3 hits are made to him after this the group will kill you. If you lose you will be made part of the pack and they will defend you, but will not hunt with or follow.


Microraptor- elder:504hp 90ap, 12 speed. This little gliding raptor would be able to climb trees. It is extremely slow for a creature its size while waking, but is faster than most pterosaurs when gliding. It is black with a white crest on the male’s head.

Procompsongnathus- 360hp 66ap A small dinosaur from the Triassic, with the largest pack boost of 10. AI will swarm larger dinos, and will always spawn in groups of 7-10. Males and females are the same size, but males have a crest of feathers running down from the head to the tail.

Anomalcarus- 4000hp 666ap Limited The size of 2 blue whales, this fresh water hunter would swim through rivers and kill unsuspecting dinosaurs during the late Cretaceous in Africa, with evidence for it hunting T.rex, stegosaurus, spinosarus, plateosaurus, kittyosaurus and carnotosaurus. This is just a joke to those who take it seriously.

Deinonychus- 690 hp 126 ap 23 speed. A smaller raptor with a pack boost of 7. A green stripe on the male’s side, males are smaller. Small groups of AI will spawn in groups of 2 once a dienonychus enters the server.

Edmontosaurus- 1704hp 186 ap 15 speed Being the size of a t rex this could be a downgraded shant. Males have a fleshy crest, which are more colorful in the summer. These are common yet powerful AI.

Ouranosaurus- 1356 hp 198 ap 16 speed a sailed iguanodontid/hadrosaur that lived in Africa, males have larger sails that are more colorful in the summer.

Tapejara- this would be a pteranodon sized pterosaur that eats plants, making it to be the only herbivorous pterosaur. Crest would be larger on males, while females actually can flush blood into there crest to scare predators by pressing f, when this happens it actually gets darker, making it look like the mouth of a pitch black terror, when the head is turned making a great defense against smaller predators, and going so far as to mimic the sounds of terrors and showing there stats.

Mapusaurus- 1698hp 282 ap One of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, has the unique ability to tear and eat pieces of meat from live sauropods, while this may seem gruesome, it is a very effective way to get food without having to kill a sauropod, and allows healing in the middle of battle, has a cooldown of 30 seconds, happens automatically when it bites.

Magyarosaurus- 768 hp 108 ap 20 speed A pony sized sauropods that was hunted by Hatzegopteryx. This sauropod will be unlocked by surviving as a pterosaur for 5 days.

Pyroraptor- 564 hp 90 ap The games wolf, the females of the species are brown with black stripes, while the male is red with cyan stripes. Males are bigger than females, and females can actually climb trees while the males are to large to do so. Groups of three AI spawn when a pyroraptor enters the server

Majungosaurus-1098 health, 108 attack, cost 1300 dna: to counter its special ablity. Abelisaurids have only one representative in the game, well Majungosaurus plans to change that. Built to take down medium sized sauropods, Majungosaurus takes half damage from sauropods, and deals 25% more damage to all Sauropods, except Amargosaurus, to give it a chance to live against this predator. While it still cannot take down a Barosaurus alone, having a Tyranosaurus or other large theropod, or even one or two other Majungasaurs by your side will help with these threats.

Latenivenatrix- 978 health 108 attack cost:250. A larger and stronger version of the Stenonychosaurus, it is more carnivorous than it's smaller relative, to the point of getting less nutrients from plants (one bite instead of giving 2 hunger only gives one, but the plant still takes the same amount of food points out of it). Latenivenatrix is a cool brown, with the male only being slightly larger.

Reskin: Stenonycosurus will replace Troodon, and will be a light grey, with a blue fleshy comb on the males. Troodon will be a skin.This is more for practical reasons of Troodon no longer having any fossils other than teeth.


Broken jaw allosaurus- the Dinosaur revolution allosaurus, obviously with a broken jaw.

Megalodon mosasaur- has no oxygen, lizard becomes a shark because thats how evolution works.

Red Pyroraptor- Pod from dinosaur planet.

T-rex of the fluff-The worlds fluffiest rex!!!! Its so cute and just killed a baro!!!!

Flying piranha Istiodactylus: A piranha with wings, gains pack boost for 5 other piranhas.

New egg: Movie eggs: Only explaining ones with variants or attributes, or only in books

Movie T.rex f- original JP t-rex

Movie T.rex m- JPIII rex

Red rex-JW T.rex

Limping rex- the baby T.rex from the Lost World, has a cast as a baby, limps without a speed decrease his whole life

Movie dilophosaurus- Frill expands during growl and roar, not during call

Novel carnotaurus- Brown with green spots can change color when it roars

Movie ankylosaurus

Movie deinonychus f - JP raptor

Movie deinonychus m - The lost world male variant

Movie achillobator f- lead female in JP III

Movie achillobator m- male JP III raptors

Blue movie deinonychus - Its blue

Green movie achillobator- Delta

Tan movie deinonychus- Echo

Green Striped movie achillobator-Charlie

Giant movie stego- The Lost World stego

Movie stego- JW stego

Movie triceratops v2- JW triceratops

Movie Apatosaurus- those poor things

Movie brachiosaurus f- JP brachiosaurus

Movie mosasaurus

All old movie skins get remodel and put in egg

Movie skins that are not in the egg:


Limited Movie Baryonyx- one from JW website, will be integrated when Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom comes out.

Movie gallimimus

Movie parasurolophus

New Hybrids: Heroicisosaurus 3000 hp, 366 ap Gaining the legs of a kaprosuchus, the head of a dunkleosteus, the body and tail of an ankylosaurus, the spikes of a stegosaurus, and having the breathing abilities of a lungfish, this aggressive beast kills for sport. Hatzegopteryx wings sprout out of the back, but has ridiculously small amount of energy, with 1 as baby and 25 at adult. Along with this it is slower than a baro, and its grows slower than one to.

troodon hybrid- the Jurassic Park the game, get a health decrease to 666 hp and 126 ap, bites cause dinosaurs more bleed damage than normal and lower the speed by 2 for 10 seconds, bites do not stack. Can see through fog and night better than any other creature.

New disaster:

blizzard: Blizards cause food to go down much faster, while limiting visibility. Once a blizzard is over, snow will be left on the ground, this will slow down most dinosaurs, while ones that lived in the Arctic or Antarctic can walk on this snow. At its peak only sauropods larger than an adult Diplodocus are the only ones that can walk through the snow without penalty, different dinosaurs are able to walk through at different heights of snow.


Just some simple ideas I think would be nice.

  • Make it so you earn more DNA each daily time you play like in other games. (Ex: Day 1: 100, Day 2: 120, Day 3: 150)
  • Add decomposing or poisoned food and toxic water. You take damage from these. Poisoned food turn a darker cooler to their original colors with flies around it. Toxic water turns a dark gray blue.
  • Add in Argentinosaurus, one of the biggest titanosaurs/long necks.
  • Add in Night Vision. Explained as in some dinosaurs can see in the dark more clearly than others, and blacken those that have a bad field of vision at night or aren't night dinosaurs.
  • Add in aquatic AI.
  • Add in aerial AI.
  • Add in aquatic herbivores and omnivores. Along with this comes aquatic plants like seaweed, coral, etc.
  • Fix underwater grabbing glitch. Sometimes when you grab something as an aquatic dinosaur you get fast speed glitched around and go in a direction you are opposite to facing.
  • Add in rain, storms, and thunderstorms as weather.
  • Fix blocky glitch where most classic blocky dinosaur models can't move unless they jump while going in a direction.
  • Add in more badges that give DNA.
  • Make it so all titanosaurs/long necks have bigger range (Due to long necks), reduced amount of bleed damage stacks to them, and invulnerable to small dinosaurs.

