A rather strong apex predator with slightly more health than a Tyrannosaurus and slightly faster, it also packs unique roars. If used correctly, it is a very powerful dinosaur and can pack a punch. It also has somewhat larger range than normal dinosaurs of usual. Very dangerous to new players and dinosaurs players that have mediocre experience. The Tarbosaurus was once featured in a movie called The Dino King.


The Tarbosaurus (Tar-bo-soar-uhs) (alarming lizard) is a Tyrannosaurid dinosaur which lived during the Late Cretaceous period. In Dinosaur Simulator, it is a dark brown and beige colored dinosaur with a white underbelly and a brown striped tan tail. It has amber eyes and black irises. It has a slightly lighter tan jaw with white claws and brown foot padding. It has a brown feathered body with brown stripes on its neck, legs, tail, and forehead.

In Real Life

Tarbosaurus was a tyrannosaurid that lived in Mongolia in the late Cretaceous. It preyed on an arrayment of prey, including Stegoceras and Tarchia (Tarchia was no wimp). Tarbosaurus closely resembled Tyrannosaurus rex, so closely in fact some scientists classify it into the same genus as "Tyrannosaurus bataar."