Welcome to Dinosaur Simulator! Edit

In this game by ChickenEngineer, the goal is to survive as a dinosaur. You must survive other players and NPC dinosaurs, droughts, floods, starvation and dehydration. The game has gone through many large updates to make new models, new animations, new sounds for the roars, and much more. Right now, there are 94 dinosaurs to play as. Yup, that's a lot. The different dinosaurs have different stats, diets, sounds, and more.

Stats Edit

Every dinosaur has its own stats. There are 4 different stats: Damage, Defense, Health, and Speed (I don't count Sprint Speed as a stat). Most carnivores have high damage stats, and herbivores have good health and defense stats. For an example, as an Elder, the T. Rex does 270 Damage, and the Triceratops, as an Elder, has 30 Defense. The Damage stat shows how much damage you do to a dinosaur when you attack it. The Defense stat shows how good your resistance to an attack is. The Health stat shows how much your max health is, and the Speed stat shows how fast you are. The Speed stat changes when you sprint. When you sprint, the Speed stat changes to show how fast you are while sprinting. Diets Edit

In the game, each dinosaur has its own diet. Diets are what the dinosaur eats. A carnivore, such as an Allosaurus, eats meat as it is a carnivore. Carnivores can eat fish in the ocean, coelurosauravus(AKA lizards) found around the map in Summer, and other dinosaurs. A herbivore, such as a Styracosaurus, eats plants as it is a herbivore. Herbivores can eat ferns found around the map and the leaves of trees if they are tall enough (there are no leaves in Fall or Winter). An omnivore, such as an Ornithomimus, can eat meat and plants.


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