Beallendall's Ideas

Some creatures that i think would be nice and add more life to the servers

. Yi qi-143hp baby/858 as an elder.29 speed walking(32 gliding) as a baby/17 speed walking (23 gliding) as an adult.12 attack baby/72 elder.The Yi qi would have the ability to glide and climb trees to help with that.It's use in packs would be a small scout to spy on enemy pack. A packless Yi qi would live be eating snacks and scavenging which leads to my next idea,

-More spawning snacks-Ever played as a large,slow GRM Carno without a pack? If so you either(A)died until a pack invites you giving you food allowing you survive (B) scavenge off of a nice carnivore or(C)switched to a herbivore cause there be plants everywhere. Which is why i believe that snacks(Fish and the lizard things) should spawn more often according to the season so winter no snacks,autumn fewer snacks but not unbearably few,summer snacks are common,and spring..............SNACK-A-RAMA! Snacks(to compensate for their abundance and add more realism)should move! the lizards snacks should walk and when sprinting fly short (like a half a Baro short) distances.The fish should swim....thats it. For my last idea i purpose drumroll please...............Bug snacks!

-Bug snacks would spawn by trees and have the same spawning patterns I suggested.Beatles would spawn by bushes in an abundance 4-7 and each give 15 food each and move slowly.Dragonfly snacks would spawn near the edge of the lakes and during floods,near small bodies of water. They would give 20 food each but would be fairly fast(id say 11 speed flying)flying in a straight line.Finally bees by the trees (ayeeee) would give the most food in 25 hunger filled per bee and there is a nest so food is easy right? WRONG bees would sting back for 5 damage each.........with 20 of em.They would die after they sting but dinos from Arizonasaurus to Carno would get a DOT poison effect, so filling up on bees isn't gonna be all to easy.

-Shadow yutyrannus. This skin would be for yutyrannus(No duh) and would give the dino black feathers with purple accents(the orange things along with the face,claws,and feet).The skin would be a carnivore and have an special ability where it becomes a shadow(DURING NIGHT ONLY )the ability would require you to press H and it would drain 10 stamina a second to balance out the pretty much invisbility-ness.It would also be 10 speed slower in all stages so surprise attacking would be your main killing method.Would cost 5000 Dna and would come around during halloween.Attacking would make you un-shadowy(God my grammar teacher would murder me if he saw that)

-More realistic shadows.Shadows are more pronounced to add more realism.Kosing quetz's will have a harder time.Also during the night the moon will cause less pronounced(But not nearly as bad in the game currently)shadows.

MintRaccoon's Ideas

(I'm rather lazy. So this may end up being somewhat unorganized. Sorry)

Idea: "bait skin" SUPER REX. The SUPER REX would be a T-Rex skin that will never get a picture. And then it's actually just a baby T-REX that never actually grows and stays baby-size. It would also always stay at baby T-REX stats. The SUPER REX will not grow as the stages pass to make anyone with a false hope that it will grow larger be disappointed (as that is the point of a bait dino). The only thing that would change is the hunger bar as it is really small for babies so as the stages pass the SUPER REX's hunger will increase as normal. It would also cost 500 DNA.

|>|<|>|<|EchoNightmareBlade’s ideas |>|<|>|<|



Welcome to EchoNightmareBlade’s ideas. This tab of the page is divided into 10 sections: Starters, Dinosaurs, Skins, Buffs, Nerfs, Remodels, Eggs Collections, Re-priced, Mechanics and Maps.


New starters(with some buffs):

  • Saurophaganax-1500 Health, 190 attack, 20 defense and 16 speed at elder.
  • Kosmoceratops-1500, 150 attack, 20 defense and 17 speed at elder.
  • Ornithomimus-1000 health, 120 attack, 15 defense and 20 speed at elder.


Brand new dinosaurs:

  • Tapejara
  • This is a pterosaur but still, a brazilian pterosaur
  • Health:220/1320
  • Attack:32/192
  • Defense:10
  • Speed:20/24
  • Energy:25/100

  • Dakotaraptor:
  • Competition for Utah (they both have states name on its name!)
  • Health:166/1000
  • Attack:21/130
  • Defense:10
  • Speed:27/23
  • Energy:41/125

  • Nannotyrannus, ”The one who keeps Rexes up at night”
  • This will not only appear on JFC
  • Health:275/1650
  • Attack:41/250
  • Bleed Stacks:2
  • Defense:20
  • Speed:22/18
  • Energy:25/100

  • Mapusaurus:
  • Great counter for Argentinosaurus, they can range it
  • Health:285/1710
  • Attack:45/270
  • Defense:30
  • Speed:21/15
  • Energy:25/100

  • Argentinosaurus:
  • This is worse than baro.
  • Health:750/4500
  • Attack:65/390
  • Defense:10
  • Speed:10/5
  • Energy:20/50

  • Oxalaia
  • Health:210/1260
  • Attack:33/200
  • Defense:30
  • Speed:25/19
  • Energy:25/100

  • Pycnemosaurus
  • Health:300/1800
  • Attack:33/200
  • Defense:20
  • Speed:24/19
  • Energy:25/100

  • Gastonia:
  • Fam this need to be known on DS.
  • Health:250/1500
  • Attack:38/228
  • Defense:70
  • Speed:18/11
  • Energy:25/100

  • Gondwanatitan
  • Health:600/3600
  • Attack:60/360
  • Defense:20
  • Speed:15/10
  • Energy:41/125

  • Staurikosaurus
  • Health:150/900
  • Attack:20/120
  • Defense:10
  • Speed:25/22
  • Energy:50/150

  • Velociraptor
  • They're small and feathered!
  • Health:166/1000
  • Attack:25/150
  • Defense:10
  • Speed:26/22
  • Energy:50/150

  • Gorgosaurus
  • This is a Gorgosaurus, not Albertasaurus
  • Health:310/1860
  • Attack:33/200
  • Defense:30
  • Speed:20/15
  • Energy:25/100

  • Suchomimus:
  • Suchomimus is a cool spinosaurid, so why not to be cool on DS?
  • Health:200/1200
  • Attack:40/240
  • Defense:10
  • Speed:25/19
  • Energy:25/100


  • Clown Fish Coelacanth

Somewhere, beyond the sea…

  • [Description]Its right fin, while baby, is smaller than the left one.
  • Stats:
  • SPD: +5
  • {Limited}


  • Blue Tang Coelacanth

Hi, I suffer short term memory loss!

  • Stats:
  • SPD:+5
  • {Limited}


  • Sand Spirit Utahraptor

[Description]A sandy like creature, resembling the Utahraptor Stat Change:Less footprints. -

  • Death Bringer Hatzgopteryx

[Description]A really dark Hatzgopteryx with dark-blue wings and red eyes.Stats:

  • SPD:+3
  • ATK:+8


  • Star flight Balaur
  • [Description]A black Balaur with pink eyes.
  • Stat change: None.


  • Cracker Puertasaurus

[Description]It’s all striped with the same color as the regular Puertasaurus.Stats:

  • SPD:+1


  • Livyatan[Leedsichthys]
  • "Whale Nightmare"
  • Stats:
  • HP-2.400
  • Attack-240
  • Speed-15
  • Defense-30
  • Energy-100
  • {Limited}


  • Thor Velociraptor

[Description]A Velociraptor but with a thunder like scratch.It also holds Mjölnir. Stats change: Speed buff,22 to 25 when elder. -

  • Annoying Irritator

[Description]A red Irritator with annoying roars animations with even worse sounds. Stats change: Speed buff, 23 at elder.


  • Allosaurus:
  • HP-1.650


  • Liopleurodon
  • HP-2.000
  • ATK-250


  • Torvosaurus
  • HP-1.650
  • ATK-210


  • Albertosaurus
  • HP-1.500




  • Allosaurus
  • Torvosaurus
  • Saurolophus
  • Archelon
  • Elasmosaurus
  • Amargasaurus
  • Arizonasaurus
  • Avimimus
  • Balaur
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Coelophysis
  • Deinosuchus
  • Dacentrurus
  • Ectenosaurus
  • Edmontonia
  • Futalognkosaurus
  • Gojirasaurus
  • Kentrosaurus
  • Liopleurodon
  • Lusotitan
  • Plateosaurus
  • Sauroniops
  • Sauroposeidon
  • Shastasaurus
  • Shunosaurus
  • Stegoceras
  • Yandusaurus

Eggs Collections

Titans Egg collections: they are black and red and have gigantic health, attack buffs, aswell huge speed nerfs(all of them have a HP below 1.500). Being listed here by how strong they are.

  1. Titan Gigantoraptor (HP-1.800:ATK-260;DEF-30;SPD-11)
  2. Titan Kronosaurus(HP-1.800;ATK-260;DEF-50;SPD-12)
  3. Titan Acrocanthosaurus(HP-1.650;ATK-250;DEF-45;SPD-13)
  4. Titan Kosmoceratops(HP-1.600;ATK-240;DEF-50;SPD-12)
  5. Titan Yutyrannus(HP-1.440;ATK-210;DEF-50;SPD-15)
  6. Titanic Archelon (HP-1.320;ATK-200;DEF-75;SPD-12)
  7. Titan Irritator (HP-1.320;ATK-200;DEF-50;SPD-14)

Sports Egg collection: they have some speed buffs (depending on the sport) and are experts on sports.

  • Volleyball Rex -This T-rex defaced evolution: practiced volleyball and now is the big star of that particular sport.
  • Wrestling Triceratops – Triceratops hitting head and horns to see who is the big Mesozoic John Cena.
  • Velociraptor Racer – Who is the pre-historic Sonic? I think it’s this guy here, the one who runs between the rex’s legs.
  • Spino Swimmer – Plesiosaur taking a swim? Nah, this guy here is better.
  • Sky Diver Balaur – Is that a Quetz? Is that a Thalassodromeus? No! It’s the Skydiving Balaur!
  • Aerial Racer Thalassodromeus – Velociraptor ain’t the only one focused on speed! This guy is a boom!
  • Soccer Arizonasaurus – Yellow card to this guy nibbling the other player.
  • Basketball Puertasaurus – Boi that ain’t fair…
  • Bullfighter Albino Terror – A sweep of its paw can take a Wrestling Triceratops down.
  • Golfer Allosaurus – Where the Stegosaurus brain went? (No Stegosaurus were harmed on the making of this sport)

Historical Figures Egg collection: meet here a lot of the world’s history most know characters! (credits for Theferretman21 for some ideas)The 11th is rarest.

  1. Albert Troodon Einstein
  2. Abraham Therizinosaurus Lincoln
  3. Darius The Titanosaurus
  4. Stegosaurid Hannibal(Stegosaurus)
  5. Yutyrannus Khan
  6. Deus Vult Tarbosaurus
  7. Leonidas Ankylosaurus(if you don’t wanna see raged things don’t say “This is

madness” near this guy)

  1. Rome’s catapult Megalodon
  2. Attila the Terror
  3. Donald Deinocheirus Trump
  4. Trajan Charcharodontosaurus


  • T-rex
  • 1020 DNA
  • Triceratops
  • 1020 DNA


Echolocation: Lefkitis Shastasaurus and all Leedsichthys skins will have the Echolocation ability, which you can trigger by pressing T.It will reveal players and underwater snacks(fish).The sound will be really low and only really vigilant players will hear.

Sandstorm, meteor shower and volcanic eruptions: Sandstorm covers nests, eggs and AI’s and limits the player visibility. Recommended to leave the desert if you see a wave of sand forming. Happens in summer. Meteor showers are the most deadly of the three. Depending on the season, their frequency changes. Summer they almost never happen and if happen only a few them fall, spring they rarely happen but if happen atleast 10 falls. Fall they are not so common but not so rare, but if it happens atleast 15-20 falls. Winter has a 75% chance of happening and 100 meteors fall. Volcanic eruptions are worse than sandstorm but not deadly as meteor showers. They make waves that destroys nests, covers eggs with volcanic smoke, kills AI’s and wipes out every kind of vegetation.They respawn again after 2 minutes when the disaster ends. It’s recommended to be a carnivore or omnivore. Is very deadly in winter.

Rainforests:on rainforests, ferns are everywhere and trees are gigantic. Droughts only reduces 1 meter of water, while floods, floods everywhere. To find it, use a cave or slide a 30-meter slope.

Powerful ears: small carnivores and Balaur, if it presses K you will be able to know where the owner of the roar is.Example: a Balaur is searching for food and hears an Albino. Then it presses K and it will show a red clone(no more details, and changes for each diet, being red a carnivore, green herbivore and blue omnivore). You can see it through walls. You can only trigger that if it roars, and will only happen if you press K while it's roaring. Clones disappears after 1 minute.

Seaweed: Seaweed(algae) will be the sea herbivores source of food. It will spawn in shallow waters and will be 15 meters tall. After 20 bites it will disappear. In VIP servers, there will be a lot of forests of seaweed to feed on. Underwater AI will also feed on those.

Vibrations: Tyrannosaurus rex will sense herbivores whose their attacks include hitting the ground(like Cory and the sauropods) or running if it’s at ½ of its hunger.

AI Improvements: Raptors AI will start to spawn in groups and attack you if you’re a herbivore/ a carnivore that just attacked one of them & ate a bit of its hunt.WIP


Here some new maps + maps that need to be playable:

  • Volcanic Area: the middle lake is replaced by a furious volcano with some caves leading to it (lava doesn’t damages unless it’s a volcanic eruption) and have some canyons around it making a maze.Ocean circles the island with 3 layers (really swallow, a bit swallow, and deep ocean, where is always night).It lacks big forests.
  • Nightmare Island: the middle lake is surrounded by both mountains and underwater mountains, but still being possible to access it by swimming above the mountains, flying, climbing or passing by some canyons.There is a rainforest that is dark both day and night. The rainforest has loads of caves spread in it. There’s also a massive desert.If you cross the ocean (300 meters to swim!) you will arrive in a small island full of trees and ferns.The ocean has 4 layers (really swallow, photic zone, deep ocean and really deep ocean).
  • Hopeful Archipelago: the map is divided into 10 islands:2 islands are full of caves, good for nests;1 island is a tall mountain, where you can look at all archipelago; WIP

|>|<|>|<| The Doom Wall blocked this part of my ideas.Get a roman helmet to un-block the wall made by Donald Deinocheirus Trump and pull out the lever to make the Doom Wall collapse and discover the rest of my ideas |>|<|>|<|

Hai I'm Toxic and these are my ideas of how I think DS will be better. I'll deal with issues first like KOSing(pretty much the only issue here). I'll move on to skin ideas that I have such as the Bog Aegisuchus and the Volcanic Troodon. I also have maps that I would like to point out here. Finally, other miscellaneous topics that noone but the fans care about.

Solving KOSers:
KOSing is a huge problem in the DS community. Just the other day I had a Maceball in the server who screamed at everyone to back off because of overKOSing. When a Mega joined the server, he/she complained and left. The Mega did turn out to be a KOSer.

The way we can solve KOSing is by this new system...

Imagine this. There are three dinosaurs in the map, only one of them's a KOSer. If the KOSer kills repeatedly or kills when at full or nearly full hunger, he/she is eligible to be reported and kicked. A new button is available onscreen which is titled "report". So when that one KOSer kills one of the dinosaurs, the other dinosaur can report. The victim can report too. Depending on the server size changes the amount of votes needed to kick a KOSer. To prevent kicking the other team from pack wars, there would be a logic system that detects if the dinosaurs of one pack attacks the dinosaurs from another pack oftenly and frequently and will say that technically, they are not KOSing, it's a pack war. If the whole server is filled with KOSers and they won't participate in getting enough votes to kick each other out, then the servers just screwed up and you're better off joining a different one. I know that these will probally be called KOSing servers as they are now. Because this system uses kick, the KOSers are not only being kicked off the server, it has the same effects as logging, such as spawning as a baby if you're below half health or not saving the % of your dinosaur.




I'll continue this tommorow... :D

TH3B100DY4RR0W’s Ideas---------------------------------------------------------

Hey there! This is the Suggestions and Ideas tab for Shkataplah, aka triangle. So lets get to it!

New Dinosaurs


Smilodon, better known as the sabre-toothed tiger, will be a Murusraptor skin.

It will have a special ability in which it receives and deals x5 more/less damage towards/from the Triceratops skin, Mammoth. This will be a part of the Remove the Mammoth Petition effect.

Design: The baby/child model will have small teeth coming out of its mouth and fuzzy fur. The juvenile/teen skin will have the teeth farther out, the fuzz gone, and claws coming out during the sprint. In the adult/elder model its teeth will be all the way out, a small sliver of the claws out, and a small mane around the neck. Orange fur, brown stripes, white underside, and black face markings.

Animations: Its attack animation as a baby will be small bite and lunge. Its AFK animation will be pawing at the ground. Its AOE/Roar animation as a baby will be it hissing, with its paw lashing out. Its attack animation as a juvie will be it lunging, with both bite scratch. Its AFK animatinon will be licking its paw and cleaning itself. Its AOE/Roar animation will be it standing tall and roaring. Its attack animation as an adult will be it lunging forward. Its AFK animation will be yawning. Its AOE/Roar animation will be it slamming both paws down and roaring. For all stages: Swimming will be a frantic doggy paddle, drinking will be bending down and lapping up the water, and eating will be biting and throwing it up in th air and then eating it.

Stats: Starting: Attack is 30, speed is 16(sprint is 20), health is 350, defence is 10. Elder: Attack is 240, speed is 14(sprint is 18), health is 2500, defence is 13, bleed is 3(teeth are powerful).

Cost: 1005 DNA


The velociraptor, possibly the best known raptor, would be it’s own dinosaur.

It will have a special ability in which if it is within 50 meters of the Delta, Charlie, and Echo skins it will receive a buff of +5 everything. The same goes for the Skins.

Design: It will look like Blue from Jurassic World.

Animations: IDLE ANIMATION: Its idle animation will be it sticking its head up and cocking it to the side, then putting it back down, growling at the ground.

ATTACK ANIMATION: It will lunge forward in a bite.

EATING ANIMATION: It will dip its head down, then bring it back up, shaking it from side to side as if it is ripping the flesh to pieces.



  • Welcome!!! im gonna say my ideas and suggestions soo lets start pls dont hate me if its dumb ;-; New Dinos Pterodactyl: yea another aerial dino Stats: Health:1500 Speed(At Elder):18 Attack:230 Defense:5 Rajasaurus: Carnivore Health:1400 Speed:15 Defense:10 Attack:180 Skins: Cerberus T-rex: Design is a trex having three heads just like kaiu sauro and a flamey red body Kaiju Ankylosaurus: the design is like the kaiju from teh godzilla franchise called Anguirus it should have spikes on its back Kaiju Trike: the design is like the kaiju from godzilla called Baragon thats it!!!!

Leedsichthys should be bigger, slower, more health, and less damage

New Skins

  • kaiju Apatosaurus (king kong Apatosaurus, 100+ damage buff, buy-able kaiju skin for 25k till next black Friday (2018))
  • M.E.G.O. (megavore, 2,000+ health buff 100+ damage buff, limited)
  • AcroRex (Acrocanthosaurus, 1,000+ health buff, 100+ damage buff, limited)
  • Bloodbath (spinosaurus, 1,000+ health buff, 50+ damage buff, limited)
  • Roadkill (Quetzalcoatlus, 2,050+ health buff 25- damage nerf, limited)
  • Smilodon (Albino Terror, buffed range to 100 meters)
  • Grimlock (Tyrannosaurus, by pressing Y you transform)
  • Scorn (Spinosaurus, by pressing Y you transform)
  • Slug (Triceratops, by pressing Y you transform)
  • Strafe (Pteranodon, by pressing Y you transform, health buff to 1500 damage buff to 190)


  • Postosuchus a Triassic crocodile that had a head of a Rex
  • Tapejara A large Pterosaur
  • Dakuraptor A counter for Utahraptor

New Maps

  • Isla Sorna WELCOME, TO JUR-- no wait this is roblox
  • RETURN of the old map its a scary world...
  • RETURN of the galactic map


Hiya here are some of my ideas!


  • Fossil Fighters T-Rex LIMITED. ORIGINAL COST: 600 DNA

it is a Cartoonish T-rex, however it has a red Mohawk, and its entire body is black with Flame decal

  • Fossil Fighters Pteradactyl LIMITED. ORIGINAL COST: 200 DNA

it is a Cartoonish Pteradactyl, it has a yellow body with a few parts of blue, it also has a large crest on its head

  • Fossil Fighters Triceratops LIMITED. ORIGINAL COST: 400 DNA

it is a Cartoonish Triceratops, it is blue with small parts of beige on its legs and a stripe on its forehead.

  • The Kracken (tusoteuthis skin) LIMITED. ORIGINAL COST: 350

it is a Green Octopus with Red eyes and has eight tentacles, it loses it ability to change colors but gains the ability to grab items (Coelacanth to Juvinile Yandu)

Stat Boosts: [+ 150 HP - 8 SPD + 55 ATK + 5 DEF]

  • Aether Baluar COST: 150 DNA

A beautiful Creature that represents an angel, it has a small halo on its head and is 2X bigger than the normal baluar. it is also white with yellow pupils and yellow legs.

Stat Boosts [+ 30 HP - + 30 ATTK]

  • Beetle Styracosaurus COST: 500 DNA

It is a Styracosaurus with a large beetle horn on its head, it has black, armor-like skin, and has beady bug eyes

Stat Boosts [+ 35 ATTACK + 5 DEF].

  • Born Survivor T-rex TO GET: Get The DOMINATED! Badge.

Its a T-rex with multiple Battle-Scars, a lost eye and a overwhelming ego

  • STORY EXCLUSIVE!: Bloody-Eye TO GET: Type in The Promo Code, "Vengance"

It is an albino terror with a missing eye with old streams of Blood, also has battle scars

  • Explorer Hatz TO GET: Get the Not all Who Wander are Lost Badge.

a Hatz with a small Explorer hat and a jacket, he says if you meet a new Land... Improvise, Overcome, Adapt.

  • (For Echo cuz he always replies, also he is 1 nice boi)

Romanianosaurus Rex (Trex skin, but you already knew that.)

Sporting a Golden helmet with Blood soaked feathers on the top, a red cape, a Shield and Sword, and a very Territorial behavior. He had barely started a army of troops containing hundreds of Gallimunius, Mammoths, and Movie Brachiosaurus. and his General named Battlion Triceratops, who all lead the way to victory.

  • (for Golden cuz he had got me into some cool SCP stuff)

SCP-XXX AKA The Golden Sarchosuchus (idk what numbers to put in. so tell me golden plz)

Description: It is a statue Golden Anthropomorphic Crocodilian (most notably Sarchosuchus) that seems to be wearing a 6 Pointed Crown and wearing a Golden Bear Skin Robe. SCP-XXX was founded in a art Museum in [DATA REDACTED] Called [DATA REDACTED]. For some reason, during the night time the statue seemed to come to life and attack the poor observers, Despite this, it is active during the day as well. it also does not have any form of communicating other than playing "Charades"


  • Death Dodo

Despite its name, Death dodo is the size of T-rex. it also yields a large Sycthe, covered in what seems to be blood, is actually berry juice to make him more "scary". a part of its beak pokes out of the black hood it wears, it has no tail feathers and somehow using the power of edginess around him, he can fly which is also cool.


Speed: 12-18 When flying 15-21

Attack: 300 When using Aoe: 150

Defence: 10

Health: 3,500

Badges (Inspired by Gardy's Badges)

  • DOMINATED: Kill an enemy player Taking Little to No Health. Reward: Born Survivor T-Rex
  • Take my Money!: Spend a total of 5,000 DNA
  • Fight to the Finish!: Get Ambushed by another dino and Manage to kill it. Reward: 700 DNA
  • Mother knows best!: Take care of 3 of your young and get them to Elder. Reward: 850 DNA
  • Not All Who Wander are Lost: Travel a total of 200,000 Meters. Reward: Explorer Hatz
  • Pot Roast!: Kill a Elder with almost over 500 Food Points.
  • I can almost Taste it!: Use the Sniffing Feature to locate and kill your prey

Added stuff

  • Dilphosaurus's AoE spits out a short ranged Ball that does 50 damage

However, Pungent Dilpho's AoE spits a Ball that Travels farther and also does 75 Damage

  • Land Shark Conventor can now swim
  • Mammoth is given a remodel to remove its KOSing Problems
  • Cockatrice Gigantoraptor ACTUALLY LOOKS MORE SERPENT LIKE.
  • Hot head gets a swimming animation cuz the old one makes it look dumb
  • Albino terror keeps its roar, But its Growl is a snake hissing and its call is a loud Shriek
  • Using AoE will now use up energy
  • (this was inspired by Echo's Meteor Shower) Comets now fall. when a Comet falls to the ground if you click it you get a certain amount of dna depending on how big it is. Small: 50 Dna Medium: 150 Dna Large: 500 Dna Humoungus: 1,000 Dna

Depending on how big the comet is the smaller the spawn rate. Comets also spawn less depending on how many people there are in a server.

  • If you lose all of your Energy/Stamina when flying you will slowly glide down. however, if you stay idle you will still regain Energy/Stamina.
  • Mini Devosaurs! Smaller versions of devosaurs can be bought and are all 5,000 DNA. (YOU CAN ONLY BUY ONE! IF YOU DO THE OTHERS WILL DISSAPEAR.) Being small they have only they only have half the stats of the regular Devosaurs. they can also be obtained by beating a Dev Fair and Square. they are untradeable btw.

Troublemaker Violex, Wendigo Prince, Destroyer of Toys AKA Baby Rekkasu, Lil Rampotheirum, KittyLizard, and BabySuchus.

  • Choosen spawn:

You are allowed to spawn else where instead of the place you were. when play is clicked, a menu will appear allowing to to spawn in mapped places. if you want you can press Saved Spawn to go to your saved spawn point. if you have a nest click Nest Spawn and you will transport there.

and that's all folks!

Tubbybloxian's suggestions

Archelon's new abilities: Archelon should have new abilities where it can crawl on land with 120 moistness and speed boost on land. (Since there sea turtles.)

Someone Below's Suggestions

In-game Mechanics

Only some dinosaurs and crocs can grab when they attack without right-clicking. Add in moving fish NPCs, not the still NPCs that can instantly be eaten. This will pose more of a challenge for most aquatics and semi-aquatic creatures. Gender differences, for all creatures. New dinosaur skins: Warlord Eotriceratops The skin will have katanas protruding out of it's back pointing to the front. Horns are replaced with metal horns. Has samurai armor on it's body.

EncryptedHurricane's Suggestions

Hi! These are my suggestions on how to make the game better. This is currently a work in progress.

New Dinosaurus

Atopodentatus - An aquatic reptile that's relatively strong. It is a herbivore, and it eats the plants in the ocean. It lived in the Triassic period

  • Stats
  • Cost = 290 DNA
  • Health = 1560
  • Damage = 198
  • Speed = 15 / 19
  • Defense = 15
  • Energy = 150
  • Oxygen = 400

Alexeyisaurus - An aquatic reptile that lived in the Triassic period. It was a carnivore.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 400 DNA
  • Health = 1280
  • Damage = 242
  • Speed = 14 / 18
  • Defense = 10
  • Energy = 300
  • Oxygen = 800

Medusaceratops - A large herbivorous dinosaur that is similar to Triceratops, but is a bit weaker. Lived during the Cretaceous period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 1300 DNA
  • Health = 2000
  • Damage = 180
  • Speed = 13 / 15
  • Defense = 40
  • Energy = 120
  • Oxygen = 10

Sinraptor - A medium sized carnivorous dinosaur. Lived during the Jurassic period

  • Stats
  • Cost = 760 DNA
  • Health = 1135
  • Damage = 170
  • Speed = 18 / 22
  • Defense = 20
  • Energy = 100
  • Oxygen = 10

Lythronax - A large carnivorous dinosaur. Lived during the Cretaceous period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 955 DNA
  • Health = 1520
  • Damage = 245
  • Speed = 13 / 16
  • Defense = 25
  • Energy = 200
  • Oxygen = 10

Pentaceratops - A large herbivore similar to the Triceratops. Lived in the Cretaceous period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 810 DNA
  • Health = 1600
  • Damage = 230
  • Speed = 14 / 17
  • Defense = 10
  • Energy = 135
  • Oxygen = 10

Minmi - An armored herbivore similar to the Ankylosaurus. Lived in the Cretaceous period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 1000 DNA
  • Health = 2870
  • Damage = 145
  • Speed = 12 / 14
  • Defense = 65
  • Energy = 520
  • Oxygen = 10

Sinosaurus - A theropod carnivore. Lived during the Triassic & Jurassic period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 750 DNA
  • Health = 1250
  • Damage = 230
  • Speed = 19 / 22
  • Defense = 25
  • Energy = 205
  • Oxygen = 10

Zupaysaurus - A small theropod dinosaur, it was a carnivore. Lived during the Triassic period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 130 DNA
  • Health = 880
  • Damage = 125
  • Speed = 22 / 26
  • Defense = 10
  • Energy = 840
  • Oxygen = 10

Mamenchisaurus - A large herbivorous sauropod dinosaur. Lived during the Jurassic period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 1915 DNA
  • Health = 4000
  • Damage = 320
  • Speed = 12 / 14
  • Defense = 25
  • Energy = 80
  • Oxygen = 10

Bahariasaurus - A medium sized carnivorous theropod. Lived during the Cretaceous period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 770 DNA
  • Health = 1110
  • Damage = 195
  • Speed = 17 / 20
  • Defense = 20
  • Energy = 160
  • Oxygen = 10

Labocania - A large carnivorous dinosaur similar to Trex. Lived in the Cretaceous period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 1650 DNA
  • Health = 1700
  • Damage = 225
  • Speed = 15 / 17
  • Defense = 30
  • Energy = 100
  • Oxygen = 10

Argentinosaurus - The largest herbivorous sauropod ever. Lived in the Cretaceous period.

  • Stats
  • Cost = 2560 DNA
  • Health = 5000
  • Damage = 405
  • Speed = 8 / 10
  • Defense = 35
  • Energy = 110
  • Oxygen = 10


Maceball Ankylosaurus

  • Similar to the maceball stegosaurus
  • + 40 damage buff
  • + 1 speed
  • Cost = 15,000 DNA
  • Limited (Available for 1 week)

Rainbow Avinychus

  • Same avinychus model, but rainbow
  • + 200 health buff
  • + 50 damage buff
  • + 5 defense buff
  • Cost = 50,000 DNA
  • Limited (Availible for 2 weeks)

Inferno Styracosaurus

  • Similar to icicle styracosaurus, but the opposite
  • No health buff
  • No damage buff
  • No defense buff
  • Cost = 1000 DNA
  • Always available

Naval Deinosuchus

  • It is navy blue in color, with a dorsal fin on it's back. Similar to oceanic sarcosuchus
  • + 350 health buff
  • + 15 damage buff
  • + 5 defense buff
  • - 2 speed buff
  • Cost = 8250 DNA
  • Always available


Suggestion to add new plants and fish to the ocean. The new plants should be seaweed, kelp, and many species of corals. A new biome could also be coral reefs, this would be a good food source for both the carnivores and the herbivores. This would make the game better for water dinos.

Da Clorax's suggestions

First of all a New dino: Steneosaurus 120 health, 18 damage, 15 armor, and 15 speed. 120 oxygen as well. It would be roughly the size of the current Machimosaurus, but having a much more slender snout and looking more like a modern gharial. Think of it as just a mini Sarcosuchus or a crocodile counter to the small carnivores, such as Achillobator and Troodon. 0.5 growth rate as well. Why's it so slow, you might ask? Well... Mastodonosaurus and Koolasuchus need to have a chance, no? Speaking of the salamanders...

Koolasuchus and Mastodonosaurus buff: they now have infinite oxygen and don't have to worry about thirst, just like Kaiju Titanosaurus. However, they now have 60 moistness, so they have to stay at least a little close to the water.

Ankylosaurus and Euocephalus buff: Ankylosaurus buffed to having 12 speed, and Euocephalus buffed to having 13 speed.

Iguanadon buff: g i v e i t b l e e d f o r c h r i s t ' s s a k e

Mammoth nerf: Mammoth nerfed in size to being about 3/4 of what it is now, and it's defense changed to 5. It's health would of course get nerfed to about 270, but it's damage would be the same. It keep it's speed, have nerfed range, but have extra energy, and take a bit longer to die of hunger. It would really only be played by people who want to have a different stat spread than that of regular triceratops. Also it would never be sold again so those with it would still have a chance to show off.

Helicoprion buff: 32 damage, 15 speed, and a little extra bleed. The nightmare of all Baryonyx...

Megavore size nerf or stat buff: as described in the megavore buff rant thread. If it got stat buff, it would have 425 health and have 45 damage instead of it's current damage. If it got size nerf it would be only about 4/5 the size it is currently.

Machimosaurus buff: 42 damage, 13 speed, 90 oxygen, 1.8 growth rate. I mean, it had a crushing bite that smashed through turtle's shells like nothing irl, it's stats should reflect that... Also size buff so it's more similar to aegi in size. Head same size as Spinosaurus.

Aegisuchus nerf: 36 damage. Eh it had pointy needle teeth not that strong.

Deinosuchus buff: 35 defense. I don't know it just seems slightly-tankier-than-average.

Sarcosuchus nerf: 38 damage. Basically same reason as Aegisuchus; long pointy teeth not that strong. But still stronger than Aegisuchus' teeth.

New Dino: Suchomimus. 250 health, 28 damage, 13 armor, 17 speed, and 120 oxygen. Basically replaces old spino skins as far as stats go.

Hydragon of Death's suggestions

We all know that the charcaradontosaurus was bigger than rex, so a resize to about 1.2x size would be nice just for accuracy.

spino size buff, the 1.5X size buff didnt resize the spino or the tyrannotitan, so wth rlly? spino was bigger than rex irl not the other way around!!!

(T for herbivores) If there is a threat (aka carnivores) around that are near you, you can click t as a herbivore to signal your pack members to warn them (for realism purposes)

Xbox players should be able to chat and join packs.

Pounce: raptors, dilos, and those types of carnivores should have a pounce ability, if you locked onto a dino large enough then jumped and clicked "c" you would pounce on them where they would have to spam space to shake you free (you would take some recoil) spam left click to tear the victim with an attack speed simalier to your normal attack speed however if another dino hits you while your pounced, you`ll be knocked off, take damage, and double the recoil damage.

weight class damage, there would be advantages to being heavier (so that the weight is used) weight class determines jump height and also if you jumped on someone as a heavy carnivore you would get 2 seconds of 20% extra damage if your heavier

Babies should have animation and they should be able to attack as well.

Fishyfishyfishy500's suggestions

Primal Garden

Map description

This map is a challenge, even for those who are adaptable, every 10 minutes, a new environmental challenge awaits for you, tangled jungles, Mountains and much more line this map, what will get you first? play to find out?


Three times Gallus island


Center tree(center)

- extremely large, can be climbed up by certain dinos like balaur and troodon

- Ferns and xianglong spawn on it, giving even small carnivores a reason to come up here

- on a tiny island in the center of a shallow middle lake that contains fish and mangroves and reeds(which have paths through them)

-NPCs: Onchopristis, Amphibians, Crocs, Coelacanth, Balaur, Troodon, Irritator, Thalassodromeus

Deserted Shores(east side)

- an open, large shoreline area littered with cliffs, caves and dead trees, a perfect home for fliers and small animals

- very sandy and filled with rocks, with VERY few bodies of water

- with fish offshore, and very rarely, Ferns and Xianglong

- NPCs: Pteranodon, Istiodactylus ,Thalassodromeus, Hatzegopteryx, Balaur, Coelacanth, Dilophosaurus, Avimimus, Ornithomimus

Amazonian marsh(north side of map)

- this place appears as if it was ripped out of the amazon basin, with logs, sandy shores, occasional trees and large reeds in shallows(no collision, they look like this)

- giant water liles, they are large enough to walk on by all playables, and are as large as an adult mastodonsaurus

- has fish lurking in the reeds, as well as edible algae in the water

- land areas are infested with ferns, making this a relatively easy place to live

- NPCs: Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Irritator, Amphibians, Onchopristis, Deinocheirus, Therizinosaurus, Crocs, Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurus, Avimimus, Pteranodon

Silent Pond

- A small pond with reeds and a giant lilypad, a good ambush point for amphibians and drinking spot for smaller animals

- NPCs: none

Alpine hills

- A high, and dry area which is the coolest point on the map

- Only spot on the map with normal trees and bushes

- only spot of map with winter

- has a few scattered, steaming hot springs(don't hurt you)

- ferns are a little less common here, with xianglong being pretty common

- NPCs: T-Rex, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Maiasaura, Saltasaurus, Utahraptor, Troodon, Thalassosromeus, Quetzalcoatlus, Yutyrannus

Giant jungle

- A huge tangled jungle(it makes it difficult to manuever as things as large as rexes) filled with ferns and branches that can be reached via flying/climbing

- the forest floor is filled with leaves, insects,few ferns, bushes, rocks, branches and burrows that you can hide in, which connect to other burrows in the jungle

- the canopy is filled with xianglong, more ferns and a way up to the over story

- NPCs: Balaur, Troodon, Dilophosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Eotriceratops,Yandusaurus, Sauroposeidon, Iguanodon, Shantungosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Yandusaurus, Orodromeus(if added)

Open seas(surrounds the map)

- A large, gradually sloping ocean with corals, seaweed and caves

- has a few spots that break the surface(like seamounts), letting amphibious dinos hide out and eat fish

- NPCs: All fish (minimal distance from shore is determined via size), Tusoteuthis (far from shore), Mosasaurus (relatively close to shore), Pliosaurus (around where the continental slope would be), Megalodon (patrols the map edge), Squalicorax(around where the plio lives, and also closer to shore), Cretoxyrhina(near map edge), The clam(sea bottom)

Hermit Island

- A large, extremely isolated, small island with an island tree, with virtually nothing on it

-NPCs: nothing

Special stuff

 * Giant water lilies
 * Mangroves

- A tree with stilt like roots(with space), with edible leaves on tops, can be climbed

 * Rainforest trees

- A tree with a thick trunk and large branches, where ferns and Xianglong spawn, with edible leaves, can be climbed

 * no winter
 * 10 minute flood system


Diet: herbivore
GRM: 0.4
ATK rate: 1.5 attacks per second
 Cost = 200 DNA
 Health = 750
 Damage = 50
 Speed = 23 / 27
 Defense = 5
 Energy = 95
 Oxygen = 10
 Bleed = no
 Abilities: Escape artist, Night owl/Panic

Pegomastax(strong jaw)
GRM: 0.6
ATK rate: 1 attack per second
 Cost = 300 DNA
 Health = 900
 Damage = 150
 Speed = 23 / 27
 Defense = 10
 Energy = 90
 Oxygen = 10
 Bleed = yes, but each bite only causes bleed 10% of the time
 Abilities: Intimidate, Panic


Escape artist

- Grants the player gain a 20% speed buff in tight spaces, like caves and dense forests, this is meant to emulate high agility, which enables easier escape in tight spaces

- Used by(examples): Coelophysis, Orodromeus, Pachycephalosaurus, Balaur, Yandusaurus, Guanlong

Night owl

- Grants the player the ability to see much better at night and in dark places(like caves)

- Used by:(examples): Troodon, Orodromeus, Dilophosaurus, Tyrannotitan, Coelophysis


- When the player roars/growls while facing a slightly larger - smaller sized player(size is determined by HP, slightly larger means 20% more), that player gets 50% more speed, but also 30% reduction in attack util they leave an area around you(5 times your length)

- Won't work if you are below 50% hp, if they attack you first or you get scared first

- Packmates won't intimidate you

- Used by: Pegomastax, Ceratopsians, Ceratopsians, Therizinosaurus, most carnivores, etc.

- Special notes: also auto gained if there are 5 or more packmates close to each other, making mega pack hunting less effective, but mega herds much more effective at keeping away predators

-Negated by: Fearless, Ravager, Last resort


- Is activated by Intimidate, Roars of larger/similar sized carnivorous/omnivorous dinosaurs and getting hit by a predator, then it boosts your speed by 20% for a short period

- Lasts for: 5 seconds after that thing

- Packmates won't trigger it

- All species will not panic at each others sounds


- When the player clicks the R and T keys together, they enter Ravager mode

- When in Ravager mode, the player gains a 20% movement bonus, 10% attack bonus and 50% attack speed bonus for 10 seconds, for the cost of a 50% higher stamina drain for 25 seconds after it is activated, as well as a 20% slower turn rate for the ten seconds it is active

- It has a recharge time of 100 seconds

- Negates Intimidate

- Used by: Spinosaurids, Therizinosaurus, Deinocheirus, Carnotaurus, Onchopristis and Sharks

Last Resort

- When player is at 10% health or lower, they get a 50% attack buff and 25% range buff for 10 seconds, but a 30% lower attack speed

-You need to heal up past 10% to activate it again

- Negates Intimidate

- Used by: Ankylosaurs, Bawitius, Leedsicthys, Murusuraptor, Pachycephalosaurus


1. Brick Squalicorax(April fools skin)
- The Brick squalicorax is similar to its older model, though it is literally a Rectangle with Small fins, cute black eyes and a 2-D mouth

- cost: 500 DNA

2. Coyote Coelophysis
- This skin makes coelophysis actually have a good model(is still coelophysis), and it also gains +300 hp and +25 stamina, but -2 speed, along with -10 attack, its roar also becomes coyote howls

- cost: 1020 DNA

3. Roadrunner avimimus
This skin speaks for itself, also it can fly: "enemies with the coyote coelophysis(which only has the colors of said animal) also it wanted you to know this: meep meep - RAvi"

health: 500

attack: 120

attack rate: 2 per second

defense: 5

oxygen: 10

speed: 26/32 (gliding/flying speed is 18/24)

energy: 100(when flying it consumes 5 energy per second)

jump height: 2 times default

cost: 1020 DNA

counter with: Utahraptor

fight strategy: hit and run

4. Stupidly fast Carnotaurus
- Ok, take a carnotaurus, combine it with tiger beetle dna, giving it 20 more speed when sprinting, but with 300 less hp, 50 less attack and 0 defense, with a terrible 70 stamina

- cost: 2040 DNA

5. Massacre Helicoprion
- Take a Helicoprion, and give it a spinning saw for a mouth, a psycho mask, and a grey color with red markings

- cost: 1020 DNA

6. Assassin Dilophosaurus
- It has a big silver thumb claw, Black skin with a DARK blue underbelly, Glowing blue eyes and crest stripes(which can be turned off and become dark red by roaring), and a small knife on its tail, which is swung around in its aoe animation, and it make it have small areas of its body(neck, tail, back) covered with Dark Blue cloth that trails around in its running animation, also it leaves no footprints when moving, blood trails when bleeding and it also has 200 more attack, but -2 speed and -100 hp, it can also climb trees, because why not

-cost: 2040 DNA


1. Ghost Coelcanth
Ghost Coelcanth would be a see through coelcanth with black eyes. It would have +2 speed and it would look like it's just floating in the water as it was swimming. Goes limited on halloween. would also have +4 defense

2. Pumpkin Ankylosaurus
It would look like a pumpkin. A green tail, and an orange body and head.  It would look like just a rolling pumpkin. 

3. Werewolf Therizinosaurus
Werewolf would be able to run on all fours, and would have 10 more defense and attack. It would be an omnivore. Since Theri has long claws, this would be perfect.

4. Giraffe Barosaurus
Why not have a 40 foot ranged giraffe? Giraffe Baro would still have bad range and it would look like a giraffe. It would have -10 in attack. It would be very cheap, since it could get ranged.

5. Sponge Archelon
It would just be a fun skin. It would be much smaller, and would get a tiny bit bigger at adult. It would have no moistness, but it would be very weak.

6. Helicopter Quetz
Since the quetz is large, and can fly I say we need a Helicopter quetz. If picked up, dinosaurs would sit on some sort of a seat in the quetz's body. Would have +4 defense and a whirring attack. It would hover into the air, and jab at the enemy with the blades on it. A weird dinosaur.

7. Bread Edmontonia
Since I think the Edmontonia looks like moldy bread, why not have a skin for it? It would just look like a loaf of bread. As an attack, it would just launch itself at the enemy and do 5 more dmg then a normal Edmontonia. For eating, it would just fall over and get back up. A... Beautiful dinosaur.

My ideas... uh... i hope you like it.

New Dinosaurs

  • Zanabazar - Why not add another Troodontid? plus, we need more infamous dinosaurs.
    • Health:175 - 1050
    • Diet:Omnivore
    • Damage:15 - 90 (bleed 1)
    • Speed:21/26
    • Armor:5
    • Cost:240
    • GRM:0.4
  • Wiehenvenator - A megalosaurid like Torvosaurus, only with some small changes.
    • Health:195 - 1170
    • Diet:Carnivore
    • Damage:30 - 180 (bleed 1)
    • Speed:18/22
    • Armor:8
    • Cost:780
    • GRM:0.75
  • Falcarius - Because why not?
    • Health:180 - 1080
    • Diet:Herbivore
    • Damage:10 - 60 (?)
    • Speed:20/25
    • Armor:0
    • Cost:450
    • GRM:0.4
  • Qianzhousaurus - I know it's an invaild species but it would be really interesting.
    • Health:215 - 1290
    • Diet:Carnivore
    • Damage:22 - 132 (bleed 1)
    • Speed:19/23
    • Armor:5
    • Cost:1020
    • GRM:0.8

The Evolution Map's. Ideas

New event, Meteor Crash - A Mythical Event Every 24 hours of gameplay, a Meteor will crash into the center of the map. When it crashes, all Dinosaurs within the blast will be instakilled.

The Disasters

  • Tsunamies - a tsunami will push away all Water Dinosaurs, killing them by this process
  • Earthquakes - an earthquake will create cracks all over the map, the cracks have 50% chance of creating an abyss, all dinosaurs will fall down to the lava.
  • Volcanoes - multiple volcanoes will erupt across the map, creating lava flows that has a fast speed, will destroy all the dinosaurs.
  • 100 Minutes winter - a Winter that continues for 100 minutes will destroy all Plants, making Herbivores dying first, then Carnivores and finally Omnivores.
  • Meteor Shower - all meteors half the size of the main one will destroy the server, causing a 1-5 hits

A dinosaur that costs 1M DNA

Infinosaurus - The Infinosaurus is the strongest Dinosaur Idea, it is a fusion of all the strongest Dinosaurs in each diet and class, it is also a fusion of the other 3 fusions and the 3 starters that exists in-game. It fuses: Shastasaurus, Carcharocles Megalodon, Barosaurus, Deinocheirus, Albino Terror, Avinychus,Megavore, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Ornithomimus.

  • Cost: 1,000,000 DNA
  • Elder Attack: 1,020
  • Elder Health: 10,020
  • Defense: 250
  • Elder Speed: 100
  • GRM: 4 (will become oldest at day 120)
  • Oxygen: 1,000
  • Skins: Golden - 250,000 DNA, Diamond - 250,000 DNA, Rainbow - 250,000 DNA, Nuclear - 250,000 DNA and, Universal - 250,000 DNA
  • Max Hunger: 1,000
  • Bleed Damage: 250
  • DNA per day: 100
  • DNA until elder: 120,000
  • Time to Elder: 6 Hours
  • Diet: Omnivores

This Dinosaur is the hardest to do, you need to use the barosaurus to gain 1,001,880 DNA in 13,358 days. And, the Infinosaurus is immuned to the Meteor Event.

More Skins: Wave 1

  • Amargasaurus - Universal - 1,000 DNA
  • Arizonasaurus - Universal - 10,000 DNA
  • Avinychus - Universal - 100,000 DNA
  • Chilantaisaurus - Universal - 1,250 DNA
  • Dacentrurus - Alpha - 5,000 DNA

More Skins: Wave 2

  • Ectenosaurus - Godkiller - 1,000 DNA
  • Edmontonia - Godkiller - 2,500 DNA
  • Eotriceratops - Godkiller - 6,000 DNA
  • Futalognkosaurus - Godkiller - 10,000 DNA
  • Guanlong - Beta - 25,000 DNA

More Skins: Wave 3

  • Kentrosaurus - Multiversal - 10,000 DNA
  • Liopleurodon - Mutliversal - 20,000 DNA
  • Machimosaurus - Multiversal - 50,000 DNA
  • Mastodonsaurus - Multiversal - 75,000 DNA
  • Megalodon - Gamma - 10,000 DNA

More Skins: Wave 4

  • Murusraptor - Superhero - 1,000 DNA
  • Pachycephalosaurus - Supervillan - 2,500 DNA
  • Palteosaurus - Thanos - 10,000 DNA
  • Rhomaleosaurus - Venom - 25,000 DNA
  • Saurolophus - Delta - 50,000 DNA

More Skins: Wave 5

  • Tarbosaurus - Alpha - 100,000 DNA
  • Tusoteuthis - Beta - 100,000 DNA
  • Yutyrannus - Gamma - 100,000 DNA
  • Janenschia (Fan-made) - Delta - 150,000 DNA
  • Nodosaurus (Fan-Made) - Alpha/Beta/Gamma - 100,000/150,000/200,000 DNA
  • Velociraptor (Fan-Made) - Delta - 200,000 DNA
  • Wannanosaurus (Fan-Made) - Omega - 200,000 DNA
  • Xiaosaurus (Fan-Made) - Omega - 225,000 DNA
  • Zuniceratops (Fan-Made) - Omega - 245,000 DNA